Blue Devil Gym – Tipton HS Blue Devils

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A Great Little Gym in Tipton

Tipton High School has an impressive history of basketball and its 3,000 seat gym is worth a look on a fieldhouse tour in the state of Indiana. The low ceiling, two-level seating section, tasty concession items, and the band on the stage set the tone for a boisterous crowd during the cold winter nights.

The Blue Devils program  has produced 21 sectional, 18 conference, and 6 regional championships dating in its history. The blend of old-fashion showmanship and Hoosier Hysteria gives the 3,000 capacity basketball gym much needed pop in the small town of Tipton about an hour north of downtown Indianapolis.

The facility features two levels of seats at both ends with a stage situated behind one of the nets that include the school band that has ample space to play throughout the contest. The walls are also decorated with flames, slogans, and numerous championships won by multiple sports programs.

Food & Beverage 3

The basics of hot dogs, popcorn, candy, and nachos can be found at the concession stand outside the main gym floor in a separate room. The pretzels and hot dogs cost a buck and a half, popcorn (some of the tastiest in the state) is just a dollar, and nachos are $2 and for an additional charge include chili. Coca-Cola products are sold for $2 a bottle.

Atmosphere 4

The home of the Blue Devils packs a wallop with a pre-game ceremony that gets the audience standing up in their seats. The team mascot charges around the court waving the school flag and the basketball team follows behind him. The student section then comes out onto the court and forms a line for the players to run through to shake hands and give high-fives as they return to the bench.

While all of this is occurring, the school band perches up on the stage and creates the soundtrack to the evening’s proceedings. The gymnasium feels much more like a high school gym compared to some of the other larger venues located in nearby Kokomo, Frankfort, and Muncie. However, the atmosphere is larger than life for the small town.

Neighborhood 2

Tipton has a population of 5,106 people and is part of the Kokomo Metropolitan Statistical Area. The high school and gymnasium are located on Main Street and close to various local, regional, and national chain retail options. The downtown features a square with a courthouse, typical of what you will find in many small towns in the state. The options for dining include Faye’s Northside Restaurant, Izzy & Eddy’s, South Pole Drive-In, and Jim Dandy’s Restaurant.

Access 3

Tipton is located miles away from the nearest interstate in the center of SR-19 and SR-28. The gymnasium is very accessible to move around as seats feature two levels with staircases for easy maneuvering.

Return on Investment 3

The cost of a ticket is $5 and concession prices range from $1 to $3 at the concession stands. The prices can’t be beaten and are comparable to that of other high school gymnasiums in the state of Indiana.

Extras 3

The first point is for the team introduction that begins with the mascot running up and down the court and then having the fans coming out to greet the players.

The second point is for the band that remains on the stage and performs throughout the game. Its presence is felt and provides a nice backdrop to the night’s proceedings.

The third point is for the student section that is also very dominant, adding to the home court advantage.

Final Thoughts

An interesting little spot for high school basketball, the Blue Devils gym doesn’t pretend to be anything more than what it is, a great little basketball gymnasium.


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Food and Drink Recommendations

Faye’s Northside Restaurant

506 Main St

Tipton, IN 46

(765) 673-4191


Jim Dandy Restaurant

203 E Jefferson St

TiptonIN 46072

(765) 675-6199

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Entertainment Recommendations

Tipton County Courthouse

101 E Jefferson St

 Tipton, IN 46024

 (765) 675-4963

Tipton County Fairgrounds

1200 S Main St

Tipton, IN 46072

(765) 675-1177

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Lodging Recommendations


East Street Inn and Hotel

127 S East St

TiptonIN 46072

(765) 675-7505


Flamingo Motel

2100 S US Highway 31

TiptonIN 4607

(765) 675-7438

Flamingo Motel website

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Stadium Info

Tipton High School Gymnasium
619 Main St.
Tipton, IN 46072

Tipton Blue Devils

Tipton HS Gymnasium website

Year Opened: putYearHere

Capacity: 00,000

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