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Pratt and Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field

Pratt and Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field opened in 2003 and has been the home of the UCONN football team ever since. When the huskies made the jump to Division One football they needed a bigger stadium and this was what they got. It is a beautiful facility for one of the few high end college football programs in New England.

It is located just outside of Hartford, CT and is about a 20 mile trek from the campus of the University of Connecticut. The facility is well worth taking a visit to. It offers great sight lines, ample parking and delicious food. UCONN may be a basketball school but its football stadium is something to see.

Food & Beverage 5

Pratt and Whitney Stadium offers a wide variety of food and beverages. You can of course find all the standard stadium fare from popcorn to hot dogs to pretzels and nachos. In addition to the permanent food stands there are several food trucks around the stadium that provide a different kind of fare. One of the things I enjoyed most was the kettle corn that comes in a very generous sized bag.

In addition to the food trucks and regular stadium fare you can find things like Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ, Roma Pizza, and Tamales. There are more decadent options like mac and cheese and loaded baked potatoes as well. There is also a Chick Fil-A inside of the stadium which is very popular.

There are also many options as far as beverages go. Since this is an off campus venue you can find alcohol in the stadium if you desire. There are several varieties of beer and other alcohol you can find around the stadium.

Atmosphere 3

It’s no secret that college football isn’t a huge affair in New England. However, UCONN football is one of the few Division 1 programs and does create a decent atmosphere. The tailgating scene is a pretty enjoyable one. Fans dressed in UCONN colors usually grill and toss a football around before heading inside to watch the game.

Many fans have flags flying from their vehicles in the parking lots while they tailgate. These flags run the gamut from Redsox/Yankees to UCONN flags to Barstool sports flags. The lots for tailgating open 4 hours before the game.

During the game you will experience a mostly standard college football atmosphere. There is an on field MC (former ESPN employee Andy Katz), and a lot of loud music and on field demonstrations. You get what you would expect from a college football program in New England.

Neighborhood 1

There is not much to say about what is around Pratt and Whitney Stadium. There is a small shopping center a couple miles down the road but other than that you won’t find too much around the stadium itself. If you’re looking to go to a restaurant or entertainment I would suggest heading to Hartford.

Fans 3

College football is not king in New England and it definitely isn’t king at UCONN. The men’s and women’s basketball teams take the crown of most important sports at the school. That being said, the UCONN fan base does come out in good numbers to support the football team.

The student section was relatively full for the game and they made a good amount of noise. The marching band adds a solid element to the proceedings and makes for a solid college football atmosphere. UCONN has a large alumni base and many are in attendance at the football games to support the team.

Access 4

Pratt and Whitney Stadium is very easy to get too. It is right off of I-84. You just take exit 58 and follow the signs. Once you arrive at the stadium there are several entrances and ample parking. The staff does a great job of directing traffic and making sure everyone gets to the right place.

Once inside the stadium you will find it is quite spacious and easy to move around. The concourse is very wide and even when the crowd spills out after the game there is still a lot of room to move around. There are also many bathrooms around the stadium to ensure no long lines.

The seats in Pratt and Whitney Stadium are also another plus. They all face towards the 50 yard line which makes for great sightlines no matter where you sit.

Return on Investment 3

Tickets for UCONN football games are reasonably priced. You can find tickets in the lower level for around 50-80 dollars depending on which game you plan to go. You can get bleacher seats for about 25-35 dollars and they provide a similar sight line.

Parking runs 15 dollars for the lots adjacent to the stadium. This is about par for the course when it comes to parking at sporting events. The food is on the high end in terms of price but you do get quality food at this stadium.

Extras 2

One extra star goes to the UCONN marching band. It added a real element of big time college football to the atmosphere at the game. They do a great job.

A second star goes to the wide variety of food at the stadium. UCONN went all out to add some new dining options at the stadium like Chick Fil-A and Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ, if there’s something you’re craving, this stadium probably has it.

Final Thoughts

Pratt and Whitney Stadium is one of the few Division 1 stadiums in New England. As one of the few high end college football programs in the area it is a fitting home for the UCONN Huskies. No one will ever mistake this as big time college football, but it is a very enjoyable place to catch a game and have some food. I would recommend making a trip up here if you’re in New England to catch some affordable Division 1 football.

Food and Drink Recommendations


100 Trumbull St

Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 899-1350

 Roma Restaurant

358 Burnside Ave.

East Hartford, CT 06108

(860) 282-0298

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Entertainment Recommendations

Mark Twain House and Museum

351 Farmington Ave

Hartford, CT 06105

(860) 247-0998

Pratt and Whitney Hangar Museum

423 Airport Ave.

East Hartford CT 06118

(860) 565-2760

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Lodging Recommendations


Comfort Inn & Suites East Hartford

333 Roberts St

East Hartford, CT 06108

(860) 289-4950

Hampton Inn East Hartford

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As UConn enters its second decade at the top level of collegiate football, its status continues to evolve. Presently, it competes at a level just a little below their more established brethren as the program continues to find its niche. This is no small feat at a basketball powerhouse such as UConn. Likewise, the gameday experience at Rentschler Field is going through similar growing pains. This is a fine facility with good support and a decent overall atmosphere. Still, it’s not totally where it needs to be yet. In New England, where there are only three FBS teams in the entire six-state region, Rentschler Field is as close to the big time as you are going to get.

Stadium Info

Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field
615 Silver Lane
East Hartford, CT 06118

Connecticut Huskies website

Rentschler Field website

Year Opened: 2003

Capacity: 40,000

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