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Bear Bones Baseball

Originally built in 1959, Murray Stadium was re-dedicated in 2007 after a generous donation from Suzanne and Terrance Murray. Renovations to the field included a new press box, bleachers, dugouts, batting cages, and bullpens, as well as a new infield and landscaping around the ball field. In addition, new batting cages were built in 2013.

Food & Beverage 3

If you have ever attended a sporting event of any kind at Brown University, you are familiar with Frenchy’s. They provide concessions at all Brown events. At baseball games, their presence is limited to a single catering truck, which is more than enough to feed the typical Brown baseball crowd.

Frenchy’s menu is pretty varied for a food truck, with all your basic ballpark favorites represented. Brown fans can enjoy hot dogs ($3), sausage and pepper sandwiches ($7), steak and cheese grinders ($8), cheeseburgers ($4) and French fries ($4/$5). Frenchy’s features bottles of Coca-Cola products ($3) and bottled water ($2) for thirsty fans. Fans requiring only a snack can choose from nachos ($3), assorted candies ($1-$2), and popcorn ($3). The quality of food is excellent.

Atmosphere 2

Fans coming to Brown University for elaborate game-day presentations are sure to be disappointed. A ballgame at Murray Stadium is a bare bones experience, with no extracurricular activities to get in the way of the enjoyment of the game. The usual walk-up music is played for each batter, and in between innings there are a few PA announcements for Brown baseball sponsors as well as music to fill in the empty spaces (the game day staff plays a surprising amount of country music for a game in New England). The atmosphere here is quite laid back, which will be approved of by baseball purists.

Neighborhood 5

Murray Stadium is located on the residential east side of Providence, adjacent to several other Brown University athletic venues. Brown baseball fans looking for things to do before or after a game will find a multitude of things to do within a short walk of Murray Stadium. Thayer Street, the main campus drag, is only two blocks from the athletic complex, and is filled with quaint shops, restaurants, and bars. Nearby Hope Street continues the eclectic vibe of the east side with more locally owned shops and places to eat. Downtown Providence is a only a mile and a half away at the bottom of College Hill. Providence enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest culinary destinations in the country, and visitors to the area will find more than enough choices to satisfy even the most adventurous of palates.

Fans 1

Brown baseball crowds are typically of the “friends and family” type, with crowds typically topping out between 100-200 fans. Despite Murray Stadium’s location on campus, there is not much of a turnout from the student body. Those fans that do show up truly enjoy their time at Murray Stadium, and are boisterous in their support of the Bears.

Access 3

Murray Stadium is located in Brown University’s athletic complex, adjacent to Meehan Arena and the Pizzitola Sports Center on the east side of Providence. While the Brown University Campus is located near several highways, there is no direct way to get to or from Murray Stadium. If driving, one must navigate neighborhood streets before arriving at the stadium. If attending a game during a weekday, Providence can be a tough city to get around. RIPTA buses run regularly to Thayer Street and the Brown campus is a short distance from the stadium.

Parking is available at no charge in a small lot shared by Brown’s several athletic venues at the site. Fans unable to find a spot in the lot can utilize free on street parking in the area around the stadium. Finding an available spot can be tricky at times, but patient travelers should be able to find spots within walking distance of the ballpark.

Fans requiring handicapped seating will find space available in the grandstand, which runs between the dugouts behind home plate. There is no permanent structure available for bathrooms, so fans visiting Brown will have to make due with several port-a-johns available nearby.

Return on Investment 4

With free admission and no charge for parking, an afternoon (there are no lights here for night games) at Murray Stadium will certainly not break the bank. Fans looking to save even more money can simply bring in their own snacks and take in a game at college baseball’s highest level without spending even a penny.

Extras 1

Taking in a game at Murray Stadium is a bare bones experience. The game day staff gives out a nice scorecard, but there is nothing else here that can be considered “extra.”  With so many athletic facilities jammed into such a small urban area, it is possible to see multiple Division I contests in several sports simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

College baseball in the northeastern part of the United States is not a big deal, and possibly even less so in the Ivy League. While Murray Stadium is a quaint, nice place to take in a ballgame on a beautiful spring afternoon, only the most avid ballpark chasers will make the pilgrimage to the east side of Providence. If planning a trip to Brown remember, this is Rhode Island, and much of the college baseball season takes place in March and April. The weather at this time of year can be quite unpredictable, and can mess with even the best laid plans.


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Stadium Info

Murray Stadium

235 Hope St

Providence, RI 02912

Brown Bears website

Murray Stadium website

Year Opened: 1959

Capacity: 1,000

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