The Ballpark at Jackson – Jackson Generals

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The Ballpark at Jackson – Home of the Jackson Generals

The Jackson Generals have been playing America’s pastime in West Tennessee since 1998, and the Ballpark at Jackson has proved to be a great home for the Seattle Mariners and now the Arizona Diamondbacks affiliate during that time. It has 6,000 seats and has been good enough to host two Southern League All-Star games during its short lifespan.

Food & Beverage 5

You would be hard pressed to find anything wrong with the concession stands at the Ballpark at Jackson. There are more than enough menu items to satisfy the hungry baseball fan, and there are plenty of concession windows to keep the lines short. A few of the unique menu items that stand out are barbeque nachos, fried green tomatoes, fish and chips, and miniature canisters of Pringles.

Not only are the normal concession stands impressive, but there is also a separate grill that cooks burgers and cheesesteaks. You really couldn’t ask for anything more at a minor league ballpark.

Atmosphere 2

It definitely isn’t the most eye-catching minor league ballpark you’ll ever see, but it has its perks. The concourse is very wide, and the seats are very comfortable. It is somewhat surprising to not see cup holders. The right field scoreboard is about as basic as you’ll find, and it was impossible to read thanks to the glare of the sun. Once the sun went down, it was fine to read. There is also not a whole lot that the ballpark offers outside of the basic seating. Some ballparks offer party decks or specialty seating areas, but the Ballpark at Jackson fails to do anything other than the basic seating.

It is impressive to see how mindful the promotions staff is at making sure the kids are entertained. Going to a baseball game is a great thing for families to do, and the Ballpark at Jackson does a great job at being family-oriented.

Neighborhood 3

The Ballpark at Jackson is literally located right on the Interstate. It’s so close that you can see the tops of semi trucks driving by when you’re looking towards the outfield. With that said, it doesn’t in any way ruin the game itself. It’s hardly noticeable.

The ballpark is actually situated right in the middle of a large baseball complex for the younger kids, and it’s a very nice complex.

You can tell that it is a newly developed area. Just outside of the complex there are a few casual dining restaurants to go along with a few fast food chains.

The city of Jackson itself is located a little further off the interstate, and there are more things to do if you want to make the drive.

Fans 3

The fans in our section were very knowledgeable of the game, and that’s including the younger kids as well. Many of the fans had their own nicknames for each player when they stepped into the batter’s box. They also made plenty of noise when Generals made a good play, and there were plenty of them to go around on this particular night.

The ballpark was less than half full, but it’s important to keep in mind that it was a Sunday night. Plus, the fans that were there showed a lot of support for their team that is currently in 1st place. A little more enthusiasm towards the end of the game would’ve been nice. It seemed that the crowd started to realize it was almost time to start the work week.

Access 5

If you can’t find the Ballpark at Jackson, then you probably shouldn’t be driving at all. It’s literally that easy to find. You make one turn into the baseball complex after exiting from the Interstate and you’re right in the parking lot. The parking lot looks to be plenty big enough to handle what would probably be the much larger crowds on Friday and Saturday nights. Access to a sports venue doesn’t get any easier, so the perfect score is what they get here.

Return on Investment 5

Tickets are fairly priced for what you get at the Ballpark at Jackson. If you’re a true baseball fan who simply enjoys the game, then you’ll be very pleased with a night at the Ballpark at Jackson. For a mere $10 you can sit directly behind the dugout, or closer if you prefer to be right up on the batter’s box.

If you want to go cheaper, then the typical general admission seats are just $6. Granted, you’ll be sitting on metal bleachers, but you still can’t argue with that bargain.

Even though this is AA baseball, these guys are still talented and just a few injuries away from getting a shot in the big leagues. After all, some of these players are the future stars of the MLB.

Just to top it off, parking is free.

Extras 2

A huge extra goes to how kid-friendly this ballpark is. All minor league ballparks are generally kid-friendly, but this ballpark really stands out. The thing that stands out the most is the chicken dance that they do for the kids in the middle of the third inning. Every single kid is doing it and it is enjoyable to see that.

Another extra goes to how genuinely supportive a good chunk of the fans are to the players. They know them by first name and seem to have a close relationship to their players. I know the players appreciate the dedicated fans at that level of professional baseball.


Food and Drink Recommendations

Reggi’s BBQ & Wings

292 Parkstone Pl

Jackson, TN 38305

(731) 660-8600

Rock’n Dough Pizza & Brew Co

16 Jackson Walk Plaza

Jackson, TN 38301

(731) 300-0404

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Entertainment Recommendations

Casey Jones Village

30 Casey Jones Ln

Jackson, TN  38305

(732) 668-1222

Century Farm Winery

1548 Lower Brownsville Rd

Jackson, TN 38301

(731) 424-7437

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Lodging Recommendations


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Jackson Northeast

55 Parkstone Pl

Jackson, TN 38305

(731) 736-1174


Residence Inn by Marriott Jackson

126 Old Medina Crossing

Jackson, TN 38305

(731) 935-4100

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Stadium Info

The Ballpark at Jackson
4 Fun Pl
Jackson, TN 38305

Jackson Generals website

The Ballpark at Jackson website

Year Opened: 1998

Capacity: 6,000


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