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Stand and Cheer for the Panthers

Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, is home to the Carolina Panthers football team. The Panthers’ football stadium opened in the summer of 1996, and holds 75,412 people.

The stadium is open-air, has a natural grass field, and includes training facilities, practice fields, and administrative offices. In 2014, fan-oriented renovations were made to the stadium to create an easier way to enjoy the game. The Panthers’ stadium added state-of-the-art technology, including high-definition video boards above each end zone and a high-octave sound system.

Anyone looking for a Sunday afternoon, family friendly event, find your way to South Mint Street for great food, a big city environment, and a great sporting event at Bank of America Stadium.

Food & Beverage 5

Bank of America offers the usual stadium fare as well as a few extras.

Fourth and long hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, nachos, Panther fries, and ice cream can be found around almost every corner of the stadium. Papa John’s pizza, Bojangles’ chicken supremes, and JJR’s BBQ are other alternatives. Bratwurst, Italian sausage, Philly cheese steaks, and salads are also among the food list offered at Bank of America Stadium.

A delicious feature at Bank of America Stadium is Krispy Kreme donuts. Candy, frozen lemonade, and cotton candy can also be found. Bottled water, coffee, Gatorade, hot chocolate, and Pepsi products are easily accessible. Beer, wine, and frozen margaritas are available alternatives.

There are 429 concession points of sale in total, helping decrease time spent waiting in line and offering a wide variety of options.

Atmosphere 4

Bank of America Stadium has a family friendly environment that is evident when you walk in the gate. Panther fans are covered in blue, black, and white jerseys that show their support for their team. The Panthers’ facility workers are kind and always helpful when needing assistance to a seat.

The stadium itself has a beautiful architectural design that makes getting around the stadium enjoyable, and a decent walk at that. Restrooms are conveniently located on each concourse of the stadium for easy access. The sleek architecture of the stadium allows fans an aesthetically pleasing experience, and plenty of room to fit the 75,000-plus seats. The seating arrangements are comfortable, in terms of leg room, with bright blue seats around the stadium. The stadium offers a great view of the field from any upper or lower seating, and larger buildings in the city like the Duke Energy building can be seen sticking up over the top of the stadium bowl.

The easiest way to the Panthers’ side of the stadium is through the south gate right off of Morehead Street. Once seated and ready to enjoy the game, the Black and Blue Fan Patrol does a great job of keeping the energy high and encouraging the fans to cheer on the home team.

Neighborhood 3

Outside of Bank of America’s gates, the surrounding neighborhoods are vibrant and charming. After Panther football games, the fans can be seen lining the streets returning to their homes nearby, or their cars to find the excitement and nightlife of uptown Charlotte. There are numerous outlet malls and events around the city.

The traffic in Charlotte can be frustrating to maneuver in. There is a population of over 800,000 people, and the infrastructure of the city layout isn’t as refined as a city like Atlanta, for instance, with nearly half of the people to account for.

Charlotte offers a multitude of events and eateries. The Regal Phillips Place Stadium 12 is a great stop for a movie. Catch live music at the Dean & DeLuca Wine Room, or shop around the city from place like Nordstrom, Belk, Dillard’s, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus.

If you are looking for a convenient hotel to stay at close to the stadium, the Charlotte Marriott City Center is a 4-star hotel, that is also a 14-minute walk from the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and 7.9 miles from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. A one night stay at the hotel can run as much as $259.

Fans 5

Panthers fans are as loud and energetic as any as I’ve seen. Rarely will you find a seat with a Panther fan not layered in Carolina apparel, or joining in with Cam Newton at a touchdown celebration. Panther fans are committed, and vocal about their team, even when their team has fallen behind. Very rarely will you find an unreasonable Panther fan creating a scene in the stadium. You can expect a very pleasant experience, even when coming to cheer on an opposing team.

Fans outside of the stadium will tailgate and prepare for the game, or stay at a local shop or diner in order to watch the game on television. Carolina fosters an environment for everyone to have a great time, and the staff at the Bank of America Stadium do an outstanding job of ensuring just that.

Access 3

Traffic is the one aspect of attending a Panthers game that will require some preparation and luck. The city infrastructure is not designed in an organized manner that makes it easy and efficient to find decent parking. Parking staff are lined around the stadium and are very knowledgeable of the area, ready to assist with questions related to parking and directions.

Parking near the stadium can range from $10-$30, depending on location. Limited spaces are available for free parking within a reasonable walking distance, but they do exist. For those looking for convenient travel, consider the LYNX light rail. Parking is free and a round trip fare costs just $4.40.

Return on Investment 5

A regular season single-game ticket costs in the $40 range (a playoff ticket can easily run in the $185 range), parking at the game typically runs in the $10 range, a meal and drink can average $10 per person, a hotel stay can run as little as $159 a night, and Panthers merchandise is reasonably priced. The cost of a Panthers game is priced pretty much on average, and well worth the experience. It would be hard to find a Panther fan that had a bad experience, even if the home team doesn’t come out with a win. Bank of America Stadium has plenty to offer, with a great environment and great people to match.

Extras 4

The Carolina Panthers have a drum line, called Purrcussion, that adds a great deal of intensity to the game. Very few NFL teams have a drum line, but it adds to the overall fan experience.

Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” is played after the Panthers come away with a win. Much like the North Carolina Tar Heels, this is something the two North Carolina sports teams share in common.

Programs are offered at the game, free of charge. Anything to keep the overall cost down at a sports event is helpful, and shows that the organization has the fans’ experience at the forefront of their priority list.

There is also a scoreboard that shows scores from other teams playing around the country to help fans decrease the amount of time spent on their phones looking up the same information.

Final Thoughts

Bank of America Stadium represents an NFL team focusing on the overall fan experience and creating a culture for Panthers fans to thoroughly enjoy. The food is good inside and out of the stadium, and the people and environment are pleasing, as well.

The newer stadium renovations and culture established at the Panthers’ stadium makes this a prime location for sports fans and a top NFL stadium.

Food and Drink Recommendations

Cedar Street Tavern

120 North Cedar Street

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 333-3448

Rock Bottom Brewery

401 N Tryon St #100

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 334-2739

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Entertainment Recommendations


210 E Trade St

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 688-5980

NASCAR Hall of Fame

400 E M.L.K. Jr Blvd

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 654-4400

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Lodging Recommendations


Residence Inn by Marriott Charlotte Uptown

404 S Mint St

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 340-4000


The Westin Charlotte

601 S College St

Charlotte, NC 28202

(704) 375-2600

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Crowd Reviews

Latest Crowd Reviews

Date: 2018-01-06 16:05:04
By: PeteD

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first off I&#039m not a football fan. I went to the Panthers game for the experience and here is a review of my experience. 12/24/2017 Panthers vs Buccaneers, I paid 475.80 for two seats pretty close to the field in section 136, row 14. I&#039m not new to live entertainment I&#039ve been to loads of NBA games, minor league soccer games, a MLS game, multiple NHL games and tuns of theater shows, having said that understand that NFL Football and everything about it is over the top. The Bank of America stadium is massive, there all multiple entrances and what seemed to be hundreds of stadium staff ready to help you or sell you something. As you make your way around to your section entrance you will over and over again pass high end concessions and retail spots that will sell a fan anything they could ever want at a game for a super high price. My wife and I had 2 cheese burgers, 2 fries and a souvenir cup drink that came to around 40. The audio / visuals at the stadium are awesome. For such a large outdoor area the music seems to go loud and strong and fill the stadium without echo. If you are a person that likes to get a little tipsy, yell and make noise then this is the place for you. Fans pull and kick empty seats together to make a loud banging noise the entire game. In all my other experiences at live sporting events many of the football fans celebrations would have gotten NBA, MLS, NHL fans kicked from the arena but that isn&#039t the case at a NFL game. There were t-shirt giveaways that only catered to those of us close to the field and the Panthers organization does a great job of promoting God (before game prayer), family fun &amp values (fun cams, comedy skits and stories of the NFL helping others) and some American values (singing of the Star Spangled Banner and praise for veterans). The fans made the entertainment not that great for me but I&#039m not a over the top type of person. Most of the people seemed to enjoy seriously the environment. Maybe we are just used to NBA fans who seem to be quite a bit more reserved concerning property damage and overly aggressive and loud actions, either way the entertainment was great and great care has been put into giving football fans what they want. It&#039s not for me but I can appreciate how grand a trip to the Bank of America stadium is for a true football fan.

Date: 2017-12-09 19:04:10
By: Oldskoolberk

Total Score

I guess this is what you would call your &quotprototypical&quot 90&#039s built NFL stadium. The upper bowl is high with large scoreboards at the top. It&#039s in the city so that helps. But the fans make this place great. They are intense and always in the game. The place was neat, clean, and there are things to do in the local area so everything is fine. Just my lone gripe is parking can be tricky and perhaps pricing is a bit upscale. Other than that, definitely a must for any football fan.

Stadium Info

Bank of America Stadium
800 S Mint St
Charlotte, NC 28202

Carolina Panthers website
Bank of America Stadium website
Year Opened: 1996
Capacity: 75,412

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