Maryland Stadium Authority Works On Being Environmentally Friendly

by | Aug 10, 2018 | MLB, News, NFL, Richard Smith

Stadium Journey recently toured the off-season renovations of Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens. More of that tour will be explored in an upcoming article, but we were so blown away by some of the environmental initiatives the stadium and the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) added to it and it’s neighboring venue, Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

MSA’s environmental team consists of key employees who work to accomplish LEED certification. LEED strives to deliver energy- and water-efficient, healthy, environmentally-friendly, cost-saving buildings, homes and communities. These certifications demonstrate year-round sustainable activities and practices including waste management, recycling, paperless tickets, and reduced energy usage and electrical consumption.

M&T Bank was the first outdoor venue to receive LEED Gold certification in 2012, but in 2018 Oriole Park achieved LEED Gold, while the iconic B&O Warehouse building itself reached LEED Silver.

A Stadium Under Renovation

Photo By Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

According to the MSA, some of the environmental initiatives at Oriole Park were:

  • Low flow water fixtures results in 27% reduction in water use.
  • Energy efficient equipment upgrades combined with regular preventative maintenance contributes to energy usage 45% better than the national median.  
  • OPACY diverts more than just every day waste from the landfill. A field renovation produced 744 tons of sod, 100% of it was composted into reusable topsoil. MSA partners with FiltaFry to recycle cooking oil, 20,133 gallons of oil was recycled. OPACY hosts an annual community shred event, over 44,000lbs of paper were recycled, the equivalent of saving 340+ trees.
  • Comprehensive green cleaning program results in 31% sustainable cleaning products
  • OPACY uses Integrated Pest Management to proactively prevent pest challenges. Minor pest concerns are treated with pesticides confirmed to be least toxic. Reducing pesticides protects indoor air quality and reduces the chance of harming beneficial wildlife outdoors.

M&T Bank Stadium was noted by LEED for these reasons:

  • 43% water reduction with the installation of low flow fixtures.
  • 27% above the national average in energy efficiency.
  • Offset 123,070 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduction of 5,071,405 kilowatt hours of electricity

Maryland Lt. Governor Rutherford said recently that “(t)he historic and iconic Oriole Park at Camden Yards, already amongst the best ballpark experiences, is now further enhanced with energy efficient equipment and environmentally conscious improvements. The LEED certification project, fully funded by MSA, supports Maryland’s commitment to sustainability, every day…”


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