Zurich e-Prix Halted

by | Sep 15, 2018 | Chris Green, News, Other Auto Racing

The planned Formula E e-Prix to be held in Zurich this season has been postponed. A conflicting event within the city has caused race organizers to put an end to the planning of this season’s event in Switzerland. The Swiss capital city of Bern now looks set to replace the Zurich event.

The Zurich Festival, held every three years, is the culprit in this instance. To avoid a conflict with the popular event, the Zurich e-Prix will now likely be put on hold until 2020. Formula E ran in Zurich last season, and an agreement to hold the race again next season is said to have already been agreed upon in principal.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to find alternative dates that worked for both the city of Zurich and our calendar of events in 2019,” a Formula E spokesman told the media. “We remain in conversations for a potential return in 2020. The Zurich E-Prix in June proved to be a huge success at both a national and international level, seeing great participation on all fronts from multiple stakeholders, including fans, sponsors and media alike. This has also sparked interest from other cities within the country and our promoter is leading a number of discussions to look at alternatives for this coming season.

“We’re currently evaluating the best option from a technical and commercial perspective. With Formula E bringing back motorsport to Switzerland after nearly six decades, we can only be proud of how well we’ve been received nationwide.”

Among the topics to be hashed out for the 2020 race is the track’s layout. Part of the current planned circuit ran through a residential area, something organizers want changed should the race return.


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