Revs Throw Sliders at PeoplesBank Park

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Baseball, Indy Baseball, Marc Viquez, News

The York Revolution will begin the season tonight and if you are a fan of White Castle sliders, you may be spending a little bit more time at PeoplesBank Park. The independent Atlantic League team announced the creation of the All American Grille featuring White Castle burgers and more.

This will be the first time that White Castle burgers will be sold at a baseball stadium and only the second location in the state of Pennsylvania to purchase sliders hot off the grilled with steamed onions. Yes, it is true, there is only one other White Castle location in the state nearly 100 miles away in Whitehall Township.

Really, just one White Castle in the state?

Rob Wilson, Regional Manager of Legends Hospitality that handles concession at the ballpark is a huge fan of the slider and when he returns home to Covington, Kentucky he makes sure the first thing he does is visits a White Castle location. The plan to incorporate his favorite burgers at the stadium originated from a business card.

“I had met Timothy Carroll, National Sales Manager for White Castle, at a convention in Cincinnati a few years ago. I came across his business card one day a few months ago and reached out to him asking if they had a program for stadiums; it turns out they did. He flew up to take a look at the concession stand that I wanted to convert, gave me the parameters of what I was allowed to do and we started our design process. Concepts here in York came up with our logo and the design for the wall coverings.”

To say Wilson is excited about having White Castle sliders at the stadium would be an understatement. He theorizes that he will probably gain at least twenty pounds this year. The location will not be an official store and will not feature all of the company’s line of products, but there will be a few items designed specifically for the stadium.

“This location is actually the All American Grill featuring White Castle Hamburgers and is not owned or operated by White Castle, but we are prominently featuring White Castle products alongside some great Hatfield products like pork Ribbies and a slab of bacon on a stick”.

The sweet and spicy candied bacon was created by Executive Chef Tiffany Livering and hopes to become a fan favorite.The All American Grill will also offer hot dogs, chili dogs, french fries, Pepsi products, and alcoholic beverages.

The newly renovated stand will feature various events this year including a White Castle eating contest to see who can eat six sliders the fastest and there is consideration of giving free hamburgers for the entire season to someone who is willing to get a White Castle tattoo during a game.

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