UTRGV Baseball Stadium – UT Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros

by | May 15, 2015 | Nathaniel Mata, NCAA Baseball

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Ballpark in the Deepest South

The University of Texas – Rio Grand Valley (UTRGV) has called Edinburg Baseball Stadium home since 2002. The city of Edinburg recently gave the rights to the venue solely to UTRGV and now there are sponsorship opportunities emerging to potentially give Edinburg Baseball Stadium a corporate name. As a school which is positioned as one of the south most universities in the country, the weather often sits in the 90s and the awnings in the outfield stands are a nice place to get shade and watch some NCAA baseball.

Food & Beverage 2

There is nothing really to write home about at the concession stand at Edinburg Baseball Stadium. The vender above the first base dugout is your main option. Candy and chips are on sale for a dollar each. Water, soft drinks, Powerade will cost you between $1-$3. There are no deluxe food items like sliders or ice cream. For a local and unique treat to the Rio Grande Valley, try the hot cheetos with cheese, something that kids here have eaten since a young age, but many from outside the area might find completely foreign.

Atmosphere 2

The next two categories kind of feed off of each other. Athletic events for this program can really be hit or miss. Some games have incredible crowds and a sense of university community. But often the scene is low attendance and a lot of familiar faces, but not many new ones on a nightly basis. Credit to the fans that come out – they know the game and sitting around a crowd will definitely spark up some great baseball conversation.

Neighborhood 3

The area around the ballpark is almost 100% campus related and a nice area to catch a Vaqueros baseball game. Across the street to the west is the largest student apartment complex and to the south is a parking lot followed by education buildings. Permanent housing is embedded around the ballpark to the east and it fits right in with the campus. The area around the school is growing exponentially and a medical school is under construction adjacent to the ballpark.

If you’re looking for a bite to each before watching the team in action I’ll suggest the new pizza joint, Luciano’s, that seems to cater specifically to students, faculty, staff and fans.

Fans 3

While the fans might not always come out in masses like some schools around the state, you have to hand it to the UTRGV baseball fans that are there every night. Many of them tend to be parents of athletes, former members of the program and/or community folks who give strong support to the team. The crowds know the rules, know the game and it really shows when they respond to calls or tense situations in the ballgame. The Vaqueros have experienced a handful of tough seasons that has seen the casual fan or student not fill the stadium the way it could be. On occasion, some promotion or theme night will bring the students out in more force which is always a welcomed sign. The program is definitely on the rise and if progress remains it will show in the bleachers.

Access 3

In relation to the campus the baseball stadium is very noticeable. It’s hard to miss the exterior architecture, making it probably the most recognizable building on campus. There’s always enough parking, and parking is also free.

The venue does a great job with wheelchair access, as there are designated seating areas that come with a very good view.

If you are coming in from the metro area of McAllen (McAllen Miller Airport included) there are many routes north to get onto University Drive (107).

And for those coming from other parts of the valley there is an exit to campus from the expressway (281).

Return on Investment 4

A perk to the Rio Grande Valley is that a low cost of living equates to affordable ticket prices. General admission will set you back around $5-$8 depending on age. Children, seniors and service personnel receive discounted prices. Students have the perk of free admission.

The money you save on a ticket price can very easily be turned around and used to eat around the ballpark. The options on 107 are endless. Or you can pick up some gear to support the home team.

Extras 1

There are not a lot of extras at all to talk about at this ballpark. However, an extra point goes to the friendly staff which are always very accommodating.


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Food and Drink Recommendations

Taqueria La Mexicana

1020 W University Dr

Edinburg, TX 78542

(956) 380-0239


La Pesca Seafood Restaurant

524 W University Dr

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 316-3474


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Entertainment Recommendations

Museum of South Texas History

200 N Closner Blvd

Edinburg, TX 78541

(956) 383-6911


Tejano Walk of Fame

415 W McIntyre St

Edinburg, TX 78541


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Lodging Recommendations


Hilton Garden Inn- McAllen

617 W Expressway 83

McAllen, TX 78503

(956) 664-2900



Echo Hotel & Conference Center

1903 S Closner Blvd

Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 383-3823


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Stadium Info

UTRGV Baseball Stadium

920 N Sugar Rd

Edinburg, TX 78541

UT Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros website

UTRGV  Baseball Stadium website

Year Opened: 2001

Capacity: 4,000

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