Crocker Field at Bailey Memorial Stadium – Presbyterian College Blue Hose

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These Blue Hose Run, Pass and Tackle, Too

Presbyterian College is a small, church affiliated school located in the Midlands area of South Carolina. It was founded in 1880 and has a student body of approximately 1,400 students. The school has a long football history, as it has fielded a team since 1913. The sports teams are known as the Blue Hose (a nickname that will be explained later) and they compete at the FCS level of the NCAA. They are members of the Big South Conference, a league made up of small schools located in the states of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. Due to their close geographical proximity, there tend to be multiple heated rivalries within the conference. However the most significant rival for Presbyterian is definitely Newberry College, as they compete annually for the Bronze Derby Trophy. Probably the most famous football player to come out of Presbyterian College was Bob Waters, a quarterback who went on to a Hall of Fame career in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers.

Food & Beverage 3

The food and concession offerings at Bailey Stadium are very simple. One central concession stand located on the main concourse of the main stands services the whole stadium for a majority of the Blue Hose season. A secondary stand is set up on the visitors’ side of the field for use at the more heavily attended games. The menu at Blue Hose games includes hot dogs ($2.50), pizza slices ($2.50), Chick fil A sandwiches ($5.00), peanuts ($3.00), popcorn ($3.00) and candy ($1.50). Beverages are $2.50 and include Coca Cola products and bottled water. Alcohol is not served in Bailey Memorial Stadium.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Atmosphere 4

Presbyterian does add some color and tradition to its game day experience. As you approach the 6,500 seat Bailey Memorial Stadium you notice that tailgating  is just as popular in Clinton, as it is in the ACC or SEC. Many of the tables will be covered in the Scottish tartan favored by the school and the food filling it will smell delicious. Before you enter the stadium, you will encounter a 15-foot statue of Cyrus, the school’s Scottish warrior mascot. He will proudly be wearing his tartan kilt in the school colors.

Once inside, you will have a great view of the action, as the stadium has no upper deck and is raised above the playing surface. A majority of the seats in the stadium are of the aluminum bench variety, so make sure you bring your seat cushion. Other than the Blue seating area, all seats are considered General Admission, so you have the ability to move around during the game or to sit with friends you have not seen in a while. It is almost a high school level of informality in the stands, as a majority of those in attendance know each other. The visitors seating is across the field, but Presbyterian fans will make anyone who wants to sit on the home side feel welcome. The stadium is topped by a multi-level press box. This building houses the press, the Scotsman’s Club and the President’s Box                                                                                                                              

Neighborhood 4

Presbyterian College is in Clinton, SC, a community of nearly 8,500 residents located just southeast of Greenville, SC. The college and its campus are the center of life for the town, as it sponsors sporting events, cultural activities and other services for the community. Presbyterian College is the major employer in Clinton.

The small downtown area is typical Main Street America with locally owned businesses, a library, the local churches and some great neighborhood eateries. Among the more popular places to eat in town are Whiteford’s, Steamer’s Café and Dempsey’s Pizza. Lodging selections in Clinton are limited, but the Hampton Inn and Comfort Suites are recommended by the locals.

The college is located on the other side of the railroad tracks that bisect the town. It is a lovely campus, filled with immaculate grounds and attractive architecture for its academic buildings. Bailey Memorial Stadium is in the school’s sports complex, which also includes stadiums for soccer and baseball.

Fans 3

The fan base at Presbyterian is comparable to most small college programs. The most loyal and loudest groups are the alumni and the townspeople of Clinton. The school has a long history in football and the alumni are very proud of this heritage. They make up the core of the Scotsman’s Club which shows up in large numbers and gives heavy financial support to the athletic department of the school. They seem to know every player by name and even go out of their way to compliment a good play on the field to that player’s parents if they are in attendance at the game.

A second segment of the fan base are the residents of Clinton, SC who attend each game as a family. Their attendance is not dependent on being an alumnus or a student at the school. They support the Blue Hose because they are the “home team” in the city. The school charges very little for a children’s ticket and they provide an excellent pre-game experience for the youngsters… even bringing in a toy train to provide free rides. This enables many Clinton residents to have quality time with their families at a relatively low price.

So where is the student body? They are in “Hoseville”, an area outside of the stadium far beyond the end zone. This unique location is filled with a wide array of seating arrangements, including a sofa (in a tartan pattern of course), an antique fire truck and lots of lawn and camp chairs. This detached seating zone does not detract from the students support of the home team. They cheer loudly and frequently and are just as much a part of the game as those seated in the more traditional areas of the stadium.                                                                                                               

Access 3

Clinton SC is easily accessed via I-26 / I-385 via the SC Highway 56 exit. It is approximately a 3 hour drive from Atlanta or a two hour drive from Charlotte. Once in Clinton, the campus and stadium are easy to find as they line South Broad Street, the town’s main street. Once on campus, parking is located in the grass field immediately adjacent to the stadium. The concourse is open and offers excellent access to the spirit shop, concession stand and the restrooms. The concession stands are well staffed and the restrooms are sufficient in number so that no lines develop during the game.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets to Blue Hose games are priced as follows: Blue Seating (seatbacks) is $15 per game; General Admission seating (aluminum benches) is $8 per game. Children ages 6-16 are only charged $5 for a seat. There is a flat fee of $5 for all stadium parking. The concession prices are very reasonable and local lodging on a game weekends falls in the $100 range. A fall afternoon at Bailey Memorial Stadium will not be hard on the family pocketbook.

Extras 3

The unique team nickname of Blue Hose deserves some explanation. Originally the name came from the team of the early 1900’s who wore blue stockings, then known as hose, with their uniform. A later version explains that a Presbyterian with strong puritanical leanings is known as a “blue stocking/hose Presbyterian”. The current incarnation of the term is that it signifies a fierce Scottish warrior, much like Mel Gibson in the movie “Braveheart.

The student body at Presbyterian College is very active in college and community affairs. 90% of the students are involved in either intermural or intercollegiate sports. 75% take part in community service projects. 100% of students take part in internships or study abroad opportunities. This high level of achievement and involvement seems to work, as 95% of Presbyterian graduates are employed as soon as they graduate or participate in post-graduate studies.   

The ROTC cadets from Presbyterian fire off a cannon after each Blue Hose score.

Final Thoughts

Blue Hose football is small college football at its finest. The smaller size of the schools allows the game to be the center of focus. While you won’t see exploding scoreboards,

Food and Drink Recommendations


711 South Broad St.

Clinton, SC 29325

(864) 833-0193

Senor Garcia Mexican

107 Jacobs Hwy

Clinton, SC 29325

(864) 833-0122

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Entertainment Recommendations

Musgrove Mill State Historic Site

398 State Park Rd

Clinton, SC 29325

(864) 938-0100

Duncan’s Creek Presbyterian Church

Golden Acres Rd

Clinton, SC 29325

(864) 984-5865

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Lodging Recommendations


Hampton Inn

200 East Corporate Center Dr

Clinton, SC 29325

(864) 938-1040


Comfort Suites Clinton

12865 Highway 56 N

Clinton, SC 29325

(855) 849-1513


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The Big South Conference traditionally produces great football at the FCS level, and Presbyterian is no exception. The stadium, the team, the town and the people make the Blue Hose a tremendous addition to the conference. Most fans would never imagine this South Carolina town as a great college football destination, and they would likely just drive right by on their way to Columbia for a Gamecocks game. The detour is well worth your while, though, and you will certainly be welcomed when you get there.

Stadium Info

Crocker Field at Bailey Memorial Stadium
503 S Broad St
Clinton, SC 29325

Presbyterian Blue Hose website

Crocker Field at Bailey Memorial Stadium website

Year Opened: 2002

Capacity: 6,500

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