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True To The Blue

Year in and year out Dodger Stadium features the highest attendance figures in all of baseball. With the anticipation surrounding this year’s (2018) team as a result of the Dodgers first World Series appearance since 1988, Dodger Stadium continues to draw record setting crowds, regularly exceeding the 3 million mark in attendance, a feat that has been accomplished an unprecedented 29 times.

For all its glorious history, Dodger Stadium has been the host of 21 post-seasons, including nine World Series, as well as hosting The Pope, Elton John, Michael Jackson and The Beatles.

Now in its 57th season, Dodger Stadium is the third oldest yard behind only Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. In spite being the third oldest big league park, Dodger Stadium is hardly referred to as a classic. Opened in 1962, Dodger Stadium maintains a truly unique identity as marked by its signature pastel colored seating pallet.

Food & Beverage 4

The Dodgers are always adding to the ballpark menu and even experimenting with the menu throughout each home stand. While the varied menu item may change throughout the season, the Dodger Dog will always be top dog. Have a Dodger Dog for the experience of having one at Dodger Stadium. If going with a buddy or two, take in a game from the All You Can Eat Right Field Pavilion and gouge on as many Dodger Dogs your stomach can handle up to the 7th inning.

I actually recommend the Super Dog over the Dodger Dog. For only a buck more you get a much beefier dog. Among the newest additions to the Dodger Stadium menu is the Dodger Stadium Burger, an angus beef burger topped with beer-battered jalapenos, caramelized onions, a Budweiser infused bbq sauce and of course a Dodger Dog.  The Kings Hawaiian Grill, located behind the left field pavilion, features Smoked Big Island Lava Wings, as well as a BBQ Pork or Beef Platter that comes with a potato mac salad and a ramen salad. Communal picnic tables are located next to the Kings Hawaiian stand and provide fans four choices of BBQ sauce, including a kona-coffee sauce.

The outfield plaza features two bars, one each behind the left and right field pavilions serving both tap and bottled beer, as well as a variety of mixed drinks. Other adult beverages, including products from Golden Road Brewery and Kettle One Vodka are available at several stands throughout the yard.

Atmosphere 5

When one enters the hallowed grounds of Chavez Ravine, as the area around Dodger Stadium was once known, they are entering the third oldest stadium in the majors, behind only Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. Now in its 57th season, with its 1960s style colored seating pallet, it is hardly ever referred to as a classic ballpark nor does it pretend to be.

Dodger blue and white are the colors you see decked among the fans, and they are not afraid to show their passion. They are here to cheer loudly for their hometown team and though there are those who are there “to be seen” as can be the case in Tinsletown, Dodgers fans should not be confused with the crowds down the road at the Staples Center during Laker games.

Neighborhood 3

There are several nice walking trails along with pregame picnic areas on the grounds of Elysian Park outside Dodger Stadium, providing some of the natural scenery beyond Dodger Stadium.

Aside from Elysian Park’s picnic areas and the scenery it provides the yard, the surrounding area does not offer much pre or post game entertainment or dining options. However, The Shortstop, a local dive bar not far from the stadium, is a favorite among Dodger fans. Chinatown and Downtown L.A. are also a short drive from the yard and offer several pre and post game dining options.

Fans 5

With another exciting team this 2018 season, fans continue to flock to Dodger Stadium in droves. Year in and year out, Dodger Stadium features the most active turnstiles in all professional sports. Dodger Blue runs deep throughout many an Angeleno’s heart and all throughout Southern California as they are a loud and passionate bunch. Crowds of over 40,000 plus are a regular occurrence.

The Dodgers, like their purple and gold counterparts at the Staples Center, attract many a Hollywood crowd. Even with such a glitzy following, Dodger Stadium attracts quite possibly the most diverse crowd in baseball.

Access 4

Pedestrian egress has improved greatly over the years. Once restricted only to their seating level, fans on the loge level on down to the lower concourse are now able to wander around and experience different vantage points, while fans seated in the outfield pavilions not only have a much wider pedestrian concourse, but they too also have greater pedestrian mobility throughout the stadium, enabling fans seated in long ball territory to experience other dining options.

If you should choose to drive to the game, there are five entrances that lead to the vast parking lot, which can accommodate up to 16,000 vehicles. Because each entrance will lead you to a specified location and you will also be exiting the same entrance you came through, you may want to do some research on your seat location so you can park as close to your seats as possible. Otherwise, you may have a hard time trying to locate your vehicle after the game. Parking, if paid in advance online, is $15. Otherwise, if paying at the gate, it will cost you $30.

There are various roads that lead to Dodger Stadium and can be accessed by the 5, 110 or 101. Because of its proximity to downtown Los Angeles and the fact that most of the natives rely on their vehicles to get around this sprawling city, you will want to allow yourself more than ample time to drive to the stadium if you want to be at your seat by the first pitch. L.A. traffic is no joke and can really test one’s nerves, especially if you’re not familiar with the local scene.

Another transportation option is the Dodger Stadium shuttle, which runs from Union Station in downtown every 15 minutes beginning 90 minutes to 2 hours before game time. Union Station can also easily be reached by light rail via the MTA through the Red, Purple and Gold lines.

Return on Investment 4

Even with last season’s success, tickets for most games can be bought through 3rd party sites at well below face value due in large part to having the largest seating capacity in the majors. However, with the team starting to hit its stride and the season’s second half approaching, ticket prices on many of these same 3rd party sites, particularly for games against the DBacks, Giants and Astros will either match the box office price or offer a significant markup. Box office prices start at $23. Depending on which game on the schedule you plan to attend, it’s still possible to take in a game and not do heavy damage to your traveling wallet.

Extras 4

While Dodger Stadium may not flaunt their storied history to such great lengths, a plaza of retired numbers is on display outside the top deck entrance. Among the more popular and most photographed numbers in the plaza is Jackie Robinson’s 42.

If paying homage to the number 42 isn’t enough, a statue for the man who broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier was recently dedicated behind the left field reserve level entrance. With the Jackie Robinson statue easily marking the most popular fan gathering and photo spot, do allow yourself some extra time either prior or after a game if you want to snap a shot or few, or even to let his presence soak in.

Other extras here at Dodger Stadium range from the view of the downtown skyline behind home plate on the top deck, to the views of the sun setting west toward the ocean behind the third base reserve level stands, to the distant views of the San Gabriel Mountains beyond the outfield. These are all in the upper level seats!

Two baseball themed playgrounds for the little ones are located on the reserve level behind the first and third base stands. Life sized bobble heads and other exhibits are spread throughout the stadium, including one of former manager Tommy Lasorda, located behind the right field pavilion next to his trattoria.

If you are a huge fan of bobbleheads you will want to head out toward the left field concourse near the Dodger bullpen. An impressive bobblehead display of past and present players from each of the 30 teams are on display and may rival the display at Marlins Park.

Final Thoughts

Though the Dodgers had a rough start to their 2018 campaign, The Blue has started to heat up, climbing back toward the top of the NL West. With the Dodgers expected to contend toward the drive to October, fans will continue to come out in droves in hopes that The Blue will bring home that much coveted World Series triumph that has eluded them these last 30 years.


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Date: 2018-07-24 10:52:14
By: Legacy Review

Total Score

Year in and year out Dodger Stadium features the highest attendance figures in all of baseball. With the excitement surrounding this year’s team (2017) as the Dodgers head to the World Series for the first time since 1988, Dodger Stadium continues to draw record setting crowds, exceeding the 3 million mark in attendance for an unprecedented 29 times.

Date: 2018-03-23 11:19:32
By: Marc Viquez

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Great ballpark!

Date: 2017-11-12 02:57:56
By: lethbridgejimbo

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I had a great time when I visited Dodger Stadium. For a building that has been around for a half century, it looks great, with lots of modern touches throughout.

Date: 2017-11-03 09:51:23
By: Legacy Review

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Dodger Stadium still maintains its signature appearance that may be one of the most recognizable in all of Major League Baseball. With a team once again in the thick of the pennant race, you can expect an enthusiastic blue clad crowd of over 40,000 on a frequent basis. Dodger Stadium has done an outstanding job of keeping up with the current day ballpark experience while hardly compromising the interior aesthetics. With its 1960s themed pastel colored seats in each level, Dodger Stadium looks similar to the day it opened on April 10, 1962.