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Baseball in Beertown

The Brewers have experienced years both positive and negative over the past few decades. Ebbing and flowing fan attendance has led to various experiences for game day excitement. However, one constant has been the stadium itself – since it opened in the early 2000’s, Miller Park has become a unique stadium for baseball. Its roof opens like a fan from the middle of the field instead of sliding to one side, and there is a giant slide elevated above left field that the team mascot slides down during games; there is even a museum on the premises.

If you are looking for something sports-related to entertain yourself with while visiting Wisconsin, a trip to a Brewers game is likely to be at the top of your list while in Milwaukee.

Food & Beverage   5

The food is amazing at Miller Park – if you can imagine a kind of food, they have it. With many concessions stands gathered together in food courts throughout the stadium’s concourses, you can pick from multiple options that range from BBQ, tacos, burgers, sweets, and the ever-popular bratwurst and sausages. But what is even better is the affordability of the food items – two tacos and tortilla chips start at $9, a bratwurst runs just under $6, and hot dogs cost $5.50.

Drinks are also plentiful, with even a rather large “regular” soda costing $4.75. Beer starts at $7.75 for various local bottles and cans, with Miller being featured rather prominently on tap.

Atmosphere   4

The fans pack the house on most nights, and an already excited crowd gets even more pumped during rivalry games with the likes of St. Louis and Chicago. The stadium itself also reflects the Midwest hardworking lifestyle folks would expect to see in Wisconsin – metalwork and exposed iron with brickwork interlaced throughout are the dominant architectural features here. The seats are mostly individual seats, with only a few small sections of the outfield set up as backed bleachers.

You can walk around the entirety of the lower main concourse with your ticket, and even access the upper level concourse without issue. In addition, nearly all areas behind the main bank of seats feature stand-up or wheelchair-height counters for fans to use while they eat, so they can enjoy their meal without having to either miss the action or bring food to their seats. Safety netting also extends down the left and right field lines above the dugouts, an added safety feature that other baseball stadiums have not yet adopted.

Neighborhood   3

There isn’t too much immediately around Miller Park beyond parking lots and industrial areas. That said, the stadium is not far from Milwaukee’s downtown; an easy 5 to 10-minute drive puts you smack in the middle of a growing city that has a bustling food and beer scene. There are also plenty of sights to see in this part of Wisconsin; sports fans are only an hour south of Road America, and fans can also walk the Ice Age National Trail. The Milwaukee Public Museum is another popular stop while in the city, as is the Harley Davidson Museum. If you need somewhere to stay, the closest hotels are the Best Western Milwaukee West and the Ambassador Hotel Milwaukee. In addition, just south of the stadium along Miller Park Way are a trove of restaurants, including TGI Friday’s, IHOP, Chili’s, Arby’s, and Qdoba.

Fans   4

Fans fill the stands at Miller Park on an almost nightly basis during the regular season. As expected, they are also passionate and team knowledgeable, meaning you won’t see clueless fans in the stands missing key plays or exciting moments. Everyone stands and cheers and roots for their favorite players, and they know exactly where every team is in the standings. Pre-game tailgating is also something fans enjoy during games, with countless pop-ups featured in the parking lots all around Miller Park.

Access   4

To get to Miller Park, you just need to drive west of the city on I-94; the stadium is hard to miss. Parking on site is extremely plentiful, but can be pricey. Pre-paying for parking can save you a few bucks, but you are still going to shell out at least $12-$20 per car on game day.

Return on Investment   4

Tickets to Milwaukee Brewers games at Miller Park can be purchased for as low as $12, with prices dropping further on third-party sites. Though parking can be pricey, the experience you have at Miller Park is an overwhelmingly positive one. Without a doubt, this is a top-flight baseball stadium, and the amenities are here to match that claim. Food quality is also high, so you can feel comfortable knowing your evening at the ballpark will be an enjoyable one in every respect. Plus not having to feel the summer heat or sit in the rain during dismal weather, thanks to the retractable roof, makes the idea of going to a Brewers game that much more appealing.

Extras   3

Miller Park is home to the world-famous sausage races – these mascots race each other much like the sea creatures at Marlins Park or the Presidents at Nationals Park.

The outside of Miller Park also features numerous statues of memorable players from the past – these statues are popular spots for fans to stop and take pictures during pre-game.

Finally, there are numerous theme nights at Miller Park, such as Star Wars Night and Pride Night, meaning fans of other things beyond sports can meld their interests on special event days with special ticket options that usually include free shirts or hats.

Final Thoughts

Miller Park is a beautiful stadium, and it features a unique roof design mixed with appropriate architectural design. The food is plentiful and top quality, and the fans are among the best in baseball. Almost every game is a packed house, so you get that exciting experience sports fans yearn for. If you’re visiting Milwaukee, or even just passing through, a stop here is definitely a must consider, even for the casual sports fan.


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Food and Drink Recommendations

TGI Friday’s

1 Brewers Way

Milwaukee, WI 53214

(414) 902-4201

Chili’s Grill & Bar

1601 Miller Park Way W

Milwaukee, WI 53214

(414) 389-9739

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Entertainment Recommendations

Ice Age National Scenic Trail

Eagle, WI 53119

(608) 441-5610

Harley-Davidson Museum

400 W Canal St

Milwaukee, WI 53201

(877) 436-8738

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Lodging Recommendations


Best Western Milwaukee West

5501 W National Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53214

(414) 671-6400


Ambassador Hotel

2308 W Wisconsin Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53233

(888) 322-3326

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Crowd Reviews

Latest Crowd Reviews

Date: 2019-03-12 19:20:30
By: DrPhil

Total Score

The best aspects of the Miller Park experience are the food/beer selections and tailgating. The craft beer stands on the lower level have incredible selections, starting with New Glarus Spotted Cow, which is sold only in Wisconsin. While affordable by MLB standards, the premium club level is not exactly a premium experience. There’s no view of the field from the inside and precious little seating in the air conditioned concourse. The only seating is in the small bar area. Food and soft drinks are not included in the price of club tickets. Food and beverage quality in the club area is top notch, though lines can be long due to a limited number of outlets. Check out the Uecker, Aaron and Yount statues, cheer on your favorite anthropomorphic encased meat in the sausage race and pay your respects to the memorial of the iron workers who died during construction, but skip the Selig Experience, which is an appalling piece of revisionist history. Avoid Miller Park in the summertime if you’re heat-sensitive. The concourses have no ventilation, making for stifling conditions on hot, humid days. Anyone with sensitivities could have some trouble breathing. However, the conditions are amazing on cooler days, especially day games with plenty of sunshine and the roof open. Be sure to come in early on days with large crowds and leave early if you have to be somewhere after the game. The parking lots are spacious, but the entry/exit roads tend to bottleneck. Long delays getting in and out are commonplace. Consider planning your exit in advance. Signage in the parking lots is sparse, making it easy for non-locals to get turned around. Fortunately, the guest services and parking lot staff are very obliging and will gladly answer any question. We found the fans to be less than accommodating, especially to fans of certain opposing teams. The idea of cheering an opposing player for an outstanding play is unheard of, while there was plenty of complaining when the home team didn’t have everything go their way. They may appreciate “their team”, but the fans we encountered were pure “homers”, neither knowledgeable of nor appreciative toward the game. When you visit Miller Park, take in the tailgating atmosphere, sample the food and beverages and enjoy the game. We’re glad we saw it, but won’t make a special trip to go back.

Date: 2019-01-10 17:54:47
By: Sir Puke

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Date: 2018-09-24 10:24:57
By: Marc Viquez

Total Score

Miller Park benefits from the great tailgating experience before the game, amazing food, and some of the best fans in baseball. However, the design of the stadium makes for a somewhat sterile atmosphere similar to Chase Field in Arizona. The stadium is not near downtown, but a quick drive puts you in the middle of great times during the summer in Milwaukee.

Date: 2018-05-29 10:04:21
By: tejasduck4

Total Score

The parking lots surrounding Miller Park is the best atmosphere at a Brewers game. The parking lots are filled with tailgaters that can compete with any from around the country. The retractable roof keeps fans in a climate controlled ballpark but allows real grass to be used instead of field turf. The concession are what has become the norm with Major League Baseball, overpriced, unique food items, to intrigue the fan is buying while in the ballpark. Bernie Brewer sliding down the slide is a fun sight to see during games. However, it is the sausage races that is the main fan attraction beside the ballgame. The neighborhood is sterile,being a few miles from downtown Milwaukee, in an warehouse/office development. There isn&#039t much for public transportation from the distant airport. Being a close drive from Chicago, makes it a great short day trip to see a game in Milwaukee, while in Chicago.

Stadium Info

Miller Park
One Brewers Way
Milwaukee, WI 53214

Milwaukee Brewers website

Miller Park website

Year Opened: 2001

Capacity: 41,900

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