Jackie Robinson Ballpark – Daytona Tortugas

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Jim Folsom, MiLB

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Daytona Tortugas at Jackie Robinson Ballpark

The Daytona Cubs called Jackie Robinson Ballpark on City Island in Daytona Beach Florida home for 22 baseball seasons. They won five Florida State League Championships during that time. After falling a little short in 2014 when they lost the FSL Championship Series for the first time in team history, the Chicago Cubs announced they were leaving for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was quite a shock for the fans who had been leading the FSL in attendance for the better part of 22 years. Daytona was a Cubbies town.

In the weeks that followed there were rumors that several Major League Baseball franchises were interested in moving to Jackie Robinson Ballpark immediately to begin play in 2015. Then it was announced in October that the Cincinnati Reds would be that team.

Fans in Daytona Beach were expecting to be wearing a lot of red this season. Instead, the owners of the team decided that this would be a good opportunity to name the team something having to do with Daytona Beach. The team decided on Tortugas, the Spanish word for turtles. Sea turtles use Daytona Beach to come ashore and lay their eggs, so many sea turtles can literally call Daytona Beach their birthplace.

So instead of Cubbie Blue or Cincinnati Red, the color seen at Jackie Robinson Ballpark in 2015 has been Tortuga Green. At first, many fans thought the name was a bit silly. Red Snapper is one of the most popular fish native to Daytona waters. The team could still have been called the Reds and kept with its Daytona theme by making the mascot a fish. But soon after the season began, the green began to grow on the fans. Rarely can you find a fan wearing Daytona Cubs gear at the game anymore. Nearly everyone is dressed in Tortugas gear.

Food & Beverage 4

The ballpark has gone through some upgrades over the past few seasons. Jackie Robinson Ballpark still has the Budweiser Bullpen out in right field where you can sit and eat some chicken fingers or a burger and drink your favorite beers. There is still the beer and concession stands behind the home plate area where you can order domestic beer such as Budweiser, Miller or Coors products as well as Shock Top, Blue Moon, Yuengling and others.

The food choices range from pizza slices (Papa John’s) to burgers, hot dogs, funnel fries, chicken strips, nachos, soft pretzels, popcorn, cracker jack and ice cream. There are also vendors who walk the stands selling many of these items if you are worried about missing any of the game. Under the left field bleachers there is a small bar area where they are grilling burgers and hot dogs as well as serving up plenty of draft beer choices.

In addition, they now have another area with tables and benches under a roof out near the Budweiser Bullpen with another beer stand. This one normally has a very short line so you can dash down between innings, grab a beer, and get back to your seat before the next inning starts. This is also a good place to sit and eat before the game because you can always find a table.

If you purchase a box seat ticket, you can have a waitress bring your food and beer to you. It should be noted that beer sales end after the top of the seventh inning.

Atmosphere 4

There was something special about being a Cubs affiliate. The Cubs played in the oldest park in the FSL, which they of course had in common with the parent Chicago Cubs. They had the manual scoreboard in left field just like the big league Cubs. They even played a Harry Caray recording of Take Me Out to the Ball Game during the seventh inning stretch. After a win the loudspeakers would blare the song “Go Cubs Go” just like at Wrigley. So going into the season many wondered if it would be the same with a new team in town.

Even though we no longer have the two songs any longer, most everything else is still the same as before. The crowds are still just as large and they are still behind the team. It is surprising at the lack of Cubs attire in the stands, and the quick adoption of the new name and affiliation. It seems like everyone is on board with the new colors.

The on field contests in between innings are still the same as before as the team management has most of the same folks. A Tortugas game is still the place to be on a summer night in Daytona Beach.

Neighborhood 4

The immediate area surrounding Jackie Robinson Ballpark is tough to top. Right across the street on the right field side is a marina with a lot of nice yachts docked, giving the fans a Florida feel right away. On the left field side is the intercoastal waterway where fans may be able to see a couple of manatees swimming or some fish jumping out of the water. Across the bridge on Beach Street there are many shops, bars and restaurants lining the street such as the Chocolate Factory, Stavro’s where one can get a really good pizza, and a few drinking establishments for your postgame party.

The ballpark is a short drive from A1A and the World’s Most Famous Beach where there is certainly no shortage of things to do and spend your money. You can find a good spot to eat, drink, shop, play putt putt golf, or get a sunburn if you go before the game.

Fans 4

The Tortugas fans should be commended. For 22 years they were loyal Cubs fans. For some people, there has never been a summer in their life without the Cubs. It was a concern that the fans would be upset about the Cubs gear they bought that they can no longer wear or the loyalty they showed going to all of those games and rooting for the Cubbies and stay home this season.

One of those fans is affectionately known as “Front Row Joe” who never missed a Cubs game. In fact, he hadn’t missed a home Cubs game since the Clinton administration. At the end of the 2014, Joe had been to over 1,300 straight games. Imagine how he must have felt the day the Cubs announced they were leaving.

Well, enter the Tortugas and the fans have not missed a beat. Before every home game, Front Row Joe still walks down to the left field fence and changes the numbers on the sign counting his consecutive game streak, now approaching 1,400 as of this 2015 review.

Unfortunately there are some fans that show up and ignore the “No smoking” policy on occasion or the “No profanity” policy. The Tortugas should consider hiring a few security people to make sure these policies are enforced.

Access 4

Jackie Robinson Ballpark is easy to get to. You can get there from US Hwy 1 by turning east on either Magnolia Ave which will take you to the parking lot and entrance in left field, or on Orange Ave which will take you to the right field parking lot and entrance. Magnolia is one block south of International Speedway Blvd for those coming in from the west. Orange Ave has a bridge from A1A as well as ISB (International Speedway Blvd) if you are coming from the beach. Parking is only $2 and the walk from the parking lots to the entrance is fairly short. Sometimes, depending on where you park, you could get boxed in after the game and it could take a few minutes to get moving.

Return on Investment 5

Ticket prices did increase from the 2014 season from $7 for general admission to $8. For most of the Cubs seasons, parking was free, but it is now $2. Still with promotions such as “Score an A, Score a Ticket” and “Belly Buster Monday,” where a $12 ticket entitles you to all the burgers, dogs, pizza slices, and popcorn you can eat all game long and “Thirsty Thursday” where small sodas and beers are $1, and Wednesday nights when ice cream bars are $1, you can still bring the kids to the game and not bust your budget.

The Tugas still have the Silver Sluggers promotion which gives seniors a cheap night out on Tuesday nights and the Tiny Tugas which does the same for the kids on Friday nights as well. So most nights, if your kids got some A’s on their report cards, you can go to a Tortugas game for well under $40.

Extras 4

At Jackie Robinson Ballpark, you are at the site where Jackie Robinson played his first professional game after signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers. So the ballpark was named after him and around the concourse area there are a lot of posters and photos of Robinson’s exploits. They also have a long jump pit, a basketball court, and a third base to home plate base path where kids can play and see how they compare to Jackie.

They also have a playground down the right field concourse area, a souvenir shop where you can purchase your new Tuga gear, a baseball card and collectible stand and many promotional tents with local businesses often giving away small items such as Tortugas rally towels. On the night of this review the first 1,000 fans got a free Tortugas Garden Gnome.

Final Thoughts

One thing to be aware of when visiting the Jack is that the netting seems to cut down on the breeze coming off the ocean making it steamy on that side. My recommendation is to bring seat cushions or stadium seats and sit on the third base side where the breeze makes it much cooler. Be careful about going in April as well. That breeze can make the ballpark chilly after the sun sets. Bring a jacket to those early season games.

If Florida is on your vacation schedule during baseball season, spend a night at the Tortugas game. You will have a good time.



Food and Drink Recommendations

Stavro’s Pizza House

262 S Beach St

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

(386) 258-5041


McK’s Tavern

218 S Beach St

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

(386) 238-3321


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Entertainment Recommendations

Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory

154 S Beach St

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

(386) 252-6531


Halifax Historical Museum

252 S Beach St

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

(386) 255-6976


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Lodging Recommendations


Streamline Hotel

140 S Atlantic Ave

Daytona Beach, FL 32118

(386) 947-7470



Daytona Inn Beach Resort

219 S Atlantic Ave

Daytona Beach, FL 32118

(386) 252-3626


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Stadium Info

Jackie Robinson Ballpark

103 E Orange Ave

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Daytona Tortugas website

Jackie Robinson Ballpark website

Year Opened: 1914

Capacity: 4,200

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