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Feeling the Tribe Pride

There’s just something about baseball in the Midwest – Progressive field, formerly Jacobs Field, was built in the era of baseball stadiums being built as cathedrals. That said, it aged quickly, but the team didn’t let age make the game day experience any less enjoyable. A total renovation of the outfield and concessions areas, as well as the addition of a museum in the outfield, make what was once looking a bit drab completely new again. The team is also playing like a title contender year after year, making the crowds return and the atmosphere feel like it is October every night in Cleveland.

Food & Beverage 5

If you want it, Progressive Field has it. The lower bowl allows you to walk the entire circumference of the field, so you can access the various concessions all over the facility. Everything is affordably priced for the food you get, and well worth it.

In the outfield behind the right field line, you will find The Corner. Here, a multi-level brewery allows you to get the best of Cleveland and Ohio’s local brews, as well as your national favorites, all while watching the game on the numerous TVs inside, or from the patio upstairs.

Beyond The Corner, you will find concessions stands that contain the best food from restaurants in various suburbs of Cleveland. From Ohio City to the East Side, each area has a booth from local restaurants and breweries like Fat Heads, Momocho, Ohio City Burrito, and more, including a Great Lakes Brewing Co. concessions stand behind the main concourse.

Atmosphere 5

There’s a buzz in the air in Cleveland again. The 2016 AL Champs are pounding on the door of their elusive first title since the 40’s, and the feeling in the stands echoes that.

The seats all have backs to them, except in the outfield bleachers. During games, the drums are beat by local favorite John Adams, who has been beating the drum from the bleachers at Indians games since 1973, rarely missing a game. The stadium is walkable and comfortable, feeling both classic and modern in it’s aesthetic. The facility also features a top-notch PA system that never gets drowned out like some sports arenas and stadiums tend to become over time. The scoreboard is fully digital LED now, showing replays, stats, and scores from around the league, meaning even the most diehard baseball fans will have all their details in order with each at bat and stat change.

Neighborhood 5

Downtown Cleveland is not the same as what your parents may remember. The entire area has been fully revitalized, so much so that the city has now become a favorite spot to film movies, including Avengers and Captain America. Where once there were dirty, smelly city streets, there now sit beautifully manicured landscaping, thriving local breweries and restaurants, store fronts, and even a full-sized casino in a historic building next to Tower City mall.

If you need food, look no further than The Winking Lizard or Butcher and the Brewer. East 4th Street is the happening place just a short walk from the stadium, and there you can find numerous restaurants and stores. If you want to be a tourist, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is also not far. If you want something to make you step back in time, walk to The Arcade Cleveland. If you need somewhere to stay while in town, look for the Renaissance Inn by Marriott or the Radisson Hotel Cleveland-Gateway.

Fans 5

The fans in Cleveland are loyal. In one stretch in the 2000’s, they went 455 games without having an empty seat, a sellout streak etched in Cleveland sports history. Rarely do the fans get rowdy or begin slinging curse words at the field, which makes the Indians a very family-friendly facility to bring the whole gang.

Everyone there is decked out in Cleveland Indians gear, and they cheer loud and often. They also are sport-knowledgeable, so if you need a refresher on the team or their stats, feel free to ask your neighbor. All in all, the Indians have one of the most enjoyable fan bases in sports, considering the pain of being so terrible for so many years, or having come so close to titles before, only to fall short.

Access 4

The biggest difficulty here in Cleveland is parking. There is no on-site parking for fans at the stadium, but there are countless parking garages and lots around the area that offer affordable options.

The best one is across the street next to the Quicken Loans Arena, as the parking garage has a walkway that connects to the stadium itself. Down the street at the Tower City Mall, you can park and then walk underground to the arena, then upstairs to the baseball field. Parking lots and garages around the stadium rarely go over $20, and for those wishing to walk just a few minutes, you can get some prime parking for a low price. Additionally, there are a lot of public transportation options in and around the greater Cleveland metro area, meaning that options for those wishing to save on gas are also plentiful.

Once you get to Progressive Field, there are entrances all around the stadium, so getting in the gate quickly is easy to do once you arrive, no matter where you park or from which direction you are arriving.

Return on Investment 5

The Indians, despite their success and high stature in baseball once again, remain fan-friendly with their ticketing options. Various nights include dollar hot dog nights, countless giveaways, post-game fireworks that rival any in the MLB, and group ticket deals and discounts to make sure that EVERYONE can afford a day out at the ball game with the family. When you also consider the location, convenience of things to do and see around the stadium, its proximity to public transport, and the quality of the product on the field, it is hard to argue against spending your money at Progressive Field when looking at other professional sports franchises around the league.

Extras 5

All over the stadium, various homages are in place, reminding visitors of the Indians’ storied history. From the statues outside to the plaques inside, it is hard to miss Cleveland’s baseball story when walking the halls at Progressive Field.

For those diehard fans in the outfield, the renovation also included moving the bullpens to the same level as the main concourse, so those seated in the outfield and those walking by can stop and watch both the home and away pitchers warm up at eye level during the game.

Also in the outfield is a plaza that memorializes Cleveland’s baseball greats, from MLB to the Negro Leagues. This was also included in the renovation and has become a must-see for baseball addicts.

In addition, Cleveland’s mascot Slider is ever present, visiting kids and posing for photos while also poking fun at the visitors every game.
Finally, for those who want a unique view, the Indians turned their old bullpen in right field into a first-come-first-serve viewing area for the game. Waiting in line for a chance to visit this unique spot is worth it, to see the game from the perspective of the players.

Final Thoughts

The Indians are a team on the rise again. Widespread success has led them to title contention again, and their fans have made the game day experience in Cleveland a must-see attraction, on par with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland’s sporting counterparts across the street at Quicken Loans Arena.

Progressive Field may be aging, but it has aged beautifully thanks to modern touches and a local-first approach to everything from concessions to fan interactions. Whether you are a casual fan or a die-hard, Progressive Field is a must stop for anyone in the Midwest.


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Food and Drink Recommendations

Winking Lizard Tavern

811 Huron Rd East

Cleveland, OH 44115

(216) 589-0313

Butcher and the Brewer

2043 E 4th St

Cleveland, OH 44115

(216) 331-0805

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Entertainment Recommendations

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum

1100 Rock and Roll Blvd

Cleveland, OH 44114

(216) 781-7625

The Arcade Cleveland

401 Euclid Ave

Cleveland, OH 44114

(216) 696-1408

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Lodging Recommendations


Residence Inn by Marriott Cleveland Downtown

527 Prospect Ave East

Cleveland, OH 44115

(216) 443-9043


Radisson Hotel Cleveland-Gateway

651 Huron Rd East

Cleveland, OH 44115

(216) 377-9000

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Date: 2018-05-29 22:58:00
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Great location and food options. Heritage Park has brought new highlights on the vast Indians history. When in town, check out The Winking Lizard for sure!

Date: 2018-02-19 13:54:07
By: Marc Viquez

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A great ballpark in a great sports town.

Date: 2017-11-05 18:17:11
By: Aaron S. Terry

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Review by Samuel Watkins - The optimal viewing experience at Progressive Field would be to sit somewhere on the first base line. The Cleveland skyline, including Quicken Loans Arena and the Terminal Tower, are featured prominently in the background. Not only are you closer to the Indians dugout when sitting here, you have a front row view to the large Jumbotron and close access to the prime concession stands. Friday nights at Progressive are routinely reserved for fireworks and seats on this side are the best in the park.

Stadium Info

Progressive Field
2401 Ontario St
Cleveland, OH 44115

Cleveland Indians website

Progressive Field website

Year Opened: 1994

Capacity: 43,345

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