Presenting The Catch, Dwight Clark

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Andrei Ojeda, News

The 2019 Football National Championship will feature the Clemson Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. These two storied programs are no strangers to greatness, with Alabama winning five national titles going back to 2008 while Clemson is making its fourth straight national champion playoff appearance, winning the title in 2016.

Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, will be hosting college football’s big event on Monday, Jan. 7 in Santa Clara, CA.

Over the years Clemson and Alabama have produced their share of NFL players and Monday evening’s game could feature a big play or perhaps a future NFL star who some day will come up with a huge game winning catch.

In the Bay Area, when talking of one making a game winning catch, the Niner Faithful, past and present always refer to The Catch.

In what is simply known to The Faithful as The Catch, Dwight Clark’s catch in the 1981 NFC Championship Game would propel the 49ers to their first of four Super Bowl titles in the 1980’s.

After a battle with ALS, Dwight Clark passed away on June 4th 2018.

On October 21st, the San Francisco 49ers unveiled a 350-pound statue of the former Clemson great making his famous grab that would launch a dynasty. Exactly 23 yards away is a statue of the man hand raised high who would connect with Clark on the catch, Joe Montana.

The statues honoring one of the NFL’s greatest moments is located below the lower concourse stairs in the northwest corner of Levi’s Stadium for fans to view, especially those from Clemson.


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