TicketReturn.com Field at Pelicans Ballpark – Myrtle Beach Pelicans

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That’s The Ticket

Myrtle Beach is known by many in the southeast as a popular summer destination. The city is home to many beach resorts, tons of shopping, and famous golfing. A close neighbor to the outdoor mall, Broadway at the Beach, is TicketReturn.com Field. The field opened in 1999 and has been the only home the Pelicans have ever known. Since moving here from Danville, VA (and before that, Durham, NC), the Pelicans have done an amazing job of catering to both local die-hards and casual tourists. With the massive variety of food options and many entertainment options, TicketReturn.com Field is easily a premier minor league venue.

Food & Beverage 5   

When visiting a single-A stadium, I don’t normally expect much of their concession stands. They usually offer the basics and maybe a specialty item or two. That being said, the concession offerings at TicketReturn.com Field well exceeded my expectations. There are so many different options. Of course, there is the traditional stadium food, but at this stadium, you can do so much better. Sure, you could get a hot dog, but you could also get a Monster Dog; a half-pound hot dog with all 15 of the toppings. Yes, hamburgers are on the menu, as well, but so are Philly cheesesteaks, Boar’s Head wraps, and Dickey’s BBQ sandwiches. Finally, if you are looking for something a little different, try the Pelicans’ signature Chicken and Waffle bites. They are chicken nuggets baked in waffle batter and can be dipped in syrup.

The stadium serves Pepsi products in sizes regular and large. TicketReturn.com Field also offers an above-average beer selection. Down the right field line is a beer garden named “Hops Heaven.” They serve several craft beers, including some from a local brewery, New South Brewing, located in Myrtle Beach. As if that wasn’t enough, a large draft beer will only cost you $7, a practical steal compared to many other stadiums.

After your meal, there are several options in the ballpark to satisfy your sweet tooth. Rita’s water ice, Dippin’ Dots, and soft-serve ice cream are among the dessert offerings. Overall, the food and drink selection at TicketReturn.com Field well exceeds most minor league food offerings.

Atmosphere 4      

The truly amazing part of a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game is the way the team caters to both the out-of-town tourists and the die-hard local fans. For the families, there are tons of things for kids to do. There is a playground, an inflatable area, and several nightly promotions. The night I attended, there was a group that was making balloon animals and painting kids’ faces. That night also featured members of PGA of America, who offered free golf lessons to anyone in attendance.

No matter if it is before, during, or after the game, there is sure to be a game or promotion taking place. Every Sunday, fans are invited to play catch beginning 40 minutes from first pitch. Prior to the game I went to, there was a beard contest in honor of Duck Dynasty’s Mountain Man being invited to the game. During the game, there is no shortage of between-inning activities. The games range from the traditional sumo wrestling to the more distinct games, such as one where the contestants must eat Oreos by sliding them down from their foreheads.

The fun doesn’t stop after the game is over either. After every home game, kids are invited to run the bases. There is also a promotion similar to a hockey Chuck-a-Puck. For the Post-Game Ball Launch, fans purchase tennis balls that they can use to attempt to hit targets after the game to win prizes.

Don’t be fooled by all the promotions. There is still plenty to do even if you are more interested in the game. The Pelicans have adopted a new trend in minor league baseball parks, in which fans have other places to see the game besides their seats. Fans can enjoy the game from the beer garden, as well as a patio area that overlooks the visiting bullpen. The music selection is a mix of classics along with some popular music, but nothing that is too distracting. One issue I had with the sound was the echo that comes when sitting in the outfield. If you are sitting in the outfield, be aware that all the music and PA announcer will have a slight echo.

Neighborhood 5  

Directly across the street from the ballpark is a huge outdoor mall called Broadway at the Beach. This mall has anything and everything you could ask for in a pre-game/post-game hangout. Most notably, there is a unique pyramid-shaped Hard Rock Cafe, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Joe’s Crab Shack, and many other places to get a meal. Also in the area is a go-kart park, a small waterpark, mini-golf, Ripley’s Aquarium, and plenty of attractions.

However, if you would rather relax on the beach, that is only a little over a mile from TicketReturn.com Field, making it very easy to enjoy a day at the beach along with a baseball game at night.

Fans 4   

Earlier, I alluded to the two kinds of fans at the park. The fans in attendance are either tourists who are visiting the ballpark as part of their beach vacation or are truly hardcore baseball fans (who are mostly locals). The two are easy to tell apart, as the more baseball-oriented know most of the names and how the team is doing. The others spend most of their time in other areas of the ballpark enjoying the amenities. That being said, any big hit or good play is followed by a loud roar from those in the park.

Access 5  

TicketReturn.com Field is near the intersection of US-17 and US 501. US 17 goes through Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, and Wilmington, NC, while US 501 takes you to I-95. In short, like the city of Myrtle Beach, the ballpark is very accessible from anywhere on the east coast, and you should have no problem finding it. Once at the park, parking is free, which is a huge bonus.

Return on Investment 4  

If you are visiting in months after May, lower-level tickets are $13 and upper-level seats are $11. Both levels feature chair back seating, and they are fairly priced. In April and May, tickets are $2 off. If you are on a budget, $8 tickets are available year-round in the outfield, but are metal benches. Also, section 304 is actually one seat too small, meaning that the seat closest to the end of the section is pinched by the wall, making it almost unusable.

Overall, nothing feels overpriced, and the free parking is definitely a big plus. If you buy an upper-level ticket, a hot dog, and a soda, you will come in at about $21.50. That seems a bit much for a single-A game, but when you consider all the other perks that come with the park, it is just about right.


Since TicketReturn.com sponsors the field, tickets are available on your smart phone, courtesy of TicketReturn.com. In a few years, this will likely become the norm in every stadium, but for now, it’s a nice perk.

The program is free and is titled In-Flight Magazine. It is quite in-depth for a free publication, offering insight into the league, the Rangers organization, and the past and present Pelicans themselves.

On the day I went to the game, there had been some afternoon showers and much of the stadium was still wet when the gates opened. The ushers all were armed with towels and would gladly dry off your seats if asked. I have no doubt that other teams would do this as well, but it is a nice gesture to the fans.

Many of the seats in the lower level have decals on the back with the name of a person or company. They state the name of the season ticket holder, and are a nice nod to the local fans.

Finally, there are three mascots present at Pelicans games. Splash the Pelican is the main mascot, and is quite charismatic. There is also a Rally Shark who is always ready to lead a late inning comeback. The only live mascot is Deuce the dog. According to the team, Deuce is “Part bat boy, part ball caddy, and all fun.” Not only does he work on the field, he can also be found in the team’s gift shop meeting fans.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a baseball fan or someone who just enjoys a fun night out, it is not hard to enjoy yourself at TicketReturn.com Field. The park provides a little something for everyone, and is just an overall great stadium experience. As anyone who has been there can tell you, Myrtle Beach is a great spot for a vacation, and adding a night out at the ballpark is a no-brainer.





Food and Drink Recommendations

River City Cafe  

404 21st Ave N

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

(843) 448-1990



Mellow Mushroom

1571 21st Ave N

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

(843) 444-1122


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Entertainment Recommendations

Ripley’s Aquarium  

1110 Celebrity Circle

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

(843) 916-0888


Family Kingdom Amusement Park

300 S. Ocean Blvd

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

(843) 626-3447

Family Kingdom Amusement Park


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Lodging Recommendations


Myrtle Beach Courtyard by Marriott

North Kings Highway 1000 Commons Blvd

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

(843) 361-1730



Paradise Resort

2201 S. Ocean Blvd

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

(843) 340-9021

Paradise Resort website

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Stadium Info

TicketReturn.com Field at Pelicans Ballpark
1251 21st Ave N
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Myrtle Beach Pelicans website

TicketReturn.com Field at Pelicans Ballpark website

Year Opened: 1999

Capacity: 6,600

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