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Running with the Red Bulls

When Major League Soccer made its debut in 1995, one of the founding teams was the New York/New Jersey MetroStars. The MetroStars played out of the old Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands and fulfilled the New York City requirement that every major league wants. With a solid existence throughout, the MetroStars made a splash by signing well known names within the soccer world. In 2001, original owners John Kluge & Stuart Subotnick sold the team to the Anschutz Group, but it would be the next ownership group that would really change the landscape of the MLS and American sport. Anschutz would eventually sell the MetroStars to the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, producers of the Red Bull Energy Drink. Coinciding with the change of ownership came the renaming of the MetroStars to Red Bull New York, the first truly corporate named team in major American sports in decades. Eventually the team would settle in as the more American traditionally named New York Red Bulls.

In 2010, after years of political challenges, the Red Bulls would move into their current home, Red Bull Arena. Also owned by the Red Bull company, Red Bull Arena is a soccer specific stadium with an MLS acceptable capacity of 25,000. It is in Red Bull Arena that New York has enjoyed their greatest success, earning Supporter Shields as regular season champions in 2013 and 2015, and making the MLS Cup final in 2008. Located in Harrison, New Jersey, just on the other side of the Passaic River from Newark, Red Bull Arena offers a great home for the Red Bulls as they continue their romp through the Eastern Conference with their quest of earning a Philip Anschutz Trophy as MLS Cup Champions still the ultimate goal.

Food & Beverage 4

Red Bull Arena offers a variety of culinary options that will definitely satisfy the appetites of most fans. Pretzels, popcorn ($5), cookies, frozen lemonade, fries, hot dogs ($6), nachos, Cracker Jack, sausage, and pizza ($9) are all available at various concession locations. A few stands offer fare that is more on the original and interesting side from the regular concession stands. Burgers & Brew, David’s Cookies, Premio and Chicken & Waffles all offer more original options. Smokehouse wings, mac & cheese, chorizo, chicken and waffles and bacon on a stick are all items that are a little different from the traditional stadium food that fans may want to consider. Prices are definitely on the more expensive side.

Soft drinks are Pepsi products ($5). Other items like coffee, hot chocolate and water are also available. The most original non-alcoholic beverage is probably the most obvious. Varieties of Red Bull energy drinks are available throughout Red Bull Arena. There is a wide variety of beer available at Red Bull Arena. Coors Light, Miller Light, Goose Island, Beck’s, Bass, Landshark, Stella Artois, Heineken and Strongbow are all available ($10/$12) at various locations throughout the stadium.

Atmosphere 4

Red Bull Arena offers fans a great atmosphere for catching some MLS action. Red Bull Arena is immediately different from other stadia in this league. It is more enclosed than many other stadia with a configuration that is more circular as opposed to two separate grandstands along the pitch. Due to the lack of development in the immediate surrounding area, Red Bull Arena looks fairly massive on approach. Silver siding gives it a sleek and modern look and the overhang helps protect fans from the elements, which is important for those early and late season matches. On the west side of the arena before the gates open, BULLevard, the Red Bulls pre-match activity area, offers a variety of games for younger fans as well as other promotional and interesting items for older fans.

Entry into Red Bull Arena is at pitch-level, and fans are required to ascend stair cases to get to the main concourse. The main concourse offers fans with an interest in MetroStars and Red Bull history, the opportunity to walk through great moments with banners under the steel girders with explanations of the photos on the banner painted on the I-beams. Whether it’s the date of the first MetroStars game in 1996 or clenching of the first Conference Championship for the Red Bulls, the organization does a fantastic job of giving fans the opportunity to experience years passed and get an understanding of how far the franchise has come.

Inside the seating bowl, fans will be greeted with the stark simplicity of the green pitch, which is surrounded 360 degrees by two levels of seating. The pitch is oriented north to south and the most significant arena seating features are on opposite sides of the pitch. The west side features club seating and luxury boxes, slightly indented from the rest of the arena. The east side, on the lower level features a unique Red Bull logo design in the seats with the remaining seats throughout the arena colored a royal blue. Video boards hang above the north and south seating above the upper level. Above the east seating hang two simple banners honoring the 2013 and 2015 Supporters’ Shields the team has earned. The 2016 season for the Red Bulls marked the twentieth anniversary of the team and fans helped elect the top twenty players in MetroStar/Red Bull history. The western facade, between the luxury box levels the top twenty players are honored. These include Mike Ammann, Tony Meola, Rhett Harty, Steve Jolley, Mike Petke, Eddie Pope, Seth Stammler, Mark Chung, Roberto Donadoni, Eddie Gaven, Amado Guevara, Clint Mathis, Tab Ramos, Dave van den Bergh, Youri Djorkaeff, Adolfo Valencia, John Wolyniec, Juan Pablo Angel, Giovanni Savarese and Thierry Henry. The Red Bulls also do what they can to honor current players. The lower bowl features large placards on the east side counting the goals of Bradley Wright-Phillips and the consecutive matches of goalkeeper Luis Robles.

The match day production at a New York Red Bulls is what you would expect from an MLS match. The traditional entry of the players with the traditional music happens. The supporters in the south end of the stadium add their own part to the atmosphere.

Neighborhood 3

Harrison, New Jersey is not the greatest spot in the world. Admittedly there are a number of construction projects that are on the go and lots of opportunity to improve the area. Currently (spring, 2017), there are few options for pre or postgame food. On Frank Rogers Blvd., fans can find a Five Guys Burger and Fries and The Station Bar & Bites. Other than that, fans will have to cross the river to Newark or take transit elsewhere to find adequate spots.

There is not much in the way of alternative entertainment options in Harrison. Fans will have to cross the river to find much of anything. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) is nearby in Newark. As far as other sporting options go, the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and Seton Hall Pirates basketball are played at the Prudential Center in Newark. NJIT Highlanders basketball is also found in Newark at the Fleisher Center. The reality is that fans are a short ride on the PATH to New York City which has nearly limitless entertainment options. That proximity gives the neighborhood a little better mark than expected.

As far as accommodations go, Element is within walking distance. Also, on the other side of the river, the Best Western Robert Treat is an affordable option.

Fans 4

The New York Red Bulls have a strong following and strong fans for game day. In the interests of full disclosure, the game that was reviewed did not have a great attendance, however, the weather was extremely cold with the wind chill in single digits, Fahrenheit.

Per game attendance for Red Bulls matches is competitive with most teams in the league. The Red Bulls averaged over 20,000 fans in 2016, which is good for 9th in the MLS. This is an improvement from the 2015 season where the Red Bulls averaged over 19,600 per match, which gave them a twelfth place ranking. Red Bull fans are led by the three main supporter groups. Empire Supporters Club, Garden State Ultras and the Viking Army all sit in the south end of the arena, and are up and dancing and chanting throughout the entire match. They are as strong as supporter group as any in the MLS. The fans definitely add to the atmosphere. On the match that was reviewed, without the supporters, it would have been like playing a match in an empty Red Bull Arena.

Access 3

Red Bull Arena is located in the town of Harrison, New Jersey, a small town on the north side of the Passaic River from Newark. As with any spot in the New York metropolitan area, getting to the arena by car can be challenging. Red Bull Arena is located not far from I-280, the Essex Freeway. Once in Harrison, the town and team do a fantastic job of posting people all over to help the flow of auto and human traffic.

Some parking is available in Harrison. Getting to the arena and making plans on where to park is a good idea. Although there are a number of pre-paid parking options available in Newark, there are not many, if any, available in Harrison. That being said, the match which was reviewed, parking was found in Harrison at a reasonable $15 price tag.

The PATH train, which essentially links New Jersey with New York City has a stop in Harrison, only a few blocks from Red Bull Arena. It is also only one short stop after the Newark Penn Station stop. Check the PATH website for fares, schedules and maps.

Ticketing and gate entry are around the near entirety of the arena. Box office A is on the west side of Red Bull Arena along Pete Higgins Blvd, with Box office B along the north side of the building. Gate entries are at the four corners of the arena. Lineups are not an issue.

Getting around Red Bull Arena is not too difficult as the concourses are sufficiently spacious. Stairs may be of some concern as there are many staircases in various parts of Red Bull Arena. There are stairs from the ground level to the main concourse as well as stairs to the upper levels. Elevators are available, but it did not appear that escalators were. The washroom facilities on the main concourse level are more than adequate.

Return on Investment 4

A trip to see the New York Red Bulls remains an affordable venture. Retail price for tickets begin at $32 and can go well over $100 with Audi Club seats going for $215. There are some deals to be found on the secondary market for those who are shrewd enough to find them. Many matches offer secondary market tickets for around $15. Parking is about what is to be expected for a major sports experience and concession prices are on the expensive side. The Red Bulls have consistently put a team on the pitch which challenges for annual awards and they have consistently brought in players with name recognition. A trip to see the Red Bulls offers a fairly strong return on investment, especially in this era of rising experience prices.

Extras 3

An extra mark for the rivalries that the Red Bulls share. Their original MLS rivalry is with DC United for the Atlantic Cup and their newer rivalry with New York City FC is the Hudson River Derby.

An extra mark for being an original MLS franchise.

An extra mark for the proximity to both Newark and New York City.

Final Thoughts

A trip to see a New York Red Bulls match is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The match that was reviewed had horrible weather, but aside from that was as enjoyable as most MLS experiences. Definitely safer than running with the bulls, running with the Red Bulls will surely convince fans to return to Jersey for more of the same.

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Food and Drink Recommendations


538 Market St

Newark, NJ 07105

(973) 491-5400

Iberia Tavern & Restaurant

80-84 Ferry St,

Newark, NJ 07105

(973) 344-7603

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Entertainment Recommendations


1 Center St.

Newark, NJ 07102

(888) 466-5722

Newark Museum

49 Washington St.

Newark, NJ 07102

(973) 596-6550

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Lodging Recommendations

Element Harrison-Newark 

399 Somerset St.

Harrison, NJ 07029

(937) 484-1500


Best Western Plus Robert Treat Hotel 

50 Park Place

Newark, NJ 07039

(973) 622-1000

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Stadium Info

Red Bull Arena
600 Cape May St
Harrison, NJ 07029

New York Red Bulls website

Red Bull Arena website

Year Opened: 2010

Capacity: 25,189

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