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The Mocs Big Birdhouse

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is the third largest school within the Tennessee University System, with an enrollment of 11,700 students. Its primary departments are the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences and the College of Health, Education and Professional Studies.

Since 1997 Finley Stadium at Davenport Field has served as the home of the Chattanooga Mocs football program. The 20,668-seat facility is located on the southside of Downtown Chattanooga and features 32 sky boxes and nearly 3,500 chair back preferred seats. The complex is named for Max Finley, the former chair of Rock-Tenn, whose plant was formerly on the stadium site and Gordon Lee Davenport, the CEO of the Krystal Company, who was a major donor to the project.

The Mocs athletic programs are members of the FCS Division I level of competition and play in the Southern Conference. Over the years the team has won seven Southern Conference Championships and gone on to the NCAA playoffs four times, with three of these appearances taking place since 2014.

Food & Beverage 3

Finley Stadium has concession stands set up at convenient intervals on both sides of Davenport Field. Vendors include Rolling J’s (cajun specialties, brats, pork nachos), Finley Eats (hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, popcorn, candy, Coca-Cola brand sodas), 2 Sons Kitchen (BBQ, hot chicken sandwiches), Bones (BBQ, hamburgers, enchiladas) and Pucketts (Mac n cheese, chicken tenders, hot chicken sandwiches, smoked wings and redneck burritos).

Atmosphere 4

The Mocs stadium complex provides a great place to enjoy an afternoon of football. Many of the games are scheduled for late afternoon or early evening to allow fans and visitors to enjoy the many attractions Chattanooga has to offer before the game.

The exterior of the stadium is modern in appearance and includes accent colors of yellow and blue (the Mocs team colors) at its entrances.

The lighting in the stadium is above average for a college stadium and the seating is close to the field. All but 3,500 seats in the stadium are aluminum bench seating, so it is a good idea to bring along a seat cushion!

The newest addition to the stadium is a new video board in the end zone. It is 24 feet high and 70 feet wide and provides replays of key plays and scores from other games around the South.

Neighborhood 4

Finley Stadium is conveniently located in Downtown Chattanooga, which has become a regional tourist hub in recent years. Nearly all the attractions, eateries and lodging options are either within walking distance of the stadium or easily reached by the free CARTA Electric Shuttle. You’ll find, for the most part, that prices in Chattanooga are much cheaper than other cities with major tourist attractions.

The Tennessee Riverfront development was the beginning of Chattanooga’s renaissance from an industrial base to a tourism base. Along the river you will find the Tennessee Aquarium, the Bluff View Arts District and the Hunter Fine Arts Museum. As you head south, stop in at the Moonpie Store and sample one of the city’s greatest contributions to the nation’s waistline. You’ll next come to Warehouse Row, a collection of stores in a former warehouse. Finally, you will come to the Chattanooga Choo Choo, which qualifies as both an attraction and a lodging option. Head out back and check out the gardens and the Choo Choo itself. Should you decide to stay at the hotel you can actually sleep in one of the Pullman cars which have been converted into hotel rooms! Lookout Mountain, Rock City and the Tennessee Valley Railroad are all a short drive from the downtown area.

Two restaurants have been very popular in Chattanooga for several years. Chattanooga Brewing Company could not be more convenient to Finley Stadium as it is located across the street. If you’re out by the riverfront, check out the Big River Grille. You won’t be sorry!

In addition to the Choo Choo Hotel, the Staybridge Suites Chattanooga Downtown is only four blocks from the stadium and provides wonderful lodging at reasonable prices.

Fans 5

The Mocs athletic department does a great job of getting the fans fired up before the game and keeps the enthusiasm at a fever pitch during the contest. The first area for pregame festivities is the First Tennessee Pavilion located across the street from the stadium. It provides shelter from the sun or the rain and is the site of the pregame Mocs Walk and concert by the UTC band. The pavilion was formerly a foundry before it was rehabbed in the interest of historical preservation. The Mocs Block Party takes place on the opposite side of the stadium, and features food trucks, souvenir sales, games and other entertainment

A high percentage of UTC alumni remain in the Chattanooga area after graduation. They form the core fan base for Mocs football games. They see attending the games as a social event as much as a sports event, as it allows them to see their former classmates on a regular basis. Alumni were a key funding source for the construction of Finley Stadium, as 40% of the funding came from private donations.

The student section at Finley Stadium is known as the Mocs Maniacs. A long-standing tradition at UTC is that each year’s freshman class is allowed to charge across the football field to their seats just prior to the game in a ceremony known as the “Mocs Flock.” The Maniacs are a very creative (but clean) bunch and come up with unique cheers based on the opponent. They also work closely with the Mocs cheer squad, the Marching Mocs band and Scrappy, the team mascot, to keep the energy level high.

Access 4

Finley Stadium is located off-campus at the corner of West Main Street and Chestnut Street. The parking lots serving the stadium are all privately owned and require cash payment only. The Gold lots are open to the public and have a $10 parking fee. A second option if you are staying in or visiting the Downtown Chattanooga area is to take the free CARTA Electric Shuttle that runs a loop from the Tennessee Riverfront to the southside of the downtown area. Getting to Chattanooga is extremely easy, as it is less than a two-hour drive from cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville and Huntsville. It is served by I-75, I-24 and I-59,

Return on Investment 4

University of Chattanooga football tickets come at three price levels. Tickets “between the 30’s” are priced at $30, tickets between the 30-yard line and the end zones are priced at $25 and General Admission seats are $10. Parking is $10 in lots surrounding the stadium complex or you can utilize the Downtown Chattanooga Electric Shuttle for free and travel throughout the various tourist sites before or after the game. Concessions at Finley Stadium are very reasonable priced. Hotels in the area are in the $100 a night range.

Extras 4

Finley Stadium has an artificial turf field, as it is heavily used by a wide variety of sports teams. These include the men’s and women’s soccer programs at UTC, the Chattanooga FC soccer team and numerous high school football and lacrosse programs.

The FCS National Championship game was held at Finley Stadium from 1997 through 2009.

More than 50 Mocs have gone on to play in the NFL. The most famous Mocs football Alum is Terrell Owens, who was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 2018.

The name “Mocs” is short for mockingbird. The mockingbird is known for fiercely protecting its turf and is also the official state bird for the state of Tennessee. The mascot for the Mocs is named Scrappy, in honor of a former UTC football coach. UTC also utilizes railroad imagery into its marketing as the Chattanooga area has a long history with the railroad industry, including the Chattanooga Choo Choo (which is only four blocks from the stadium) and the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.

Final Thoughts

A trip to Chattanooga and Finley Stadium at Davenport Field is well worth the journey on a Saturday afternoon in the fall. It provides you with an up and coming football program playing in one of the nicest stadiums at the FCS level of competition. You should extend your trip to enjoy the many attractions, restaurants and experiences Chattanooga has to offer. It’s no wonder the FCS National Championship Game made its home here from 1997-2009!


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Food and Drink Recommendations

Chattanooga Brewing Company

1804 Chestnut Street

Chattanooga, TN 37408

(423) 702-9958

Big River Grille

222 Broad Street

Chattanooga, TN 37402

(423) 267-2739

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Entertainment Recommendations

Tennessee Aquarium

1 Broad St

Chattanooga, TN 37402

(800) 262-0695

Lookout Mountain Incline Railway

3917 St. Elmo Ave

Chattanooga, TN 37409

(423) 821-4224

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Lodging Recommendations

Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel

1400 Market St

Chattanooga, TN 37402

(423) 266-5000

Hilton Garden Inn Chattanooga

311 Chestnut St

Chattanooga, TN 37402

(423) 308-9000

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As for college football, the stadium definitely offers a good stage for viewing a game that would be at the magnitude of a game between two teams from the FCS. This experience maybe wasn’t one that would be remembered for years to come, but it was a pleasant place to experience a college football game on a crisp day in November.

Stadium Info

Finley Stadium Davenport Field
1826 Carter St
Chattanooga, TN 37408

Chattanooga Mocs website

Finley Stadium Davenport Field website

Year Opened: 1997

Capacity: 20,668

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