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by | Mar 4, 2019 | Brett Gibbons, NCAA Baseball

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Baseball is Bigger in Texas

The culture University of Texas is the culmination of the Texan spirit, southwest spice, and college baseball at its finest. Across the highway from the 100,000 plus seat, DKR Memorial Stadium sits UCFU Disch-Falk Field, which seats over 6,800 fans (8th among on-campus baseball facilities). Inside the fences of this ballpark is one of the highest-energy environments in college baseball.

Texas baseball might not be at the forefront of the Texas Longhorn athletic brand, but they are an elite program that wins ball games and provides one of the most fun sports atmospheres that can be found anywhere. Bring a Texas-sized appetite, voice, and excitement for baseball to UCFU Disch-Falk Field – everyone else is.  

Food & Beverage 4

Austin is known for its food, and this is no exception inside the ballpark. Food trucks line the left field concourse with some of the local favorite southwest flavors being represented. They are a staple in Texas and sell some of the most delicious food in the country. There are nearly a dozen kiosks and eight concession stands throughout the park, too, selling everything from the standard popcorn and peanuts to Chick-fil-A and Quizno’s subs.

One of the food trucks is Torchy’s Tacos, which sells tacos stuffed with everything from local el pastor to sliced sausage to fried chicken. Hands down, the Roscoe is worth a try at this ballpark, which is a taco stuffed with chicken and waffles with bacon and an egg. Those unfamiliar with Tex Mex tacos are in for a treat here.

Pricing is the stadium average and has increased over the past few years at the park. The trucks sell plates for $8, lemonade can be bought for $6, and beer is $8 for domestics and $9.50 for import after the first pitch. Before the game, happy hour pricing for beer is a great option, with domestics costing $5 and imports costing $6. Overall, the food here is outstanding, but be prepared to pay.

Atmosphere 5

The University of Texas prides itself with the Texas spirit at every sporting event, including baseball. From the pleasant baritone of the PA announcer to the Texas Cowboys being a leading spirit group at the university, everything is pleasantly Texan. If you are lucky, the school mascot Bevo, a 1300-pound Longhorn, might be present for photo ops. Following every run scored, Smokey the Cannon is blown off in left field. Even the presentation of the National Anthem (sometimes played by local bluegrass bands) is in the full spirit of Texas.

During the game, the crowd is electric, roaring for scores and crucial outs, and creating a deafening buzz during full counts. Fans are constantly on their feet cheering on the Longhorns. Nearly every seat in the park is a chair back, providing some nice comfort and personal space over bleachers. However, during important series, dozens of extra metal bleachers are rolled out on the concourse to accommodate the over-capacity crowd.

The park was designed to trap noise, much like modern football stadiums, with a large overhang behind home plate reverberating that noise. Opposing teams are made to feel unwelcome in the park, with the home general admission and student section placed in left field next to the opposing warmups and bullpen. The players and coaches are met with a loud chorus of jeers and boos as they run past the crowd.

UCFU Disch-Falk Field has June atmosphere all season long and is one of the best atmospheres in the country, regardless of sport.

Neighborhood 5

The ballpark is in the middle of downtown Austin, Texas, surrounded by limitless options for things to do. Not five miles away is the famous 6th Street, lined with bars, restaurants, shops, and live music. Also nearby is Rainey Street, the State Capitol, the scenic Colorado River, and hundreds of unique dives. Even outside of downtown are towns with thousands of possibilities, including Texas Hill Country and the largest outlet mall in the United States.

Fans 5

Longhorn fans are some of the most diehard and passionate in the country, regardless of sport. The historically-great baseball team makes cheering for them easy; Texas has an all-time 0.798 winning percentage at the ballpark, with the sole losing home record coming in 2016. The team also holds the all-time record for most appearances, wins, and games played in the College World Series.

The individual fans are friendly, the Texas way, and are always up for a conversation about their team. The fans show up in droves, too, with series often times being sold out. With such large crowds, there is rarely a quiet moment, even during lulls in the action. For key strikeouts, scores, and home runs, the fans create quite a roar.

Access 4

UCFU Disch-Falk Field is located a baseball throw off I-35 in the heart of Austin, Texas. In theory, this is a convenient location and is by no means difficult to find. However, with the exploding population and rapid growth of Austin, traffic is an absolute nightmare regardless of time or day.  Fight stop-and-go traffic on the I-35 bridge over the Colorado River from the south, and you’ll be in the clear. Be prepared for 10 minutes per mile pace, though.

Parking is great around the park, with several cheap lots and garages for only $5 per car. If you don’t mind a short walk, though, you can ditch the costs and park on the streets northeast of the ballpark for free. Pay attention to where no parking signs are, though, or you may get towed.

If you are visiting the University of Texas, the park is located just across the highway from the main portion of campus, including DKR Memorial Stadium and the state capitol.

Return on Investment 4

Plan your visit to the ballpark early enough, and you can get general admission seats for just $11.25 plus fees online, regardless of opponent. Reserved seats range from $16.25 to $27.25 behind home plate. For big series against ranked opponents, these tickets will sell out pretty quickly and can be found on third-party sites ranging from $20 for general admission to $50 for reserved.

Parking ranges from free to just $5 and all sorts of free programs, posters, and other merchandise can be found inside. Concessions are stadium-normal, but apparel can be pretty expensive. This should come as no surprise, as the Nike and Texas Longhorn brands crank up the prices of shirts and hats. However, you can see historic programs duke it out at UCFU Disch-Falk Field for under $30.

Extras 4

The park is modern and clean, complete with self-service scan kiosks for tickets. Before the game, you can find dozens of tailgate tents beyond the outfield fences. Kids bring their mitts and shag home run balls hit during batting practice while their parents watch on from the lawn under their tents.

Fans can also be found tailgating on the roof of the nearby East Campus parking garage and they enjoy the game from a distance without a ticket. A few diehards turned their old food truck into a tailgate on wheels and have a balcony on the roof just high enough to watch the game from over the center field wall. There are dozens of bonus gems in and around the ballpark.

Final Thoughts

UCFU Disch-Falk Field is an unforgettable day waiting to happen at any game. The passionate fan base, fiery Texan spirit, and outstanding southwest cuisine make for a true one-of-a-kind experience. Everything from the ballpark to the team to the atmosphere is the top-tier in baseball. At times, the fight song, “The Eyes of Texas,” is played just to remind you that this is a college environment. Everything about it feels major league but with the local charm and twist that is lacking at the professional level.

A baseball game at the University of Texas should be found on every sports fan’s bucket list.


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Crowd Reviews

Latest Crowd Reviews

Date: 2018-04-05 10:04:53
By: tejasduck4

Total Score

The food trucks option improves the stadium fare, to above average,if you are someone that enjoys food off a truck. The venue feels more like a minor league ballpark, with the college atmosphere of tailgating, fight songs,and the ding of the metal bat. The fans show up in their burnt orange gear but depending on the action on the field,isn&#039t always the most vocal fan base. The access is outstanding, as the ballpark is just off the I-35,opposite the busy streets of Austin. There is parking for 5,but the better option is the free parking, that can be found on the street around the cemetery. Texas baseball is a brand name in college baseball that wont disappoint you with top entertainment. The return on investment is outstanding and the City of Austin is a great trip for any sports fan.

Date: 2018-03-12 20:42:09
By: esbynum

Total Score

I do want to start off by saying they take cash to park. There are attendants as you turn off of Comal Street that will take cash and give you a pass for 5. I love the food options although the prices are pretty steep. The food trucks are amazing and I would choose that over normal concessions almost every time. I&#039m a huge fan of the school, but the fans at the game can be pretty comatose sometimes - at least when things aren&#039t going their way. Overall great atmosphere for a game though.

Stadium Info

UFCU Disch-Falk Field
1300 E MLK Blvd
Austin, TX 78702

Texas Longhorns website

UFCU Disch-Falk Field website

Year Opened: 1975

Capacity: 6,756

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