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Skeeters Take Flight at Sugar Land’s Constellation Field

Located just outside the city of Houston in Sugar Land, Texas, Constellation Field has been home to the Atlantic League’s Sugar Land Skeeters since 2012. In that time, the independent minor league club has won three division titles. Managed by former major league All-Star Gary Gaetti, the club took home the whole prize by winning the league championship in 2016.

The Skeeters (think Southern for “mosquito”) are the first independent league team to call the Houston metropolitan area home since the Houston Buffaloes back in 1961. This team, and subsequently this stadium, are light years from the Buffs and old Busch Stadium. Constellation Field is a facility befitting its stellar name, and is truly a jewel of a venue in minor league baseball.

Food & Beverage   4

While there are no outlandish or over-the-top menu items offered at Constellation Field, anyone going to a game will be able to find something on the menu that will fill their bellies during Skeeters games. The concessions area is broken up into two sections down the first and third base breezeways once you come through the main entrance. There are two Skeeter Bites Grilles (one in each breezeway), and these offer your traditional ballpark fare of hot dogs, nachos, soda, candy, and beer.

However, if you are looking to expand your taste buds a little, Constellation Field offers several options, including two of the staples of Texas diets: Tex-Mex and BBQ. The Tex-Mex stand offers street tacos and rice bowls, while the BBQ stand offers brisket plates and souped up BBQ mac and cheese. You can purchase plates for $6-$10 at each stand. There is also a pizza stand where you can buy pepperoni and cheese pizzas either by the pie or by the slice.

Also on site is a Great American Cookie Co./Marble Slab stand. You can buy cookie cake slices and sundaes. This sweet treat stand has proven to be very popular with fans. Also, those looking for a change of pace can visit the gourmet popcorn stand on the first base breezeway. Offering cheese and caramel corn, as well as regular bags of popcorn, this stand offers a unique twist on a ballpark favorite.

Perhaps the greatest concession innovation lies in the Picnic Plaza, which I will go into more later in the review. However, for a fee, you can have all-you-can-eat while you’re at the game, which could turn into quite the bargain!

Atmosphere   4

The best way to describe the atmosphere at Constellation Field is carnival-like. From the moment you enter the stadium until the final out, there is something for the entire family to do in addition to the on-field action. Tables line the breezeways with games and vendors.

There is non-stop activity throughout the game – and not just on the field. The Picnic Plaza is also the gateway to the Playland area, which has a playground, splash pad, carousel and a swimming pool! Extending the length of the outfield area, this is truly a treat for kids of all ages.

In addition, along the first base breezeway you can find trampolines and bounce houses, all leading to the Grassland general admission hill seating area. Literally a hill built beyond the right field wall, this is a great vantage point to watch the game, and is a cost-friendly way to visit Constellation Field.

Neighborhood   3

The immediate area surrounding Constellation Field doesn’t offer much in the way of food, entertainment or lodging, as the ballpark lies smack dab in the middle of numerous apartment/condo complexes. However, the field is at the intersection of two major highways (which will be discussed shortly) and you can access everything you could want to do either before or after the game from there.

The eastern part of Texas is an outdoor wonderland. If you are in the mood for some outdoor fun, there are numerous parks in Sugar Land that should be what you are looking for. Sugar Land Memorial Park and Cullinan Park offer hiking and biking trails, athletic fields, and wildlife watching opportunities.

However, if you are searching for something of the cultural variety, make sure to plan a visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land. One word should be enough to entice anyone to make the trip: dinosaurs. The Sugar Land Art Center & Gallery is also near Constellation Field.

Of course, if none of this floats your metaphorical boat, Houston proper is just a short drive away.

Fans   3

Houston is an underrated sports town, especially when it comes to baseball. As Sugar Land is basically a suburb of Space City, many of these same fans have found a team to root for in the Skeeters. Last season, the club averaged just under 4,500 a game. As the club has found success in recent years, you can expect this to increase.

In the stands you will find just about every home team fan decked out in either Skeeters or Astros gear. They cheer at the right time and can give the business to the opposing team with the best of them. The game I attended had an over two-hour rain delay; once the tarp was rolled away and the first pitch was finally thrown, the stands were still full of die-hard fans.

Access   3

Constellation Field is easily accessible from either of the two previously mentioned highways: State Highway 6 or US Route 90. The ballpark is a relatively short drive from Houston, and just over a three-hour drive from San Antonio.

Constellation Field has ample parking and the cost is very reasonable at $5. However, with just the one main entrance to the parking area, you can expect there to be some traffic before and after the game, so make sure to plan ahead when going to a Skeeters game.

Return on Investment   3

Given the amount of success that the Skeeters have had since moving to Constellation Field, you really are getting a bargain in terms of your ticket price – general admission tickets to the Grassland are only $9 per person; kids 3 and under and kids in their baseball uniforms get in free regardless. For a general admission seat, the cost is just $15.

You will pay a little bit for concessions, especially if you want to eat something beyond a hot dog and soda, but with parking being only $5, that kind of makes up for it. For food, if you are able, the $31 for the all-you-can-eat Picnic Plaza might be your best bet.

Extras   5

The swimming pool, the carousel, the playground, the hill in right field, the Texas-shaped (and proportionately sized) scoreboard – all of these combine to make Constellation Field truly a special place.

Another attraction is, of course, the team mascot. Like most minor league teams, the Skeeters employ their mascot to serve as an ambassador, an entertainer, and rallying source for the fans. There is nothing quite like seeing a human-sized, green mosquito (the cleverly named “Swatson” in this case) patrol the stands.

A word to the wise – make sure and check the calendar if you are attending a Skeeters game at Constellation Field. Sugar Land runs promotional events for most of their home games. You might even be able to score yourself a much-coveted bobblehead doll if you go on the appropriate night.

Final Thoughts

I cannot say enough about how impressed I was with the facilities in Sugar Land. When you hear the term “independent minor league team”, it would be easy to assume you are in for something lesser. That is definitely not the case with Constellation Field. It is easily one of the best minor league baseball fields I have visited, and I am positive that anyone who attends a game in Sugar Land will come away with the same assessment.

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Food and Drink Recommendations

Willie’s Grill & Ice House

945 Hwy 6

Sugar Land, TX 77478

(281) 242-2252

Churrascos Sugar Land

1520 Lake Pointe Pkwy #500

Sugar Land, TX 77478

(832) 532-5300

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Entertainment Recommendations

Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land

13016 University Blvd

Sugar Land, TX 77479

(281) 313-2277

Sugar Land Memorial Park

15300 University Blvd

Sugar Land, TX 77479

(281) 275-2885

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Lodging Recommendations


Hilton Garden Inn Houston/Sugar Land

722 Bonaventure Way

Sugar Land, TX 77479

(281) 491-7777


Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land

16730 Creekbend Dr

Sugar Land, TX 77478

(281) 491-0300

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Date: 2017-11-28 01:36:03
By: Legacy Review

Total Score

The atmosphere on a new ballpark is always tough to read, especially since Constellation Field has been sold out since the day it opened. However, Sugar Land really has itself a gem of a ballpark, from the Bud Light Bar in the outfield to the swimming pool and kid&#039s playground, the Skeeters offer the entire family a great night of fun. For the actual baseball fan you will love the look of the park which offers wide concourses and new and old technology such as the big Texas shaped scoreboard to the great manual scoreboard set up in left field. The Sugar Land Skeeters have definitely put together a ballpark that will keep fans coming back for a long time.

Stadium Info

Constellation Field
1 Stadium Drive
Sugar Land, TX 77498

Sugar Land Skeeters website

Constellation Field website

Year Opened: 2012

Capacity: 7,500

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