Woerner Field – Dayton Flyers

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Brandon Gee, NCAA Baseball

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Flyers Baseball in Dayton

Just south of downtown Dayton, Ohio and located just across the Great Miami River from the University of Dayton campus, Woerner Field serves as the home of Dayton Flyers baseball. Opened in 2004 but finished in 2005, the ballpark has given Dayton Flyer baseball a strong tool for recruiting and a modern, comfortable home for baseball fans. This is a simple baseball presentation that hosts a competitive program in the Atlantic 10 conference

Food & Beverage 2

There is a small concession stand with hot dogs, candy, and soda. Nothing is over a few bucks so if you want a snack, you won’t break the bank.

Without anyone to take tickets (since there’s no charge for admission), you can easily bring your own food in. There are a number of restaurants near the Dayton campus across the river and a couple gas stations you can get your preferred ballpark snacks from on the other side of the highway, so your best bet is to get what you want in advance.

Atmosphere 3

The ballpark itself is in great shape, ten years out. The intimate seating bowl, a few hundred chair back seats behind home plate are covered entirely by protective netting. With home plate facing northeast, most fans in the seats can avoid the sun and comfortably watch games in the shade of the partial roof. Fans can also set up chairs along the right field line beyond the Flyers dugout or sit atop the grass berm beyond the right field wall.

There are lights at the ballpark for night games, but for the most part, Flyer games start in the afternoon.

Neighborhood 4

The area immediately around TWC Stadium contain UD’s other sports facilities including Welcome Stadium and UD Arena. To reach the nearby campus restaurants, it’s a five-minute drive east of Edwin Moses Blvd, and a right on W. Stewart Street. Drive five blocks and turn left on Brown. Here you’ll find a good range of bars and restaurants to suit a number of tastes.

Fans 1

Despite the team’s recent success, Flyer baseball seems to still be under the radar to most local sports fans and UD students. There’s more noise coming from the highway than from the seats.

The success of baseball with the Dayton Dragons at Fifth Third Field has not transferred to UD, at all. Those who do come out are friendly and relaxed, with a number of the student-athletes’ friends and family. The rest of the crowd are just fans pleased to be spending the afternoon at a ballgame, with little concern for the play on the field.

UD is a basketball school and thus, student support for the other teams is low. The school has worked on incentives to entice students to venture out to games for the other teams, but for now, it hasn’t paid off for the baseball program.

Access 4

Woerner Field is incredibly easy to reach. The stadium is located in UD’s athletic complex and sits right next to I-75. From the highway, take Exit 51 from either direction and turn east, the stadium will be on your immediate left. A turn onto Arena Park Drive leads you to the ballpark lot.

If you’re looking to avoid the highway when coming from downtown Dayton, you can follow Main Street south to the University of Dayton campus, turn right on West Stewart Street, cross the bridge over the river, then turn left onto Edwin Moses Blvd. and follow it towards the UD sports facilities.

Return on Investment 3

There’s no cost for tickets or parking and the concession prices are affordable.

As for the quality of Dayton Flyer baseball, the program has won two Atlantic 10 regular season championships in the last six years (2009, 2012) and won the A-10 tourney in 2012. This led to the Flyers earning a bid to the 2012 NCAA Regionals. The team has struggled a bit in recent years, but with a team heavy on underclassmen, the program is set to resume success in the A-10 in the near future.

Extras 1

One point for the ease of access. The stadium’s location makes it very easy to reach and the location next to the highway puts it in a high profile spot, easily seen by passers-by daily.

Final Thoughts

Dayton Flyer baseball, while having solid on-field success, is probably not a draw on its own. However, if you find yourself in town during the spring, a game at Time Warner Cable Stadium is a nice way to spend the afternoon. Think of it like you’re planning a picnic, bring some food and relax in the outdoors while there happens to be a baseball game going on. The day game-heavy schedule makes it easy to plan a visit around the city’s other sports teams (The Dragons’ ballpark is only 5 minutes north). Hopefully by the time your trip happens, more locals will start paying attention to the program.


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Food and Drink Recommendations

Jimmie’s Ladder 11

936 Brown St

Dayton, OH 45409

(937) 424-1784


Tank’s Bar and Grill

2033 Wayne Ave

Dayton, OH 45410

(937) 252-2249


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Entertainment Recommendations

Carillon Brewing Company

1000 Carillon Blvd

Dayton, OH 45409

(937) 910-0722


Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

16 South Williams St
Dayton, OH 45402

(937) 225-7705


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Lodging Recommendations


Marriott at the University of Dayton

1414 S Patterson Blvd

Dayton, OH 45409

(937) 223-1000



Courtyard by Marriott Dayton-University of Dayton

2006 S Edwin C Moses Blvd

Dayton, OH 45417

(937) 220-9060


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Stadium Info

Woerner Field

1780 S Edwin C Moses Blvd

Dayton, OH 45417

Dayton Flyers website

Woerner Field at Time Warner Cable Stadium website

Year Opened: 2004

Capacity: 2,000

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