Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis Colts

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Lucas Oil Stadium Continues to Impress

Lucas Oil Stadium opened in downtown Indianapolis in 2008 for the Indianapolis Colts and is one of the centerpieces of not only the city, but for the National Football League (NFL). It is a stadium, with a true downtown feel with bars, hotels, restaurants and nightlife just a few steps away from the main entrance. It’s design also blends well with the surrounding area, but stands out magnificently from passersby off nearby I-70. The $720,000 million stadium features a retractable roof with a spectacular view of downtown when open, synthetic field turf, 137 private suites and seats 62, 421 people for football games. Whether the roof is open or not during a game is made 90 minutes prior kickoff, but fans are advised well before that. The roof takes only 11 minutes to open or close and when it’s open, the stadium has natural air conditioning and a wide-open view of the skies and downtown buildings.

Perhaps the best part of attending the game is the fan experience that takes place outside the stadium. The downtown streets are packed in a sea of blue, nearby Georgia Street is open for pedestrians only allowing fans to openly carry alcoholic drinks in a cup, and Touchdown Town just footsteps from the main entrance provides live music, skills tests for kids, food samples, and more good times. Even if you are not a fan of the Colts, you would be hard pressed not to say you had a great time attending the game.

Food & Beverage 4

There are 59 permanent concession stands and 90 portable concession stands with more than 500 points of sale located throughout the stadium featuring an array of impressive food options; so many, that perhaps it is best to visit a few of them before making your final decision. The prices range from $4 for a hot dog all the way to $12 for a steak sandwich and in between are various delicious delights that are very savvy for a football game. You have your basics here that include hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, pretzels, and pizza. However, there are your non traditional favorites of Italian Beef, Beef and Cheddar, and barbecue pork sandwiches. On the lighter side the menu options include Mandarin chicken salad, hummus and veggies, Baja chicken wrap, and antipasti salad. The Colts Nation dog is another winner that features jalapeno slaw topped on a grilled chicken sausage.

The best pick might be one of the Italian grinders or shredded pork banh mi sandwiches that are tasty and come in at a nice price. Wash it down with a Coca-Cola product or pint of locally made Sun King Beer and you have yourself a nice little meal during the game.

Atmosphere 5

The stadium is located in downtown and the streets are live in speed blue walking up and down the packed streets. Touchdown Town is a definite must to spend one or two hours prior to the game for the live music, skills games, and drinks. You may even want to visit a few of the local bars and eateries for a drink or bite to eat, or just hang out on Georgia Street with fellow Colts fans for one ultimate hangout destination. Once inside, there is not a bad seat in the house in the spacious building. The main entrance features a sound stage for pregame concerts that overlooks the football field. Fans line up around the stage or watch pregame practice on the field. Also, in this area is a collage of former Colts’ players and moments against the wall that is entitled “A House Built by Champions,” that features an homage to the state’s car racing industry with various model cars hanging from the ceiling or featured by itself on a stand. The wide open area serves as a town meeting hall for fans and you cannot help but look around in awe if you are a first time patron.

Once the game has started, the fans are pretty vocal when the visiting team is on their 3rd down of the play. The Colt faithful listens enthusiastically as the opening of AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” is played over the sound system-hopefully it will thwart the opposing side’s current drive and return the ball back to the Colts. Fans are also entertained by two massive HD scoreboards in each corner of the facility.

Neighborhood 5

You are within walking distances of nearly 50 different places to eat, drink and dance. With so many selections, which one should you choose? I would suggest Forty Five Degrees on Mass Ave. for the best sushi in the city and it is half off on Sunday evenings. Harry & Izzy’s is the spin off restaurant of St. Elmo’s Steakhouse that features a larger seating area and many of the same menu items – including the famous spicy shrimp cocktail. There is also a Primanti Brothers restaurant located at Circle Centre Mall a few blocks north offering the same ‘bigger than your mouth’ sandwiches. Kilroy’s and Scotty’s Brewhouse are two local institutions that are favorites among Colts Nation that should keep the good times afloat after the game.

If you are interested in sightseeing, visit the city’s canal walk, the state museum, NCAA Hall of Champions or the Benjamin Harrison Home. If you have the time, the neighborhoods of Fountain Square, Broad Ripple Village and Mass. Ave. feature even more dining and entertainment options. These areas require a cab, but if you have the time, they are definitely worth spending a few hours at during your stay in Indianapolis.

My suggestion is to check out the hip, vibrant, and up and coming Fountain Square neighborhood. It’s just an Uber ride away from the stadium or a 2 mile walk. Here you can enjoy craft beer at Chili Water or Fountain Square Brewing, video games at Tappers, Cajun food at B’s Po Boys, giant burgers at Kuma’s Corner, or duckpin bowling in a retro atmosphere.

Fans 5

The Colt fan has embraced their team feverishly the past decade here in Indiana. They are a dedicated group of people who are not prone to losing seasons this century. They wear blue to work on Fridays the day before games, get together with fans for viewing parties at the comfort of home and the grocery stores are empty during games. At the stadium, the fans pack the stadium and cheer on their home team through various methods of face painting or dressing up like animals, but always donning the colors of “speed” blue. Indiana is a basketball state, but Indianapolis has vastly become a football town the past two decades.

Access 4

Lucas Oil Stadium is a downtown football venue that stands comfortably off the interstate. The imposing structure is easily visible off of I-70. Various city and private parking lots are available as you make your way to the game. These lots range from $20-$30 and if you are lucky, you many find free parking at the meters on Sundays. If you do a little more searching and feel like walking, there are cheaper options north of the stadium off of Meridian, Pennsylvania and Capitol Streets. However, for $20, you cannot complain about parking close to the venue and getting out quickly after the game. Plenty of bathrooms are clearly marked along the concourse, but it can get crowded during halftime.

Return on Investment 5

Single game tickets for games begin at $50 and conclude at $166 a seat; a bargain compared to other venues in the NFL. This does mean you can purchase tickets the day of the game, but give yourself some time to find some of the best prices in the league.

Extras 4

One point for the well trained staff that makes everyone feel welcomed and will answer most of your questions. Don’t be afraid to listen to them or enjoy one of the virtual reality kiosks in the stadium.

A second point for the banners that honor season ticket holders along the upper concourse. Each banner features a face and year they have been season ticket holders for the Colts. You can’t help feeling giddy being a part of the team with your very own banner.

A third point for the powerful wi-fi connection and a mobile amp that give fans real-time statistics during the game.

A final point for the pregame atmosphere that includes Touchdown Town, Georgia Street, and pregame concerts inside the facility.

Final Thoughts

Lucas Oil Stadium has consistently ranked as one of the best stadium experiences in all of sports, taking the top spot on the Stadium Journey 2012 best stadium experiences list. It has been our highest ranked NFL stadium experience every year since 2011 when we began publishing our annual ranking. Believe us and come check out a game for yourself.

Food and Drink Recommendations

St. Elmo’s Steak House

127 S Illinois St

Indianapolis, IN 46225

(317) 635-0636

RAM Restaurant & Brewery

140 S Illinois St

Indianapolis, IN 46225

(317) 955-9900

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Entertainment Recommendations

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

3000 N Meridian St

Indianapolis, IN 46208

(317) 334-4000

NCAA Hall of Champions

700 W Washington St

Indianapolis, IN 46204

(317) 916-4255

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Lodging Recommendations


Hyatt Regency Indianapolis

One South Capitol Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46204

(317) 632-1234


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Indianapolis Dtn-Conv Ctr Area

410 S Missouri St

Indianapolis, IN 46225

(317) 822-6400

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Stadium Info

Lucas Oil Stadium
500 S Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46225

Indianapolis Colts website
Lucas Oil Stadium website
Year Opened: 2008
Capacity: 62,421

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