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by | Dec 7, 2017 | Dave Cottenie, NFL |

Forward Down the Field…A Charging Team that Will Not Yield

Those are the sweetest words that fans could possibly hear at Ford Field.  The home of the Detroit Lions since 2002 is a unique venue in the NFL.  When the home team scores, it is Theo “Gridiron” Spight who delights the crowd with the modern rendition of the Lions’ fight song.  One of the best in the league, Gridiron Heroes has often brought hope to a fanbase that has been downtrodden with a team that has struggled on the field for decades.  Although there have been glimmers of hope with players like Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford, it has been longer than the life of the modern NFL since the Lions have won a championship.  Detroit has been home to the original NFL championship on four different occasions, but the Lions have never made a trip to the modern Super Bowl.

Founded in 1930, the Lions are a historic franchise and the NFL recognizes that history with the annual Thanksgiving Day game that is played in Detroit.  Detroit has done a wonderful job matching that history with their latest home … Ford Field.  Built in 2002, the stadium has played a role in the revitalization of downtown Detroit.  

Leaving the suburban Pontiac Silverdome to head back to the heart of the city of Detroit, the Lions and their owner at the time, William Clay Ford, built Ford Field to be part of the old Hudson’s Warehouse.  That theme is kept throughout the stadium and red brick and cobblestones help with the ambiance.  Although completely indoors, Ford Field almost feels more like a fieldhouse than a traditional domed stadium.  The old warehouse side of the field is practically the exclusive domain of the luxury boxes and club seats.  The Ring of Honor finds itself on the fascia of the luxury box side of the field and features such historic names as Doak Walker, Dick LeBeau, and “Night Train” Lane to name a few.  The opposite side features the 1935, 1952, 1953 and 1957 NFL championship banners.

Attending a game at Ford Field will introduce fans to one of the most friendliest staffs that can be found in sports and the modest capacity of 65,000 gives Ford Field a cozy feel to it.  The fans at Lions games are a hearty bunch considering the trials and tribulations that they have gone through, and the ability to keep the sound inside Ford Field can give the Lions a real home field advantage.

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