Stadium Journey’s 2018 FBS Stadium Rankings

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College football possesses a pride and nostalgia unrivaled by many other sports, featuring venues that have stood the test of time and serve as cathedrals to the game.

Stadium Journey’s team of writers have visited all 130 Football Bowl Subdivision stadiums, reviewing every aspect of the gameday atmosphere according to our exclusive FANFARE scale, which rates venues based on their food, gameday atmosphere, neighborhood, fan support, accessibility, value and more. Below we have ranked the stadiums according to these scores. When there was a tie, crowd scores were used as a tiebreaker. Both scores are listed on the link to the review.

What was most striking while compiling these rankings was the sheer number of outstanding venues across the country. Nearly half of the stadiums on this list received a mark of 4 or higher. It’s a testament to the passion so many fans have for their teams, and the quality of gameday presentation by schools across the nation.

We expect these rankings to spark lively debate, and we encourage you to visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to give us feedback. Better yet, visit the pages of the stadiums you have visited and create your own reviews.

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Thanks for reading, and enjoy our 2018 rankings of every FBS stadium in the USA.

Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium, Washington Huskies Band

Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium, Washington Huskies Band, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

1. Husky Stadium-Washington Huskies 4.71-4.57

Husky Stadium is an amazing venue for college football. There is lots of energy, the setting is beautiful, and the facility has lots of great amenities. Husky Stadium has a lot of great Husky décor, including a Husky statue out front, signage commemorating former players and coaches inside, intimidating images of Huskies looking you right in the eyes and loads of purple.

Bryant-Denny Stadium, Alabama Crimson Tide Spirit Squad

Bryant-Denny Stadium, Alabama Crimson Tide Spirit Squad, Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

2. Bryant-Denny Stadium, Alabama Crimson Tide 4.71-4.57

The tradition of Alabama football has been around for 125 years, and the program continues to be a powerhouse in the current FBS championship series. Bryant-Denny Stadium on game day is a magical experience for any fan – the atmosphere, pageantry, and loyal Crimson Tide fan base in Tuscaloosa is simply a “Yea Alabama, Roll Tide Roll” visit for any college football fan.

Stands At The Big House

Photo By Paul Swaney, Stadium Journey

3. Michigan Stadium-Michigan Wolverines 4.71-4.43

The Big House and a Michigan football game should sit squarely on even the shortest list of must see venues for any sports fan. The grandiosity, history, and pure joy of a Saturday in Ann Arbor is a must for all avid stadium travelers.

Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Interior, Home of the Military Bowl

Photo by Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

4. Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium-Navy Midshipmen 4.57-4.64

There is a great sense of tradition at a Navy football game. There are memorials scattered all over the stadium. Class honors and battle names are evident nearly everywhere. The battle names on the front of the seating sections is pretty cool as they honor the many battles fought for American freedom.

Inside Williams-Brice Stadium

Inside Williams-Brice Stadium, Photo by Andy Mantsch, Stadium Journey

5. Williams-Brice Stadium-South Carolina Gamecocks 4.57-4.43

In Columbia, the world comes to a screeching halt on Saturdays in the fall. The beating heart of the city is the University of South Carolina, and no program captures local attention quite like Gamecocks football. Saturday in Columbia is sacred. All roads point to Williams-Brice Stadium on home game Saturdays, and if you’re headed in any other direction, you’re missing the party.

Autzen Stadium, Marching Band Forming the O

Autzen Stadium, Marching Band Forming the O, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

6. Autzen Stadium-Oregon Ducks 4.57-4.43

Despite its relatively small size compared to many other FBS stadiums, Autzen Stadium is one of the loudest college football stadiums in the country, regularly hitting over 100 decibels inside, and consistently ranks as one of the nation’s top 10 places to watch a college football game.

Chief and Renegade at Doak Campbell Stadium

Chief and Renegade at Doak Campbell Stadium, Photo by Patrick Westrick, Stadium Journey

7. Doak Campbell Stadium-Florida State Seminoles 4.57-4.07

This is an exceptional experience for any college football fan in America. You don’t need to root for FSU or the visiting team to understand just how awesome this stadium is.  The War Chant, Sod Cemetery, Marching Chiefs and Chief Osceola all do their part in carrying on the traditions that have made Florida State a perennial powerhouse in college football.

Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium, Photo by Conrad Klank, Stadium Journey

8. Ohio Stadium-Ohio State Buckeyes 4.57

Ohio Stadium is doubtless one of the top experiences for a sports traveler. College football home games are truly events and if you haven’t been to one of the football stadiums in the Big Ten, consider Ohio State as the perfect place to start.

Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Oklahoma Sooners Team Banners

Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Oklahoma Sooners Team Banners, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

9. Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium-Oklahoma Sooners 4.43-4.36

Watching an OU football game at Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or evening; this is college football at its finest. Come join 80,000 of your closest friends for a game here, and if you can, make time to also check out the town of Norman and all it has to offer; I guarantee you it will be good time.

Band Drum at Darrell K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium

Band Drum at Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium, Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

10. Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium-Texas Longhorns 4.43

There is something special about watching football in a state that breathes, eats, and sleeps football. A football game in Austin, Texas is not simply a football game, it is a way of life. A trip to Austin to watch a Texas Longhorns game at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium should not only be a bucket list item for college football fans, but should be on any sports fan’s list.

Jones AT&T Stadium Raider Red

Jones AT&T Stadium Raider Red, Photo by Aaron S. Terry Stadium Journey

11. Jones AT&T Stadium-Texas Tech Red Raiders 4.43

Jones AT&T Stadium is absolutely worth a visit if you have the chance – even a game against an FCS opponent will provide all the amenities, and provide a great experience, and Lubbock is worth visiting if you have never been to West Texas.

Alamodome during the Alamo Bowl, Exterior

Alamodome during the Alamo Bowl, Exterior, Photo By Eric Moreno, Stadium Journey

12. Alamodome-UTSA Roadrunners 4.43

For the cost and for what you get, it is hard to beat a UTSA game at the Alamodome. The crowd is engaged and entertaining, and the band is enthralling. The atmosphere can be quite electrifying, and the stadium provides a unique home field advantage for the Roadrunners.

Albertsons Stadium Packed House, Home of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Albertsons Stadium Packed House, Home of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, Photo by The

13. Albertsons Stadium-Boise State Broncos 4.29-4.71

Unique in all of football is The Blue, the world’s first blue Astro Turf field. First installed in 1986 basically as a way to make Boise State stand out during their days in Division 2, it has transformed into a rallying point for the Boise State team and fans.

Cadet Section at Michie Stadium

Cadet Section at Michie Stadium. Photo by Paul Baker, Stadium Journey.

14. Blaik Field at Michie Stadium-Army Black Knights 4.29-4.29

Simply put, this is the greatest game day experience in America. Watching an Army football game at Michie Stadium is more than just a game. It is part history lesson, part sporting event, part Fourth of July.

Inside Reser Stadium

Inside Reser Stadium, Photo by Paul Hilchen, Stadium Journey

15. Reser Stadium-Oregon State Beavers 4.29-4.00

Corvallis was selected as the Best College Town In the PAC-12. There’s a lot at Reser Stadium for the avid football fan and it’s a top notch experience; good fans, good atmosphere, it is the total package.

Paulson Stadium, Georgia Southern Eagles Take the Field

Paulson Stadium, Georgia Southern Eagles Take the Field, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

16. Paulson Stadium-Georgia Southern Eagles 4.29-3.71

The spirit of the founding father of Georgia Southern football is present at every Eagles game. Many of the traditions started by Coach Erik Russell are still honored today. These include the “One More Time” cheer, the mystique of the waters of Eagle Creek and the symbolic butting of the defensive linemen’s head against Coach Russell’s likeness.

Tiger Stadium, LSU Golden Girls during the Tiger Walk

Tiger Stadium, LSU Golden Girls during the Tiger Walk, Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

17. Tiger Stadium-LSU Tigers 4.29-3.57

For 125 seasons, LSU football has been bringing fans together to watch college football in Baton Rouge. There are many reasons that LSU is voted one of the best atmospheres in college football to watch a game, but the biggest reason is that LSU is more than a football game – for fans, students, and alumni, Death Valley on a Saturday (night) becomes a way of life.

California Memorial Stadium, Fans Go Wild

California Memorial Stadium, Fans Go Wild, Photo by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

18. California Memorial Stadium-California Golden Bears 4.29-3.57

While some fans may discount Cal’s stadium experience when considering a sports stop in the bay area due to its recent records, that would be a great mistake. Cal provides one of the most exciting, passionate, and overall enjoyable sports atmospheres in all of California, if not the country.

Stanford Stadium, End Zone Seating

Stanford Stadium, End Zone Seating, Photo by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

19. Stanford Stadium-Stanford Cardinal 4.29-2.71

If you’re looking for a high quality, high class, high excitement, and high value college football experience, look no further than Stanford Stadium. It will be hard to find a more beautiful and relaxing site for which to catch college football, and Stanford’s fans make the event even more enjoyable.

McLane Stadium, Pre-game Baylor Line Run

McLane Stadium, Pre-game Baylor Line Run, Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

20. McLane Stadium-Baylor Bears 4.29

McLane Stadium is an incredible facility. The game day atmosphere continues to improve since the move from Floyd Casey Stadium, and the intimate construction of the stadium provides one of the best sidelines and atmospheres in the Big 12 Conference. A visit to Waco, Texas for a Saturday on the Brazos River should be on the list of must-see stadiums for any college football fan.

Running with Ralphie at Folsom Field

Running with Ralphie at Folsom Field, Photo by Paul Donaldson, Stadium Journey

21. Folsom Field-Colorado Buffaloes 4.29

The university has succeeded in creating a game day experience that befits the beauty and history of Folsom Field. Though the stadium does not have the vast seating capacity that other schools have, Folsom Field has an intimate feel that does not disappoint.

Canvas Stadium, Rocky Mountain Rumble

Canvas Stadium, Rocky Mountain Rumble, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

22. Canvas Stadium-Colorado State Rams 4.29

The beautiful, brand-new stadium provides a big incentive for football fans to make the trek to Ft. Collins; the university has pulled out all the stops to make this a great atmosphere for college football, and your visit to Canvas Stadium will not disappoint.

Liberty Bowl Exterior

Photo By Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

23. Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium-Memphis Tigers 4.29

Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium is in a great location if you want to come for the day or weekend. Located about 5 miles east of downtown Memphis, the stadium is an easy drive from lots of popular attractions, such as Beale Street or the National Civil Rights Museum. If you happen to be an Elvis fan, Sun Studio is also downtown, and Graceland isn’t much further.

Kidd Brewer Stadium Interior

Kidd Brewer Stadium Interior, Photo by Norman Cook, Stadium Journey

24. Kidd Brewer Stadium-Appalachian State Mountaineers 4.29 

Carved into the hillside, at an elevation of 3,333 feet, lies the picturesque environs of Kidd Brewer Stadium, home of the three-time FCS National Champion Appalachian State Mountaineers. Affectionately known as “The Rock”, Kidd Brewer Stadium is known not only for the amazing surroundings, but also for being one of the toughest home turfs in America for opposing teams.

View from the Endzone

Photo By Lloyd Brown, Stadium Journey

25. Memorial Stadium-Nebraska Cornhuskers 4.14-4.50

The University of Nebraska and Memorial Stadium represent the best in college football. On the field, the team has been quite successful, winning five National Championships. In the stands, the fans have filled the nearly 90,000 seat stadium to capacity for every game since 1961.

Kyle Field, Texas A&M Aggies Warm Up

Kyle Field, Texas A&M Aggies Warm Up, Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

26. Kyle Field-Texas A&M Aggies 4.14-4.29

Kyle Field is a must visit for any sports fan – the pageantry and traditions will amaze any newcomer to Kyle Field. The unique spirit that presents itself during the game day atmosphere here at Texas A&M is best stated in its alma mater, The Spirit of Aggieland – “Some may boast of prowess bold, Of the school they think so grand, But there’s a spirit can ne’er be told, It’s the Spirit of Aggieland.”

Overview of Interior

Photo By Lloyd Brown, Stadium Journey

27. Carter-Finley Stadium-North Carolina State Wolf Pack-4.14-4.11

The Pack Backers fill Carter-Finley Stadium regardless of the team record. Most of the Wolfpack players are from North Carolina, so the fans have been aware of their football exploits since high school. This familiarity factor has built a bond between the players and the fans.

Tigers Take The Field

Photo By Lloyd Brown, Stadium Journey

28. Memorial Stadium-Clemson Tigers-4.14-4.07

A trip to Death Valley is truly a bucket list item for any Southern football fan. The pageantry, the many unique traditions, and the history of the storied Clemson football program add up to an experience that is not to be missed.

Notre Dame Stadium Touchdown Jesus

Notre Dame Stadium Touchdown Jesus. Photo by Paul Swaney Stadium Journey

29. Notre Dame Stadium-Notre Dame Fighting Irish-4.14

Arguably the most legendary college football program anywhere is the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. From the iconic coaches, to the legendary players to the accolades and championships, Notre Dame is probably the most well-known college anywhere.

Rose Bowl Exterior

Rose Bowl Exterior, Photo by Andrei Ojeda, Stadium Journey

30. Rose Bowl-UCLA Bruins 4.14

In this day and age of high tech venues, The Rose Bowl, with all its history and grandeur, maintains a natural charm lined with roses and other natural beauty. The Rose Bowl does not have some of the most up to date technological advances and amenities like many venues today.

TCF Bank Stadium

TCF Bank Stadium, Photo by Marcus Traxler, Stadium Journey

31. TCF Bank Stadium-Minnesota Golden Gophers 4.14

TCF Bank Stadium is the perfect college game day experience. Sure, it’s not as wild as you’d experience in the large stadiums of the Southeastern Conference, but for the Midwest, it’s one of the best times you’ll have. You’ll come away impressed with the enthusiasm, the architecture, the stadium amenities, and so much more.

Band Performance

Photo By Paul Swaney, Stadium Journey

32. Spartan Stadium-Michigan State Spartans 4.14

There’s no doubt that Spartan Stadium is one of the best college football stadium experiences in the country, and certainly a venue that you should try to see once in your lifetime. It’s a lot of fun, has plenty of history and enthusiasm, and it is priced right.

Falcon Stadium Cadets

Falcon Stadium Cadets, Photo by U.S. Dept. of Defense

33. Falcon Stadium-Air Force Falcons 4.14

Seeing a game at Falcon Stadium is an experience that must be had once by college football fans. There is a different vibe among those at the game that really can’t be described. Fans When attending a game here, be sure to thank a member of our armed forces. They sacrifice a lot so you can enjoy freedom.

Heinz Field Interior

Heinz Field Interior, Photo by Lloyd Brown, Stadium Journey

34. Heinz Field-Pitt Panthers-4.14

Three outstanding features of Heinz Field are: the FedEx Great Hall, a shrine to Pittsburgh’s long and successful history in football, the huge video board in the south end zone and the Heinz Ketchup bottles atop the scoreboard. If filled with ketchup, these bottles would hold more than one million ounces of the condiment each. They dip and “pour’ whenever the home team reaches the red zone.

Florida Marching Band at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Florida Marching Band at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Photo by Oliver Wenner, Stadium Journey

35. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium-Florida Gators 4.00-4.36

A long history of winning football and Steve Spurrier’s knack for marketing and psychological warfare have made “The Swamp” one of the best-known stadiums in the country. The blue and orange color scheme and 88,000 fans doing the “Gator Chomp” will unnerve even the most confident teams visiting Gainesville on a steamy, hot Saturday.

Interior View of Bobby Dodd Stadium

Photo By Lloyd Brown, Stadium Journey

36. Bobby Dodd Stadium-Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets-4.00-4.15

The tradition of Georgia Tech football has been part of the Atlanta psyche for generations. Prior to the arrival of the Falcons, Braves, Hawks and two hockey teams, a Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium was the “only game in town”. A large portion of its fan base in those days had no college relationship with the school, they were simply Atlanta sports fans who enjoyed good football.

A Full House at Nippert Stadium by Brandon Gee

Photo By Brandon Gee, Stadium Journey

37. Nippert Stadium-Cincinnati Bearcats-4.00-4.14

Nippert Stadium is one of the more unique settings in college football. You’d be well-served to catch a game here. For those traveling to town to see the Bengals, if you can line up the schedule between the two teams, it can make for a great weekend of football.

Aerial Shot of Sanford Stadium

Photo By UGA Athletics

38. Sanford Stadium-Georgia Bulldogs 4.00-4.08

The game day atmosphere in Athens is excellent. From the moment you arrive in town or arrive on campus you know it is a Football Saturday in the South. The windows of the downtown stores have been painted by the sororities to reflect that week’s opponent and the city is decked out in red and black.

Stands and Press Box

Photos By Scott Bultman, Stadium Journey

39. Beaver Stadium-Penn State Nittany Lions 4.00-4.00

Seeing a game at Penn State is a must for any college football fan. Fan interactions, program traditions, and the campus setting make this a great way to spend a Saturday in the fall season.

End Zone View at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

End Zone View at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Photo by Drew Cieszynski, Stadium Journey

40. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum-USC Trojans 4.00-4.00

The USC Trojan football program has a longstanding history of success, boasting 11 National Titles, 6 Heisman Trophy winners and producing countless NFL players. Despite being one of the oldest facilities in college football, it appears that the Coliseum still has many more chapters to be written.

Knight on the field at Spectrum Stadium

Knight on the field at Spectrum Stadium. Photo by Chris Green, Stadium Journey.

41. Spectrum Stadium-UCF Knights-4.00-3.14

While many may not think of UCF when it comes to the best college experiences in Florida, the team has quickly turned that opinion around for fans who have entered the gates at Spectrum Stadium. A growing and expanding program like UCF warrants increased interest from fans, and it is easy to see why they are flocking to Orlando.

Camp Randall End Zone

Camp Randall End Zone, Photo by Steven Burke, Stadium Journey.

42. Camp Randall Stadium-Wisconsin Badgers 4.00

When a college football program has the support of the surrounding community, a lively student section, and success on the field the atmosphere is sure to be top notch. Fans of all ages are interested in the game and knowledgeable of the action on the field.

Jack Trice Stadium, ISU Cyclones Celebrate a Score

Jack Trice Stadium, ISU Cyclones Celebrate a Score, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

43. Jack Trice Stadium-Iowa State Cyclones-4.00

Depending on where you live it might be a bit of a haul to get to Ames, Iowa, but it is definitely worth the trip.  Jack Trice Stadium is a solid venue in a top conference, so you really can find the best of both worlds here – great facility, and great football.


Photo By Andy Mantsch

44. Lane Stadium-Virginia Tech Hokies-4.00

Lane Stadium has “it.” That magic that makes the goosebumps rise up on your arms and opposing teams tremble, that’s “it.” It’s consistently rated as one of (if not the top) toughest places to play in the country, and with good reason. From the first chords of “Enter Sandman” to the final whistle and beyond, Lane Stadium rocks.

Texas State Takes the Field at Bobcat Stadium

Texas State Takes the Field at Bobcat Stadium, Photo Courtesy of Texas State Athletics

45. Bobcat Stadium-Texas State Bobcats-4.00

Bobcat Stadium is a beautiful venue on a beautiful campus. The atmosphere and energy make it a must visit for all college football fans. Visitors will be charmed by its old school look and feel. The band and dance team are unique in the college football landscape, and add greatly to the overall game watching experience.

LaVell Edwards Stadium Exterior

LaVell Edwards Stadium Exterior, Photo by Connor Comeau, Stadium Journey

46. LaVell Edwards Stadium-BYU Cougars-4.00

It may not be a bucket list experience quite yet, but it is certainly getting close. You may be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t attend at least one home game during a season. With quality opponents and a very devoted fan base, LaVell Edwards Stadium is a must visit the next time you’re in town for game day.

Scoreboard and Field House at Jerry Richardson Stadium

Scoreboard and Field House at Jerry Richardson Stadium, Photo by Brian Wilmer, Stadium Journey

47. Jerry Richardson Stadium-Charlotte 49ers 4.00

To be honest, one of the best features of Jerry Richardson Stadium may eventually vanish. The stadium has, for lack of a better term, a “low profile,” meaning that all of the beauty of the surrounding campus is easily visible throughout the facility. The stadium was built with the idea that it would eventually be expanded, which is a blessing and a curse.

Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Interior

Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Interior, Photo by Anna Grissett, Stadium Journey

48. Vaught-Hemingway Stadium-Ole Miss Rebels 3.86-4.43

The atmosphere at Ole Miss is second to none. Before the game, you have to take a trip to the Grove. The ladies, the tailgating, everything. It is just a true sight to behold. The stadium itself is merely average, but the atmosphere makes up for it.

Jordan-Hare Stadium Exterior

Jordan-Hare Stadium Exterior, Photo by Brian Jones, Stadium Journey

49. Jordan-Hare Stadium-Auburn Tigers 3.86-3.93

Auburn fans rank very highly in the SEC for being loud (in both volume and attire) as Jordan-Hare Stadium becomes a sea of blue and orange on football Saturdays and the cry “War Eagle!” will be ringing in your ears days after the game.

Tennessee Marching Band Outside Neyland Stadium

Tennessee Marching Band Outside Neyland Stadium, Photo by Andy Mantsch, Stadium Journey

50. Neyland Stadium-Tennessee Volunteers 3.86-3.93

Neyland Stadium is one of the most easily recognized college stadiums in the country. From its idyllic perch on a bluff overlooking the Tennessee River, to its checkerboard end zones, you immediately know you are in Volunteer territory. Even if you are not a Tennessee fan, you’ll finding yourself humming the Rocky Top tune long after you have left this 102,000-seat venue!

Approaching Wallace Wade Stadium

Photo By Joseph Oakes, Stadium Journey

51. Wallace Wade Stadium-Duke Blue Devils-3.86-3.36

Duke football is probably not what comes to mind when you think ACC football. However, Wallace Wade Stadium is now a state of the art facility with 21st century amenities that offers fans the opportunity to see high-quality ACC football at a very reasonable price. A visit to the newly-renovated Wallace Wade Stadium will not disappoint!

Kinnick Stadium Kinnick Wave

Kinnick Stadium Kinnick Wave, Photo by Marc Viquez, Stadium Journey.

52. Kinnick Stadium-Iowa Hawkeyes 3.86

Kinnick Stadium is an ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon during the fall months. The classic brick stadium provides an ideal canvas for watching college football and there are enough traditions and history to keep you cheering well after the game.

Amon G. Carter Stadium, Super Frog and the TCU Cheerleaders

Amon G. Carter Stadium, Super Frog and the TCU Cheerleaders, Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

53. Amon Carter Stadium-TCU Horned Frogs-3.86

The atmosphere in and around Amon G. Carter Stadium on game day starts hours before kickoff. There is Texas-style tailgating as you may expect, but in front of Gate 8 on the east side of the stadium there is another way to spend your pregame activity time – Frog Alley.

Boone Pickens Stadium Cowboy Statue

Boone Pickens Stadium Cowboy Statue, Photo by Michael Davis Stadium Journey

54. Boone Pickens Stadium-Oklahoma State Cowboys-3.86

A trip to Stillwater, Oklahoma is a trip that every person should make. Being on the plains of Oklahoma, you can get a feel for the history of how this country began, and better understand how life was simple yet hard by just traveling through the Stillwater area. And for the football fan, Boone Pickens Stadium is a must visit.

Cardinal Helmets

Cardinal Helmets, Photo by Marc Viquez, Stadium Journey.

55. Cardinal Stadium-Louisville Cardinals-3.86

A very good looking football venue that definitely shines when the Cardinals are playing winning football. The price to attend a game here is of supreme value and gives the university another stellar sporting facility to watch university sports.

Sam Boyd Stadium

Sam Boyd Stadium Field, Photo by Aaron S. Terry Stadium Journey

56. Sam Boyd Stadium-UNLV Rebels 3.86

The decor at Sam Boyd Stadium really plays up the Vegas angle, with poker/casino-themed icons surrounding the distance markers on the field, the slogan “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” painted in each end zone, and even images of the Vegas skyline behind the north end zone; they also play the song “Viva Las Vegas” before every game.

End Zone View at Rice-Eccles Stadium

End Zone View at Rice-Eccles Stadium, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

57. Rice-Eccles Stadium-Utah Utes 3.86

Visiting RES is well worth the trip, given the historic significance, the wonderful fan base, the vibrant atmosphere, the mountain scenery, and the opportunity to experience things like going on the field at the end of the game. This stadium will NOT disappoint.

Arthur L. Williams Stadium, Liberty Band's Signature Formation

Arthur L. Williams Stadium, Liberty Band’s Signature Formation, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

58. Arthur Williams Stadium-Liberty Flames-3.86

The facility still has a little ways to go in terms of renovations, but it is already pretty close to top notch, so it should only get better with time.  That said, Williams Stadium is definitely worth a look, so make time to take in a Flames game this season; you won’t regret it.

Cannon Inside Foreman Field

Cannon Inside Foreman Field, Photo by Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

59. Foreman Field-Old Dominion Monarchs 3.86

The university has plans to drastically expand and renovate Foreman Field at S. B. Ballard Stadium after the 2018 season. The stadium will be virtually demolished and rebuilt to be ready for the 2019 season. This $55-million rebuild will add capacity and change many of the seats to better, chair back styles.

Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium Interior

Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium Interior, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

60. Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium-East Carolina Pirates-3.86

Of particular note is all of the fun Pirates décor around the stadium, notably the giant inflatable pirate skull set up at the end of the player tunnel when the team comes onto the field, the pirate flags all over the place, and of course the Pirate mascot with his cutlass, who can be seen throughout the game revving up the ECU fans – arrgh!

Welcome to the Hill

Welcome to the Hill, Photo by Jordan Baer, Stadium Journey

61. Houchens Industries-L.T. Smith Stadium-Western Kentucky Hilltoppers 3.86

Go see a game in this stadium if you are in the area. The fans are fun, the seats are good and the view is great. The charm of campus rolls right downhill into the historic areas of downtown.

Aerial of Davis Wade Stadium

Photo By RKO Photo

62. Davis Wade Stadium-Mississippi State Bulldogs 3.71-3.93

Despite being the most isolated outpost in the SEC, making the journey to Starkville and MSU for a Bulldogs game is well worth the journey. The pregame gatherings at The Junction, the cowbells and the small college town atmosphere combine to make Saturdays in the Fall in Starkville a special experience.

Red Grange Statue

Photo By Matt Clegg, Stadium Journey

63. Memorial Stadium-Illinois Fighting Illini 3.71-3.71

Memorial Stadium is one of the great college football stadiums of all time. It has even been modernized in places over the year. Unfortunately until the football program is better, the fan environment is not one of the best. It really has all the potential in the world.

Trojans Prepare for Battle at veterans Memorial Stadium

Trojans Prepare for Battle at veterans Memorial Stadium, Photo Courtesy of Troy Athletics

64. Veterans Memorial Stadium-Troy Trojans 3.71-3.57

Alabama and Auburn may get all the attention, but the Troy Trojans are dangerous, especially when playing at Veterans Memorial Stadium. Like their fabled Trojan Horse, the enemy takes Troy lightly at their own peril.

Waldo Stadium View

Waldo Stadium View, Courtesy of Western Michigan University.

65. Waldo Stadium-Western Michigan Broncos 3.71-3.43

Waldo Stadium is a fine stadium to visit on the weekends. The Broncos staff provide a fun experience and the game day staff makes everyone in attendance feel right at home.

Band Performance at Scott Stadium

Photo By Richard Smith, Stadium Journey


66. Scott Stadium-Virginia Cavaliers 3.71-3.43

Charlottesville is still a great college football experience. Throw in the fact that the campus is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, and you have a great setting for ACC football. If you are looking for that college town charm, be sure to catch a game at Scott Stadium.

Rynearson Stadium, EMU Eagles Band

Rynearson Stadium, EMU Eagles Band, Photo by Aaron S. Terry Stadium Journey

67. Rynearson Stadium-Eastern Michigan Eagles 3.71-3.14

Rynearson Stadium is a superb place to watch a college football game. Sure, you could drive a few minutes further to The Big House in Ann Arbor, and see better teams, have more amenities, and enjoy a wider selection from the concessions stands, but then you will also have to deal with heavy traffic and fight a massive crowd. Why not give small-town college football a chance instead?

Joe Aillet Stadium, La Tech's Band of Pride

Joe Aillet Stadium, La Tech’s Band of Pride, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

68. Joe Aillet Stadium-Louisiana Tech Bulldogs 3.71-2.57

From the outside the facility may look a little dated, but once you walk in the bold, blue end zones, the colorful signage, the antics of La Tech’s Band of Pride, and the sound of 28,000-plus screaming fans will bring a smile to any football fan’s heart.

Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, Arkansas Fans Calling the Hogs

Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, Arkansas Fans Calling the Hogs, Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

69. Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium-Arkansas Razorbacks 3.71

A trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas anytime is a wonderful adventure, as you travel into one of the most scenic college campus towns in the country – ‘The Natural State’ motto is truly appropriate for the campus nestled in the Boston Mountains.

FAU Cheerleaders at FAU Stadium

FAU Cheerleaders at FAU Stadium, Photo by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

70. FAU Stadium-Florida Atlantic Owls 3.71

FAU football delivers quality stadium experiences for FBS college football at an affordable price in one of the nicest neighborhoods South Florida has to offer. The view is second to none, the fans are kind when they do show up, and the pre-game atmosphere is surprisingly pleasant.

Huskie Stadium Band, Photo by Aaron S. Terry Stadium Journey

71. Huskie Stadium-Northern Illinois Huskies 3.71

Huskie Stadium is not the biggest stadium in the world, but it is a ton of fun to watch a game here, thanks to the great fans and the cool things the staff does to add excitement. Seeing an NIU football game is well worth the trip to DeKalb.

Bill Snyder Family Stadium Corner View

Bill Snyder Family Stadium Corner View, Photo by Scott Bultman Stadium Journey

72. Bill Snyder Family Stadium-Kansas State Wildcats-3.57

The experience at Bill Snyder Family Stadium seems pleasant and unassuming unless you see it in person. It truly is electric and even the most hardened traditionalist will find themselves having a superb time here.

Fans Looking on at Dreamstyle Stadium during the New Mexico Bowl

Fans Looking on at Dreamstyle Stadium during the New Mexico Bowl, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

73. Dreamstyle Stadium-New Mexico Lobos 3.57

This is a great stadium to visit if you are in the area. Be sure to check out the Tramway while you are in town to truly experience the mountain scenery.


Photo By Marc Viquez, Stadium Journey


74. Memorial Stadium-Indiana Hoosiers 3.57

There are numerous reasons to go see a game at Memorial Stadium. The tickets are reasonably priced, easy access in and out of the stadium, and there are great nearby bars and restaurants. Bloomington is one of those college towns that people are enamored by and they talk highly of it to friends.

Overview of GSU Stadium

Photo By GSU Sports Communications

75. GSU Stadium-Georgia State Panthers 3.57

The atmosphere at Georgia State games has changed dramatically since the move from the Georgia Dome. There is a sense of ownership that was not present before, as Georgia State Stadium features seats in the school colors, signage featuring the Panther logo, and GSU branding throughout the stadium. The change is energy is undeniable.

Aggie Memorial Stadium Interior

Aggie Memorial Stadium Interior, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

76. Aggie Memorial Stadium-New Mexico State Aggies-3.57

Aggie Memorial Stadium is a nice little stadium that provides a fun experience, but the venue could use some minor improvements, and a few more fans in attendance – addressing these two issues would make a good experience great.

Gerald J Ford Stadium, SMU Cheerleaders

Gerald J Ford Stadium, SMU Cheerleaders, Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

77. Gerald J. Ford Stadium-SMU Mustangs-3.57

Gerald J. Ford Stadium is a great way to spend a Saturday in the fall; it is a low cost/high return investment, plus you get to see a beautiful college campus and visit a great, large city like Dallas. Pony Up! Make a trip to the Hilltop to experience a gameday at SMU!

Joan C. Edwards Stadium Interior

Joan C. Edwards Stadium Interior, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

78. Joan Edwards Stadium-Marshall Thundering Herd 3.57

The most impressive entertainment at Joan C. Edwards Stadium is definitely the marching band – the white plumes on their hats contrast beautifully with their green uniforms, and the band does a lot of great formations, including a bison head, spelling out H-E-R-D, and the block “M.”

Glass Bowl Rocket

Glass Bowl Rocket, Photo by Dave Cottenie Stadium Journey

79. Glass Bowl-Toledo Rockets 3.57

A trip to see the uniqueness of the Glass Bowl is worth a trip to Toledo just on its own. The Rockets provide a first class college football experience and the MAC provides some excellent MACtion in what may be a fairly forgotten football conference otherwise. If you are a college football enthusiast, consider travelling to Northern Ohio to see the Toledo Rockets.

Kelly/Shorts Stadium Marching Band

Kelly/Shorts Stadium Marching Band, Photo by Dave Cottenie Stadium Journey

80. Kelly/Shorts Stadium-Central Michigan Chippewas 3.57

A trip to see the Chips is worth it. The MAC provides a great product at a great price and Kelly/Shorts Stadium is a good facility. After not too long, fans will find themselves joining the Marching Chippewas in shouting out the Central Michigan rallying cry “FIRE UP CHIPS!”

Memorial Stadium Main Entrance

Memorial Stadium Main Entrance, Photo by Cory Sims Stadium Journey

81. Memorial Stadium-Kansas Jayhawks-3.43-5.00

Memorial Stadium at the University of Kansas is one of the oldest stadiums in the country, and is the third oldest college football stadium west of the Mississippi. Built in 1920 as a memorial to University of Kansas students who died in World War I, it has been the home to the Jayhawks football team for nearly 100 years.

Mean Joe Geene Statue outside Apogee Stadium

Mean Joe Geene Statue outside Apogee Stadium, Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

82. Apogee Stadium-North Texas Mean Green 3.43-4.22

Apogee Stadium is a beautiful and impressive football venue – if you are in the area and enjoy college football, but don’t want huge crowds and high costs, then attending a football game at Apogee Stadium is a wonderful experience.

BB&T Field, Demon Deacons Statue

BB&T Field, Demon Deacons Statue, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

83. BB&T Field-Wake Forest Demon Deacons-3.43-3.71

Wake Forest fans are some of the friendliest fans you will ever met. They are proud of their university and are always active on game day. They pride themselves on “winning the tailgate,” rooting back to the many losing seasons. Now with the team winning on the field as well, fans come out and are loud for the entire game.

Main Gate at Kenan Memorial Stadium

Main Gate at Kenan Memorial Stadium, Photo by Bryan Pollard, Stadium Journey.

84. Kenan Memorial Stadium-North Carolina Tar Heels-3.43-3.57

Chapel Hill is one your classic college towns in the south, where the entire town comes to a stop on football Saturdays. Every storefront is decked out in Carolina blue and the stores close at noon, as everyone heads to Kenan Memorial Stadium to enjoy a lovely fall afternoon cheering on their beloved Tar Heels.

Raymond James Stadium, South Florida Bulls Mascot

Raymond James Stadium, South Florida Bulls Mascot, Photo by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

85. Raymond James Stadium-South Florida Bulls-3.43-3.43

The idea that USF could become a beacon for mid-major college football excellence is a bit quizzical to some, but clearly the game day experience at Raymond James Stadium speaks to USF’s ability to show the rest of the sporting world that they have what it takes. A greater than expected showing for fans, a comfortable atmosphere, and a family-friendly setup make USF football a great option for those who want good football in the Tampa Bay area without the NFL price.

Aloha Stadium, Interior

Aloha Stadium, Interior, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

86. Aloha Stadium-Hawaii Rainbow Warriors 3.43-2.71

While Aloha Stadium may lack the energy of many big-time college football programs, Hawai’i is an obvious destination for anyone, let alone college football fans, so consider a trip to the islands, perhaps the next time your favorite team plays the Rainbow Warriors on the road.

Truman the Tiger Macot Directs Fans at Faurot Field

Missouri vs Murray State – August 31, 2013
(Photo by Ben Walton)

87. Faurot Field-Missouri Tigers 3.43

Attending a game at Mizzou is a great experience. Its campus setting is perfect for tailgating and catching up with friends old and new. Inclusion into the SEC has brought a great sense of pride and swagger among the fans and program. You will not regret seeing a game here.

The Blue Nation Inside Kroger Field

The Blue Nation Inside Kroger Field, Photo by Lloyd Brown, Stadium Journey

88. Kroger Field-Kentucky Wildcats 3.43

While longtime season ticket holders and those who have attended Wildcat games frequently have seen recent renovations occur gradually, someone who has been away from the program for a few years will feel like they are in a brand-new facility.

Cayenne, the Ragin' Cajun Mascot

Cayenne, the Ragin’ Cajun Mascot, Photo by Lloyd Brown, Stadium Journey

89. Cajun Field-Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns 3.43

Residents of Louisiana are well known for their ability to put on a parade (think Mardi Gras). UL Lafayette is no different, as they hold a Ragin’ March Parade one hour prior to the game, featuring the Pride of Acadiana band. The UL Lafayette campus actually has an on-campus swamp, complete with alligators and other animals native to a wetlands habitat.

Hard Rock Stadium, Player Intros

Hard Rock Stadium, Player Intros, Photo by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

90. Hard Rock Stadium-Miami Hurricanes-3.43

The “U” is a football team steeped in history. As the fans say, the University of Miami “invented swagger” during their heyday. Once thought lost, those days seem to be returning. Add to that it is Miami, and the fans know how to party. You don’t get to be the #1 party school in America by hosting a boring tailgate.

Ryan Field Stadium View

Ryan Field Stadium View, Photo Courtesy of Brian Markham.

91. Ryan Field-Northwestern Wildcats 3.43

This is a refreshingly simple game experience. Some areas feel so close to the game that it’s exhilarating. Views of the field are excellent throughout. Even the upper deck offers a terrific perspective of the game and a lovely view beyond the stadium, with the white dome of the historic Ba’hai Temple peeking above the tree line.

Panoramic Interior of Floyd Stadium

Panoramic Interior of Floyd Stadium, Photo by Lloyd Brown, Stadium Journey

92. Floyd Stadium-Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders 3.43

MTSU does a good job of creating a fun game day experience. The tailgate area in the Walnut Grove area of the campus opens three hours prior to the game. A family-friendly Raidertown Fun Zone opens two hours prior to the game and the Raider Walk featuring the team, cheerleaders and the band also gets underway two hours before the game.

Merlin Olsen Field and Maverik Stadium Mountain View

Merlin Olsen Field and Maverik Stadium Mountain View, Photo by Jake Dinsdale Wikipedia

93. Merlin Olsen Field at Maverik Stadium-Utah State Aggies 3.43

Maverik Stadium is a decent little stadium to visit, and is very family friendly. It’s worth a visit if you are in the area, or if you want to see your team play on the road, and don’t want to fight the crowds at a large venue.

Boilermaker Statue at Purdue

Boilermaker Statue at Purdue. Photo by Dave Cottenie, Stadium Journey.

94. Ross-Ade Stadium-Purdue Boilermakers-3.29-3.86

West Lafayette is the definition of a college town. Everywhere you go around town you see the Gold and Black flying high. Almost any store you go in shows Boilermaker spirit, and on game day this is cranked up to a whole new level.

Mighty Sound of Maryland

Photo By Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

95. Maryland Stadium-Maryland Terrapins 3.29-3.29

The stadium is very much an old school football stadium. This can be bad in terms of the aging infrastructure, but it also provides a nice platform for fan interaction. The stadium is still at heart the horseshoe shaped stadium that opened in 1950. The large press and luxury suite tower looks tacked on awkwardly, as does the massive upper decks on the north side of the stadium.

Stadium Exterior

Photo By Lloyd Brown, Stadium Journey

96. Yulman Stadium-Tulane Green Wave-3.29-3.29

Yulman Stadium has resulted in a rebirth of the Tulane football fan. During the years the team played at the Superdome, there was a real disconnect between the students, alumni and the football program, due to its distance from the campus. Bringing football back onto campus has renewed school spirit.

Kickoff at Univesity of Buffalo Stadium

Kickoff at Univesity of Buffalo Stadium. Photo by Dave Cottenie, Stadium Journey.

97. UB Stadium-Buffalo Bulls 3.29-3.29

Buffalo does its best to offer a top notch game day experience. The Stampede Square tailgate area is a good spot to be pregame and they even offer a concert series to bring in more fans. The Bulls mascot, Victor E. Bull makes his way around the field and throughout the stands. The Bulls’ cheerleaders do their part leading the crowd in cheers and performing gymnastic stunts. Finally, the Buffalo marching band, Thunder of the East is very good and cements that college feel to the GameDay festivities.

Pedham Stadium Marching Band

Pedham Stadium Marching Band, Photo by Dave Cottenie Stadium Journey

98. Pedham Stadium-Ohio Bobcats 3.29-3.14

On campus it is referred to as “The Crown Jewel of the Mid-American Conference.” Peden Stadium, home of the Ohio Bobcats, brings a vast history to the relatively young conference. Used to host the football team since 1929, Peden Stadium is named after legendary Ohio coach Don Peden.

Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium Marching Band

Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium Marching Band, Photo by Richard Smith Stadium Journey

99. Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium-West Virginia Mountaineers-3.29

The state of West Virginia doesn’t have a single major professional sports team so they love their Mountaineers. Saturday football is a big deal, even when the crowd gets a bit quiet, the stadium regularly approaches full capacity. The ubiquitous WVU logo can be seen everywhere throughout the stadium and beyond.

Wildcats Marching Band at Arizona Stadium

Wildcats Marching Band at Arizona Stadium, Photo by Jason Bartel, Stadium Journey

100. Arizona Stadium-Arizona Wildcats 3.29

The awkward thing about the new-look Arizona Stadium is the striking difference between the appearances of the north end zone and the rest of the stadium. Sure, it’s great to have this shiny new toy added to one end, but the rest of the stadium needs some help.

Centennial Bank Stadium Press Box

Centennial Bank Stadium Press Box, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

101. Centennial Bank Stadium-Arkansas State Red Wolves 3.29

Visiting Centennial Bank Stadium would be a great way to spend a Saturday (or possibly a weeknight, as the Sun Belt often has games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays).  The recent renovations have helped the venue become a little more modern, the tickets are very low cost, and there are plenty of great concessions to keep you satisfied while you cheer on the Red Wolves.

Mackay Stadium Wolfpack Statue

Mackay Stadium Wolfpack Statue, Photo by Andrew Maurins Stadium Journey

102. Mackay Stadium-Nevada Wolfpack 3.29

Mackay Stadium is a fine place to watch a college football game made better by its recent renovations. What separates it from truly great experiences elsewhere in the country is better fan support and more deeply ingrained traditions of excellence.

Sun Devil Stadium, Pat Tillman Statue

Sun Devil Stadium, Pat Tillman Statue, Photo by Eric Moreno, Stadium Journey

103. Sun Devil Stadium-Arizona State Sun Devils 3.14-3.71

Sun Devil Stadium is truly a special venue for college football. It offers tremendous views, the fans are enthusiastic, and the atmosphere is electric. The weather can be a challenge, but if you manage your hydration levels, you’ll do just fine. If you are ever in the Valley of the Sun, you need to make it a point to visit Sun Devil Stadium.

Aerial of Vanderbilt Stadium

Aerial of Vanderbilt Stadium

104. Vanderbilt Stadium-Vanderbilt Commodores 3.14-3.65

What is missing in the atmosphere at Vanderbilt is the swagger and sense of optimism that you are in the hunt for either the SEC Division title or the SEC Conference title. This is not true of all Commodore sports, as the basketball and baseball teams are extremely competitive on an annual basis.

HIghpoint Solutions Stadium Scoreboard

HIghpoint Solutions Stadium Scoreboard. Photo by Joe Rogers, Stadium Journey.

105. High Point Solutions Stadium-Rutgers Scarlet Knights 3.14-3.57

The fact that this is the birthplace of college football makes Rutgers’ history very interesting and noteworthy.  However, the administration does not do a very good job of making this known.  This is something special and worth celebrating and being showcased.

Carrier Dome Exterior

Photo by David Hawkins, Stadium Journey

106. Carrier Dome-Syracuse Orange 3.14-3.14

Even though the Carrier Dome is over 35 years old, it does not feel like an old stadium. It could use a few upgrades here and there and maybe better seats but is a great college stadium.

Doug Flutie Statue at Alumni Stadium

Doug Flutie Statue at Alumni Stadium. Photo by Paul Baker, Stadium Journey.

107. Alumni Stadium-Boston College-3.14-2.86

Even thirty years later, Doug Flutie and the “Miracle in Miami” enjoy elevated status at Boston College. A statue of Flutie launching the legendary pass is located at the Gate D entrance to the stadium. Many fans still wear Flutie’s number 22 jersey to games.

H. A. Chapman Stadium, Press Box and Home Side

H. A. Chapman Stadium, Press Box and Home Side, Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

108. H.A. Chapman Stadium-Tulsa Golden Hurricane-3.14-1.71

A. Chapman Stadium is a venue from the past that has sustained the age of building new stadiums, by engineering a unique setting in using more than the original infrastructure. The stadium grounds and confined seating doesn’t overwhelm fans, but provides close action to FBS college football.

Martin Stadium, Washington State Cougars Band

Martin Stadium, Washington State Cougars Band, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

109. Martin Stadium-Washington State Cougars 3.14

Being able to see great teams come through is a real plus, and the fact that any game will offer the same type of experience is a nice bonus, since that allows you a lot more flexibility in planning when to come. The pre-game festivities are also really impressive, especially all the fun taking place on the practice field right next to Martin Stadium.

Cougars Take the Field at TDECU Stadium

Photo by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

110. TDECU Stadium-Houston Cougars-3.14

Once inside TDECU Stadium, there is plenty of the pre-game pageantry that surrounds college football, such as the band playing the fight song, the color guard, and the dance team and cheerleaders doing their part to get the crowd excited as the Cougars come onto the field. The team is led by flag bearers with flags spelling HOUSTON COUGARS, coupled with flames of fire spurting into the air.

Game Action at MM Roberts Stadium

Game Action at MM Roberts Stadium, Photo by Anna Grissett, Stadium Journey

111. M.M. Roberts Stadium-Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles 3.14

The atmosphere at ‘The Rock’ is pretty laid back. Most home games are well attended which makes for a great game day environment. Prior to the game, you will find the majority of Southern Miss fans in The District. The District is located on the south side of campus and it is where most of the tailgating takes place. The District is one of the best tailgating scenes in C-USA.

Bulldog Stadium Introductions

Bulldog Stadium Introductions, Photo by Andy Mantsch Stadium Journey

112. Bulldog Stadium-Fresno State Bulldogs 3.14

Bulldog Stadium isn’t exactly a premier college football stadium in the country, but for a mid-major it’s got a lot of positives. Upon first approach it appears to be a much smaller venue, but this is because it’s sunken into the ground with lighting that extends horizontally over the field as opposed to straight up. This gives Bulldog Stadium its unique character.

Malone Stadium Grandstand

Malone Stadium Grandstand, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

113. Malone Stadium-Louisiana Monroe Warhawks 3.14

The best time to see a game at Malone Stadium is early in the season against an in-state opponent if possible. While it may not look quite as modern or have as much crowd noise as some of the other football stadiums in the area, it nevertheless offers some unique elements, and should be a fun time.

Dix Stadium Entrance

Dix Stadium Entrance. Photo by Paul Swaney Stadium Journey

114. Dix Stadium-Kent State Golden Flashes 3.00-3.43

If you like MAC football, an easy way to experience Dix Stadium is in November, when a number of schools in this conference stage night games on consecutive evenings throughout the week. Add a visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton and the sports road trip is complete.

Huskies Take the Field at Rentschler Field

Huskies Take the Field at Rentschler Field. Photo by Paul Baker, Stadium Journey.

115. Rentschler Field-Connecticut Huskies-3.00-3.07

Rentschler Field remains a solid, if unspectacular, home for the Huskies. In New England, where only three football teams compete at the sport’s top level, a trip to East Hartford gives local fans a rare taste of big-time college football.

Lincoln Financial Field Exterior

Photo By Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

116. Lincoln Financial Field-Temple Owls-3.00-3.00

Until Temple University has an on campus stadium, or even an off-campus, dedicated one, they will feel like guests in this NFL designed stadium. Lincoln Financial Field is still a great stadium and does offer great amenities and viewing options for Temple Owls football.

Spartan Stadium Mountain View

Spartan Stadium Mountain View, Photo by Ryan Norris Stadium Journey

117. Spartan Stadium-San Jose State Spartans 3.00

A small change has greatly upgraded the atmosphere at Spartan Stadium. A lot of the gray or taupe accents around the stadium have been painted the vibrant blue that the team uses in its uniforms. This has made a huge difference and makes it the stadium more identifiable with team that plays there.

Brooks Stadium, Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Band

Brooks Stadium, Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Band, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

118. Brooks Stadium-Coastal Carolina Chanticleers 3.00

Coastal Carolina recently made the jump up from the FCS, where for many years they were a perennial playoff team.  Their home turf, Brooks Stadium, may not be very big, but nevertheless is a great-looking venue, and provides some fun elements that make it a great place for college football.

Scheumann Stadium Cheerleaders

Scheumann Stadium Cheerleaders, Photo by Marc Viquez Stadium Journey

119. Scheumann Stadium-Ball State Cardinals 2.86-3.71

A pleasant college football venue on a warm later summer or early autumn afternoon; a lively crowd, pretty campus, and relaxing atmosphere is what to be expected when viewing a Ball State Cardinal football game.

Halftime Fireworks at SDCCU Stadium for the Holiday Bowl

Halftime Fireworks at SDCCU Stadium for the Holiday Bowl, Photo By Andrei Ojeda, Stadium Journey

120. SDCCU Stadum-San Diego State Aztecs 2.86

It seems that SDSU does not have the land to build an on-campus facility for their football team. The good news is that it is not far from the campus and is a convenient location for fans from the region to get to. Though it’s unlike some of the special college venues, it is a fine place for the Aztecs to play.

War Memorial

War Memorial Marching Band, Photo by Scott Bultman Stadium Journey

121. War Memorial Stadium-Wyoming Cowboys 2.86

War Memorial Stadium serves its purpose as a place to watch the game without distractions or obstructions. The pregame festivities in the team’s training facility give fans a chance to have a major college experience in a small town setting. Fans could do a lot worse than spending a Saturday in Laramie watching a game.

Riccardo Silva Stadium, FIU Player Intros

Riccardo Silva Stadium, FIU Player Intros, Photo by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

122. Riccardo Silva Stadium-Florida International Golden Panthers 2.86

From their continued effort to force a rivalry with Miami where none exists, to their lack of fans at home games, FIU is a team with some work to do. Despite this, there remains potential for growth, and if all goes well the Golden Panthers at Riccardo Silva Stadium have the ability to become a huge draw down south once again.

Rice Stadium, View from the End Zone

Rice Stadium, View from the End Zone, Photo by Eric Moreno, Stadium Journey

123. Rice Stadium-Rice Owls 2.86

There is a lot to like about Rice Stadium. Just sitting in the stands you can certainly feel the bygone era in which it was built. Rice Stadium definitely has a charm to it and should be experienced by any true college football fan. Given the cost and the history, if you are in Houston, you should make time to visit Rice Stadium at some point. 

Pre-Game at Sun Bowl Stadium for the Sun Bowl

Pre-Game at Sun Bowl Stadium for the Sun Bowl, Photo By Jason Bartel, Stadium Journey

124. Sun Bowl Stadium-UTEP Miners 2.86

I do think Sun Bowl Stadium is worth a visit, so unless your favorite team is coming to town, I would recommend attending the bowl game here instead of a Miners home game – the atmosphere should be a lot better in December.

InfoCision Stadium, John Heisman Statue on the Plaza

InfoCision Stadium, John Heisman Statue on the Plaza, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

125. InfoCision Stadium-Akron Zips 2.71-2.86

An almost brand-new stadium, but with very low attendance, attending a game at InfoCision Stadium won’t give you a high-energy experience. But, if you are looking for something to do that is low-key and hassle-free, like taking the family or some friends to a game, this is an easy way to do it.

Legion Field Exterior

Photo by Sean MacDonald, Stadium Journey

126. Legion Field-UAB Blazers 2.71-2.22

Though the “Old Gray Lady” is showing her age… the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the city of Birmingham are working together to make her last years as productive as possible.

Ladd-Peebles Stadium Interior

Ladd-Peebles Stadium Interior, Photo by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

127. Ladd-Peebles Stadium-South Alabama Jaguars 2.57

Mobile is a nice town near the gulf, and the weather is second to none, so not a bad place to take in a football game. Ladd-Peebles may not be the best venue, but it is super cheap, and if you want a better atmosphere (read: bigger crowd) you could try one of the bowl games instead. Or wait until your favorite team comes to town.

Yager Stadium Ara Parseghian Statue

Yager Stadium Ara Parseghian Statue, Photo by Miles Markiewicz Stadium Journey

128. Fred C. Yager Stadium-Miami (OH) Redhawks 2.57

The Miami University football program has seen better days. Fred C. Yager Stadium seats around 24,000 people but hasn’t seen a crowd that large since the days of “Big Ben.” This program needs to find a way to get their students back on the east side in order to create an exceptional stadium experience.

UMass Cheerleaders Perform at McGuirk Stadium

UMass Cheerleaders Perform at McGuirk Stadium. Photo by Paul Baker, Stadium Journey.

129. McGuirk Stadium-UMass Minutemen-2.57-3.00

While McGuirk Stadium may not measure up to the larger FBS stadiums across the country, the full time return of the Minutemen to the Amherst campus is a welcome sight. The team’s struggles on the field have certainly affected the gameday atmosphere, but there is hope that improved performance on the field will translate to increased fan presence in the stands at quaint McGuirk Stadium.

Doyt L. Perry Stadium Interior

Doyt L. Perry Stadium Interior, Photo by Aaron S. Terry Stadium Journey

130. Doyt L. Perry Stadium-Bowling Green Falcons 2.43

Doyt L. Perry is a decent stadium, and BGSU has done a good job trying to modernize it – they just need more fans. More attendance would really enhance the experience, so until then, you might want to save this venue for when your favorite team comes to town.

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