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Rhymes With Orange

Syracuse, New York was recently voted as the 30th best college town in America by Best College Reviews. Besides the numerous college teams that play for Syracuse University, the city is also the home to the International League’s Syracuse Chiefs (AAA affiliate of the Washington Nationals), The American Hockey League’s Syracuse Crunch (affiliate of the Tampa Bay Lightning), and the Major Arena Soccer League’s Syracuse Silver Knights. Even with all the professional sports teams that call Syracuse home, the most popular attended games occur at the Carrier Dome on the campus of Syracuse University.

Construction of the Carrier Dome, located at 900 Irving Avenue in Syracuse, New York, began on November 11, 1978 and was completed on September 20, 1980 at a cost of $25.63 million ($94.68 million in 2016 dollars). In 1979, Carrier Corporation donated $2.75 million in exchange for the name rights to the then to be completed dome. That agreement is still in effect today but recently Syracuse University has asked Carrier Corporation for more funds if they wish to keep their name in place. The Carrier Dome is currently owned by Syracuse University and has a football capacity of 49,250. The Carrier Dome is the largest structure of its kind located on any college campus and is the only domed stadium located in the Northeastern United States.

The Carrier Dome has housed many different events over the past 36+ years. These events include high school sports, college sports, professional sports, concerts, crusades, monster truck jams and even an ice hockey game. The seating inside the Carrier Dome consists of three different levels. All three levels include flat metal benches. The lower and middle level seats come with metal backs. There are a total of 40 luxury suites, split between both sidelines and are on the second level of seating.

Food & Beverage    3

The Carrier Dome has several concession stands on both concession levels. The list of food is not very long. The list consists of the common stadium foods such as hot dogs, sausages, pizza, nachos, cotton candy, popcorn, candy and ice cream but no real signature item. Soft drinks include all Pepsi products. Even though the Carrier Dome is located directly on the campus of Syracuse University, there are several items where beer can be bought. The list of beers includes Labatts, Coors, Budweiser, Michelob, Blue Moon and Sam Adams. Credit cards can only be used to purchase tickets at box office, at the retail locations, Club 44 and the Executive Club Suite. Since credit cards are not accepted at the concession stands, ATM machines are locate near gates B, C, E, M and N.

Atmosphere    3

Syracuse University has had a football team since 1889 and last won a national championship in 1959. They make it to a post season bowl games on a very consistent basis. Syracuse football games rarely sell out unless they are hosting a national known opponent. The Carrier Dome has large scoreboards at both ends of the field and are easily visible from any seat. It is very ironic that the Carrier Dome is named after an air conditioning company but the Carrier Dome does not have air conditioning. Once you enter the seating area, you immediately notice the thickness of the air and the temperature level.

Due to the Carrier Dome being enclosed, you can expect to experience the crowd (regardless of the size) to be louder and even deafening at some points during the game.

Neighborhood    3

The Carrier Dome is located directly on the Syracuse University campus and is surrounded but several old college buildings that ooze the college lifestyle. The closer you get to the Carrier Dome, the harder it is to see due to all of the college buildings demanding your attention with their grand appearance.

A few restaurants that are within walking distance of the stadium are Flame located at 713 East Lafayette Street, Phoebe’s located at 900 East Genesee Street and Dolce Vita World Bistro located at 907 East Genesee Street.

Fans    3

The lack of fan support was a little disappointing especially on Homecoming weekend. The fans that were there seemed to be very enthusiastic about the team. Unfortunately, the Syracuse football team may always play second fiddle to the Syracuse men’s basketball team which is consistently ranked in the top 20 throughout their season.

Access    4

Access to the stadium is very easy and well marked whether you are coming from I-690 or I-81. Parking is very accessible and readily available but seemed a bit on the expensive side. Obviously the closer you get to the stadium, the higher you can plan on paying. Outside private parking areas within walking distance of the stadium start at $15.00. Covered parking can be readily found starting at $25.00 and parking distance closer to the stadium can be located starting at $35.00.

Coming in from the north on I-690, the Carrier Dome is easily located in the distance and offers an inviting appearance.

Return on Investment    3

The capacity of the Carrier Dome for a football game is approximately 49,250. The ticket prices are broken down into several different price points starting with $18.00 and topping out at $180.00. All of the seats are metal bleachers with the first and second levels offering seat backs.

Extras    3

Before the game, the open area east of the stadiums turns into a mini pep rally. The school band is playing, cheerleaders are getting the fans ready for the game and several food and drink areas are available.

Once you enter the Carrier Dome, both concourses feel more like a museum than a walkway to get the fans to their seats. The walls are covered with pictures of prior star athletes of not only football but from every sport that Syracuse offers. The trophy from the 2003 NCAA Men’s basketball championship is on display.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Carrier Dome is over 35 years old, it does not feel like an old stadium. It could use a few upgrades here and there and maybe better seats but is a great college stadium.
One word of caution…when you leave the stadium through one of the many doors, hang on to your belongings and small children. Once the doors open, a huge gust of wind assists you with your exit.

Food and Drink Recommendations

Dinosaur Bar-b-que

246 W Willow St

Syracuse, NY 13202

(315) 579-0400

Varsity Pizza

802 S Crouse Ave

Syracuse, NY 13210

(315) 478-1235

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Entertainment Recommendations

Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology

500 S Franklin St

Syracuse, NY 13202

(315) 425-9068

Erie Canal Museum

318 Erie Blvd E

Syracuse, NY 13202

(315) 471-0593

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Lodging Recommendations


Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center

801 University Avenue

Syracuse, NY 13210

(315) 475-3000


Crowne Plaza Syracuse

701 E Genesee St

Syracuse, NY 13210

(315) 479-7000

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Date: 2018-01-25 17:22:53
By: tejasduck4

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Ops, I meant 40 years but I wouldn&amp#039t be surprised if the Dome has a 50 year life-span (1980-2030,)as there has been talk, about building a new venue, but nothing has become reality.

Date: 2018-01-25 17:18:05
By: tejasduck4

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The Carrier Dome is nearing 50 years of hosting Syracuse Athletics. In an age, of new arenas and stadiums, The Carrier Dome continues to outlast others because of its stature among New Yorkers. The Pride of Central New York is a venue that a sports fan should visit when in Syracuse. Especially, during basketball season, on the hill.

Stadium Info

Carrier Dome
900 Irving Ave
Syracuse, NY 13210

Syracuse Orange website

Carrier Dome website

Year Opened: 1980

Capacity: 50,000

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