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Titan Up in Music City

There’s linear progress being made in Nashville on both the football field and the riverfront stadium that houses the Tennessee Titans. Situated directly on the banks of the Cumberland River, Nissan Stadium has been home to the Titans for nearly two decades. It has seen its fair share of special moments, but those moments have become more and more rare in recent memory.

The history of the storied franchise that was formerly known as the Houston Oilers is scattered throughout Nissan Stadium, giving you that cozy feeling of being in an NFL stadium.

Buzz is certainly growing in this football city, and it’s not just about college football. The Titans are turning heads with their fresh, young roster spearheaded by Marcus Mariota. Fans are excited, and the stadium usually has no issue selling out its capacity that falls just short of 70,000.

There’s still a power-struggle between home and away fans when storied franchises visit Nissan Stadium. Unfortunately, it has become common place for Titans fans to deal with.

Progress is certainly being made, thanks in large part to winning results on the field, but much more needs to be achieved to bring it up to the NFL expectation.

Food & Beverage 4

Vast improvements have been made in this area; the selection has always been good, but the efficiency has always been a well-known problem. This area seems to have been addressed drastically. There are ample amounts of concession areas on all levels, 60 to be exact. If you’re sitting on the lower level, go the barbeque route. You’ll see a Jack Daniel’s concession stand that sells smoked pulled pork and chicken. This isn’t typical stadium food. These tasty items range between $7 to $11, depending on how hungry you are. I suggest the pork nachos, coming in at $10.

It wouldn’t be Nashville without offering a hot chicken sandwich, and you can try that for yourself at the Logan’s Roadhouse concession stands. You can also enjoy chicken tenders and pork sandwiches. There are several of these on the bottom level and upper level. These items work their way up from $6 to over $10.

The more ordinary dining options are available as well. Hot dogs, burgers, nachos and peanuts range from $3 to $6.

As for your alcohol options, beers are competitively priced and what you should expect at any NFL event. The 16-ounce beers in cans come in at $8.50, and you won’t even have to get out of your seat to get another one. Beer vendors are everywhere and stay available through the third quarter. Liquor is also up for purchase and is easily accessible.

Atmosphere 4

With so many NFL stadiums now going the indoor route, it’s nice to still find open-air stadiums these days. Nothing beats crisp football weather with the sun beaming off the players’ helmets. Assuming the weather is nice, that’s what you’ll get at Nissan Stadium. There’s also something special about being in a downtown stadium, and not one just dropped in the middle of an open field. Take in the scenery as you look west of the stadium.

Two large jumbotrons in either end zone make it easy to catch all the action and see replays of the plays you missed. They also do a solid job at updating in-game stats and scores from around the league.

They’ve recently jazzed up the intros when the Titans players run onto the field. They shoot two flames high into the air as the players run between the two and onto the field – a perfect way to set up a team called the Titans.

You’ll love the way the stadium pays homage to all the greats that wore the Oilers/Titans uniforms in the past and present. There are massive murals of these players throughout the interior and exterior, and the all-time greats are listed along the top level right above where the seating stops.

One area that is improving, but still has work to do, is how loud the stadium can get. Lots of losing in recent years have angered some fans to the point of dumping their tickets and leaving a lot of empty seats. It hasn’t been as bad this 2016 – 2017 season thanks to more winning. However, it can get better. This stadium still can sound more like a library than an NFL game at times.

Neighborhood 5

It really doesn’t get much better than where Nissan Stadium is located. You couldn’t take your hand and place an NFL stadium in a better spot. It’s directly downtown and just a 10-minute walk from more honky tonk bars than you can count on two hands. More franchises are starting to build their stadiums near plenty of bars and nightlife, but the Titans have enjoyed this since they came here in 1999. A pedestrian walking bridge makes it easy to walk right over the game when your pre-game festivities are over. You’ll also enjoy a scenic look over the Cumberland River.

Be advised that there isn’t much of anything on the other side of the river where Nissan Stadium sits, unless you’re partaking in the tailgating aspect.

Uber and Lyft rides are plentiful, and you’re also a short drive away from other fun districts of Nashville like the Gulch, Midtown, and even the Opryland Resort. You can go ahead and book a fun weekend in Nashville centered around your game day experience with little traveling to worry about.

Fans 3

Perhaps the biggest area that needs improvement are the fans, but I’m not referring to the loyalty of the ones this team already has. I’m addressing the elephant in the room that is the number of true fans that actually make it to games. If the Titans are playing any of the NFL’s several storied franchises, like the Steelers or Packers, you can expect a 50-50 turnout of home and away fans. That simply can’t happen, and doesn’t happen, to a majority of NFL franchises. Now, the Titans faced an uphill battle from the start when they moved here. Many football fans who already lived in Nashville when the Titans came here had already pledged their allegiance to a certain team. It’s hard to expect those diehard fans to just change teams halfway through their lives.

Until Titans fans avoid getting outnumbered in their own stadium, it will be hard to give them a higher score. For what it’s worth, the loyalty and passion of true Titans fans that show up to these games can’t be overlooked. They have stuck with their team through very tough times and deserve a lot of credit. There’s still plenty of them there every home game, but more is needed on a consistent basis.

Access 4

If you can’t find Nissan Stadium, then you probably shouldn’t be driving due to horrible eyesight. You can’t miss the stadium, which is located directly off Interstate 24, east of downtown. Parking is ample and surrounds every side of the stadium, except on the western side. You can always park on the other side of the river and walk across the bridge. It’s perfectly safe and only a 10-15 minute walk depending on where you’re coming from. You can find parking garages and lots throughout the city for considerably cheaper than what you will pay to park in one of the stadium lots.

If you’re sitting up top, prepare yourself for a journey that feels like it will never end. There are long ramps that zig-zag all the way appearing like you will never make it to the end. That walk is even worse when you’re making the walk of shame on the losing end.

Return on Investment 3

You can’t go into it thinking you’re going to get a bargain, prices are what you would expect at an NFL game. The Titans have no problem selling out home games due to the fact that Nashville is becoming a destination city, driving up the price higher than what you may expect for a mediocre football team. The best way for you to save a little money is avoiding the stadium lots that charge upwards of $20 and park in a garage across the river. Another effective way is to enjoy a pre-game meal at one of the several awesome bars or restaurants that open early on game days.

Ticket prices vary by opponent. If the Packers are on the schedule, or a team equivalent to their prowess, then you’re paying well over $50 to sit up top. Lower level will put you at or near triple digits in price.

Extras 3

Fan engagement has really become a major part of attending a Titans game. They do a ton of in-game contests, games, and other fun things to keep fans entertained during all of the TV timeouts. I have to give an extra point to how awesome of a job the Titans do at giving their salute to the military throughout the game. They don’t stop with a simple “thank you.” There are several instances when the announcer salutes certain veterans and the entire stadium stands up to cheer. At one point during the game of this review, a military mom surprised her son on the field and they embraced. A very cool moment that won’t be forgotten.

How the city of Nashville embraces this team earns another extra point. This city really is starving for the Titans to be great again, and you will see that when you pay a visit.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying the notion that the Titans are making drastic progress on the field. However, I have trouble concluding as to how the stadium experience is progressing. I do think that things have gotten mildly better, most notably at the concession areas. Direct improvements to the stadium are still needed, but a brand new stadium will need to be addressed in the coming years. Nissan Stadium is certainly beautiful, even though it’s falling behind when you compare it to the rest of the NFL.

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Stadium Info

Nissan Stadium
1 Titans Way
Nashville, TN 37213

Tennessee Titans website
Nissan Stadium website
Year Opened: 1999
Capacity: 69,143

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