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Blue Sox Baseball

Blue Sox Stadium is located within Blacktown International Sports Park (BISP), in the outer western suburbs of Sydney. BISP is a multi-sport venue with high-level facilities for cricket, AFL, soccer, and athletics. Blue Sox stadium was originally built to serve as one of two baseball venues for the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games – the second venue is now an oval stadium, known as Spotless Stadium, used by the Sydney Thunder BBL cricket team and the Greater Western Sydney Giants AFL club. This leaves BISP as the premiere baseball facility in Sydney and NSW. The stadium has a capacity of around 2,000, and is also well used for junior and representative baseball tournaments.

The Blue Sox were one of six clubs formed when the Australian Baseball League re-launched in 2010/11. While the Blue Sox initially achieved strong success in both on-field results and in building a fan base, their performances have tapered off somewhat in recent years – they last made the playoffs in 2014/15, and attendances over the past two seasons have been below their overall average.

Food and Beverage 4

There are three main food outlets at Blue Sox Stadium – just inside the entrance to park is the Billycart BBQ, which offers burgers for $14 with a choice of brisket, pulled pork, pork belly, bbq chicken, or smoked wagyu and cheese.

Underneath the main grandstand is the always popular Whitto’s Pizza – for $12 you can get an individual pizza (margarita, ham, Hawaiian, Aussie, pepperoni, all meat, veggie), with garlic bread an additional $4.50. Whitto’s also offers delivery to your seat, although the wait can be an inning or so due to their high volume of orders.

Lastly, there’s a kiosk at the back of the upper level of the grandstand, while there’s a bar adjacent to Whitto’s. The ABL have always focused on providing great food and beverage options, and the concessions here fit that description well.

Atmosphere 3

Firstly, as you enter the park be sure to note the Sydney 2000 commemorative plaques, including the one listing the U.S. gold medal winning team. Around half the pool games were played at Blacktown, involving every team including the USA, Cuba, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. The main grandstand remains in place, which accommodates most seating options, although some extra seating has been installed in places, including at ground level behind home plate. The entire grandstand is not under cover, and visitors should be aware that during summer it gets very hot in the western suburbs, and a late change will often bring showers or storms.

The Blue Sox provide several seating options to deliver an experience that suits most people; sit behind home plate to soak in all the sights and sounds of the game up close, relax in the grassy picnic area with the family along the first base line, or make a night of it in the beer garden on the third base line.

There is a single digital scoreboard in the outfield, but no video board. There are also the usual events between innings to entertain the fans, but there seems to be less crowd engagement than in previous years, and the mascot (Syd) is less visible too.

Neighborhood 2

One of the biggest challenges the Blue Sox have is the location of their stadium. Blacktown Sports Park is on the far western edge of Sydney’s suburban sprawl, and the stadium’s surrounding area is mostly residential. While it’s a nice enough setting, there’s not much nearby to entertain fans before or after a game.

There are a few pubs in the area, but none are easily walkable. The Rooty Hill RSL (55 Sherbrooke St) offers several bars and restaurants, as well as entertainment, leisure activities, and a hotel (Novotel Rooty Hill). If you are in the area for longer than just the baseball game, then you may wish to sample the local wildlife at Featherdale Wildlife Park (217 Killdare Rd Doonside), or visit the new waterpark Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney, which is about a 15-minute drive away.

Fans 3

The Sydney Blue Sox were one of the best attended ABL clubs in the first few seasons, but have fallen back a bit in recent years. There’s still a good mix of fans, plenty of whom are very knowledgeable about the game, but the personal feel is not quite there now. Hopefully as the club rebuilds on the field they can also bring in more fans, and the atmosphere in the stands will improve.

Access 2

The best way to get to Blue Sox Stadium is by car, full stop, as parking is plentiful and free. The Sportspark precinct is near two of Sydney’s major motorways; the M4 and M7, and is easily accessible from all areas of Sydney, although it is a good hour from the Sydney CBD.

The other option is by train – Rooty Hill Station is about 20 minutes of walking, but the ball club sometimes runs a shuttle bus. The ballpark itself is easy to navigate and the bathrooms are adequate, but a little messy towards the end of a game.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets to see the Sydney Blue Sox are a fantastic value – a seat behind home plate will cost only $25 for an adult, scaling down to a mere $10 for general admission – with very affordable options for families. Free parking is also a bonus, meaning the only time you’ll really have to open your wallet wide is for food and drinks.

Extras 3

There’s interactive play for the kids in the general admission picnic lawn along the first base line, and merchandise for sale inside the park.

Final Thoughts

Blue Sox Stadium continues to offer a family friendly, enjoyable experience at an unmatched price point – particularly in the notoriously expensive city of Sydney. The experience is recommended for locals and travelers alike.


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Stadium Info

Blue Sox Stadium
81 Eastern Road
Rooty Hill, NSW 2766

Sydney Blue Sox website

Blue Sox Stadium website

Year Opened: 1999

Capacity: 2,000

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