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The Mall Has a New Tenant

The University of Connecticut hockey program has certainly come a long, long way in two short decades. As recently as 1998, the team played in an outdoor rink. This on-campus rink, located near Memorial Stadium, had a roof, but no walls. The team, which played in Division III at the time, upgraded to Division I for the 1998-1999 season, and played in the newly constructed Mark Edward Freitas Ice Forum.

While serviceable, the Freitas Ice Forum hardly met the lofty standards set by the university’s other sports programs. In the 2014-2015 season joined Hockey East Conference, one of the premier conferences in the nation. The Freitas Ice Forum did not meet the minimum standards set by the conference, so the Huskies entered into an agreement to play their home games at the XL Center in downtown Hartford, 25 miles from the UConn campus.

The XL Center, formerly known as the Hartford Civic Center, is located in downtown Hartford and serves as the home to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League as well as the University of Connecticut’s men’s and women’s hockey teams. In preparation for the 2014-2015 season the XL Center underwent $35 million in improvements to the mechanical systems, locker rooms, and concourse. A new high definition video board was installed, as well as aestetic improvements such as a new bar area and luxury seating in the lower seating bowl.

Food & Beverage 4

The concessions at the XL Center have never been the main selling point of the Hartford game day experience, and the recent renovations have attempted to upgrade the culinary experience here. Many concession stands line the outer rim of the concourse, and each offer unique menu items. Depending on your appetite, you can visit Chicken Fry Fry (featuring, you guessed it, chicken tenders and fries), Fresh Classics (sausage and pepper sandwiches and nachos), Grill Masters (burgers), or hot dog nation (yep, hot dogs). A variety of snacks and beverages are available at all stands.

Thirsty fans looking for beverages will be pleased to know that there are stands specifically dedicated to the sale of adult beverages, including beer, wine, and mixed drinks. In addition, beer is sold at every large concession stand as well as a couple of portable carts located on the concourse. Draft beers are priced at $9, and there is a good selection of brands, including Sam Adams, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Yeungling, and Blue Moon. For fans looking for non-alcoholic choices, Pepsi products are featured at the XL Center.

If you are taking in a Wolf Pack game with the children, a stop at one of the Carvel Ice Cream stands will likely be in your future. Another alternative is the cotton candy stand, which offers a selection of snacks for fans with a sweet tooth.

While longtime visitors to the XL Center will undoubtedly be impressed with the renovations to the concessions, which include new menu boards, floors, and paint, the biggest change to the concourse is undoubtedly the new XL Lounge, located behind section 120-123. The lounge features two full service bars, HD televisions, and plenty of seating, much of which overlooks the action on the ice. It has already become a popular spot for fans to meet and take in the action.

Fans looking for Wolf Pack souvenirs will find two portable souvenir stands located at opposite corners of the concourse. Unfortunately, the souvenir stand that greets fans immediately upon entry to the arena remains, and continues to bottle up traffic in the area.

Atmosphere 4

Fans who have only visited the XL Center for minor league hockey will undoubtedly be surprised by the energy in the building for UConn hockey games. The first change fans will notice is the presence of the UConn pep band. Cranking out a mix of classic rock and arena standards, the band performs during most play stoppages. Their presence definitely beats the typical piped-in music typically heard in arenas.

Also surprising by their presence is a significant student section. With UConn’s main campus in Storrs, 25 miles from the XL Center, you may expect a sparse turnout by the student body. Instead, students turn out in numbers far greater than what was ever seen when the Huskies played on campus. They have brought with them a repertoire of chants and hijinks with them. It all adds up to a fun, lively experience.

Neighborhood 5

Hartford is rarely thought of as a destination city, but the XL Center’s location right in downtown Hartford is a definite advantage. The area around the arena features numerous restaurants and shops, and is filled with people, even on the weekends. Pratt Street, located directly across the street from the XL Center, has several diverse dining establishments located on it. Fans looking for a place to eat before or after the game can choose from fine dining establishments, Irish pubs, southern BBQ, Thai, or American cuisine, among others. Restaurants line three sides of the XL Center and nearby streets, so visiting fans can find something to satisfy their appetite no matter which direction you head.

For fans interested in exploring the downtown area, there are some attractions nearby worth mentioning. The Old State House is located a few blocks from the XL Center, and contains exhibits on Hartford history. Tours are discounted for AAA members, and will cost history buffs a mere $3. The downtown area is quite walkable, and worth exploring if you are coming to Hartford for a weekend game. Within a few blocks radius of the arena are an impressive number of museums, galleries, and other points of interest.

Fans 4

Attendance at the XL Center has picked up steam over the course of UConn’s inaugural season there. The Huskies have averaged over 5,000 fans per game after averaging about 1,000 per game on campus. The student body represents themselves well, and the team’s presence downtown has lured many alumni to Hartford for hockey. While the upper levels of the seating bowl are blocked off, the lower bowl is mostly full on game nights.

Access 4

The XL Center is located in downtown Hartford, and is easy to reach via either Interstate 84 or 91. The arena is only a few blocks away after exiting either highway. While the downtown area streets are not laid out in a simple grid, navigating these streets to the arena is fairly simple. Traffic, on the other hand, can be an entirely different issue, particularly on weekday games. Be sure to give yourself extra time to arrive, as both highways back up regularly around rush hour and beyond.

There are close to 50 parking lots and garages in the downtown area, all within walking distance of the XL Center. If you want to plan ahead, the Wolf Pack’s website has a link to the downtown map here. In addition to these paid spots, on-street parking is readily available on many streets surrounding the XL Center.

Once inside the XL Center, fans will enter into the spacious lobby, more formally known as the Exposition Center. This area was once the Civic Center Mall, but is mostly empty space now. The Wolf Pack ticket office is located here, as well as escalators to the attached parking garage and the Comcast Coliseum Club located on the second level. There is a nice display in this area featuring a jersey from every high school hockey program in Connecticut, as well as a giant mural featuring photos from Hartford’s storied hockey history. Otherwise, this area is unused, although a few local merchants set up tables on selected nights.

Fans will notice some results of the recent renovations as soon as they enter the arena, more formally known as the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. While the concourse of the arena remains cramped and narrow in places, efforts were made to improve flow and relieve congestion. With the typical Wolf Pack crowd only filling a third of the XL Center, getting around on the concourse is not too difficult during hockey games. Fans will notice new floors, updated concession stands, and an overall improved appearance while navigating the concourse. Getting around the arena when there is a large crowd will still be problematic in Hartford.

The bathrooms at the XL Center have been completely remodeled over the summer, and are very clean and new. Unfortunately, they are still on the small side, and lines can form during intermissions. Plan your trips accordingly, especially if there is a big crowd on hand.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets for UConn hockey at the XL Center cost $12 and $17. All seats are located in the lower bowl, as the upper bowl is blocked off by curtains. While this does not have the intended effect of making the arena seem less empty, rest assured that all seats in the lower bowl have excellent sightlines for the game.

Parking in the downtown area can vary in price by the lot and the event, but expect to pay up to $10 to park in the lots closest to the arena. Experienced Husky fans know where and when to get free on-street parking, as the meters downtown close at 6pm, and are not activated on the weekend.

Fans used to attending games at the Freitas Ice Forum may be in for a bit of sticker shock, as attending a UConn hockey game is much more expensive here than on campus. However, when comparing the prices in Hartford to other venues in the area, prices fall right in line with other venues, and is actually less expensive than minor league hockey in the area.

Extras 2

History-There is plenty of history to be found at the XL Center. Unfortunately, none of it belongs to the UConn Hockey team. Banners hang from the arena’s rafters honoring the Hartford Whalers, Wolf Pack, and UConn Basketball teams. A large mural in the lobby honors the XL Center’s 40 years of hockey history.

Brass Bonanza-A favorite of hockey fans everywhere, the Whalers’ theme song is played after every UConn goal.

Final Thoughts

The Huskies’ move to the XL Center may not be a permanent one. As part of the university’s committment to upgrading the hockey program, the school is looking into the feasibility of either upgrading the Freitas Ice Forum or building a new on-campus home for the team. UConn is clearly invested in the hockey team, as they added 18 scholarships to various women’s sports to satisfy Title IX gender equity requirements.

Likewise, the future of the XL Center is unclear at the present time. The state of Connecticut and the city of Hartford have committed significant resources towards decided whether to renovate the arena or build a new downtown facility. Until then, UConn has the distinction of playing in the largest facility in Hockey East, and for the first time in the program’s history has a home rink worthy of the lofty goals of the athletic department.

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Food and Drink Recommendations

Black-Eyed Sally’s Southern Kitchen and Bar

350 Asylum St.

Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 278-7427


The Russell Restaurant

103 Pratt St.

Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 727-4014


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Entertainment Recommendations

The Mark Twain House and Museum

351 Farmingham Ave.

Hartford, CT 06105

(860) 247-0998




Harriet Beecher Stowe Center

77 Forest St.

Hartford, CT 06105

(860) 522-9259


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Lodging Recommendations


Hilton Hartford

315 Trumbull St.

Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 728-5151



Residence Inn by Marriot

942 Main St.

Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 524-5550


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Stadium Info

XL Center
1 Civic Center Plaza
Hartford, CT 06103

Connecticut Huskies hockey website

XL Center website

Year Opened: 1975

Capacity: 15,635

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