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Prospects To The Max

Rossdale has long been the baseball hub in Edmonton, Alberta for more than a century. Located in the North Saskatchewan River valley, just south of downtown, Diamond Park was built in 1907. It was replaced by Renfrew Park, a few blocks to the south west, in 1935. Renfrew Park was eventually renamed John Ducey Park and it remained active on that location until 1994.

A new ballpark opened on the former John Ducey Park location in 1995 and was quickly named Telus Field. This new diamond played host to the AAA Edmonton Trappers of the Pacific Coast League until 2004. The park was also the home field for the Edmonton Cracker-Cats and Edmonton Capitals in the now-defunct NAL.

For the 2005 season, and from 2012 to present day, the Edmonton Prospects of the WMBL have called this diamond home. The naming rights for the diamond shifted to Re/Max in 2017 and it can fairly be said that this is one of the finest ballparks in the league.

Food & Beverage 3

The menu at Re/Max Field is pretty standard fare, with all your typical ballpark options at typical prices. A burger or hot dog is $5; a Coke product is $4. There are also a couple of interesting choices, such as deep fried perogies ($6), which are a nod to the large Ukrainian demographic living in the Edmonton area. Very tasty and a nice out-of-the-ordinary option.

The concessions also offer a selection of domestic beer ($5) as well as a few specialty beer and cooler choices ($7).

Atmosphere 3

For the 2017 season, the Prospects averaged 1,670 fans per game, the second-highest total in the WMBL. But when you put 1,600 people in a stadium built for 9,200, it feels pretty empty, which kills the energy in the stands. It isn’t unpleasant by any means, but feels subdued most of the time.

On the upside, the views around the park are quite nice. The concourse and the diamond are well maintained, clean and bright. The seats in the main portion of the seating bowl wrapping around from first base to third behind home plate are comfortable and provide adequate leg room. Beyond the infield, running along the foul lines, are metal bleachers which are available for rush seating, but you probably need not go out there unless you’re hoping to catch a foul ball.

To the south of the park, over the centre and left field fences, are some old city works buildings which have been kept in excellent condition, as well as the stylish new bridge across the North Saskatchewan River. Looking down the first base line, you can see the Alberta Parliament buildings just at the top of the hill coming out of the river valley, making for a picturesque scene.

Word of caution: Do not sit directly under the press box. Several rows of seats right under the press box are absolutely covered in bird droppings from birds that apparently spend a lot of time in the roof at that location. You won’t have any trouble spotting those seats because of the mess, but once you find it, it’s best to stay well away. There are plenty of other places available to sit, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

One of the more interesting elements of this park is that the infield is artificial turf, while the outfield is natural grass. This gives the field itself an unusual look that you won’t find in a lot of places.

Neighbourhood 2

Rossdale is a pleasant, older neighborhood in the heart of Edmonton, just to the south of the Alberta Legislature and the downtown core. It is a purely residential area, however, so aside from some nice parks and some houses, there’s nothing to see or do here. If you’re looking for some pre or post-game dining or party options, you’ll be going for a ride somewhere.

Fans 3

The Prospects draw the second-most fans of any team in the WMBL, so they have a good-sized fan base coming out to enjoy time at the ballpark. Many are just there to hang out and enjoy sometime outside, but many more are keeping a close eye on the game, cheering or voicing their disapproval at all the appropriate times. If you are looking for a ton of crowd noise and energy, you won’t find it here, but overall the fans are friendly and enjoyable to be around.

Access 4

Located right at the centre of town, and just off one of the major arteries feeding downtown, Re/Max Field is easy to find and easy to get to from all directions. Parking is $5 at one of the two lots adjacent to the diamond, which is quite reasonable considering the location.

You can also use Edmonton Transit to get to and from the park ($3.35 per person or $9.75 for a family day pass).

The concourse has a couple pinch points around the concession stands, making moving around harder than it should be, but once you get through those areas, there is tons of room to move around inside the facility, especially for the size of a typical crowd.

Return On Investment 4

General admission tickets for Prospects games are $18 for adults, $15 for students and seniors, and $10 for kids aged 6-12. This is on the high side for the league, but hardly outrageous for the quality of ball you get to see. You can also upgrade to Balcony seats for $20, if those spots are available. This is the highest level baseball played in this part of the world, so you can consider this price to be more than fair for the product you’ll enjoy.

Extras 3

The view of the Parliament buildings in the distance is definitely one of the treats of attending a game here. Best viewed from the third base side, it’s a beautiful structure, worth checking out if you’re not an Edmonton resident who is used to seeing it on a daily basis.

Homer, the Prospects mascot, spends time on the diamond between innings and in the stands keeping the kids in the crowd amused.

The Prospects have a “General Store” on the third base side of the concourse where you can pick up team hats, shirts, and other goodies.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in Edmonton over the summer and have a craving for live baseball, Re/max Field is the place to be. It’s a nice place to watch a game, relax, and have a cool beverage while enjoying the sun. Definitely worth making the visit to check the place out.


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Stadium Info

Re/Max Field

10233 96 Ave NW

Edmonton, AB T5K 0A5

Edmonton Prospects website

Re/Max Field website

Year Opened: 1995

Capacity: 9,200

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