Introducing Hairology: Freshmen with Fabulous Hair

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Jon Hart, NCAA Basketball, News

Introducing Hairology!

There are too many rules. Coaches micromanage. Fans Monday morning quarterback and often call foul. Perhaps, ultimately, it’s one of the last frontiers of creativity for players.


Anxious coaches lose it.  Ballers style it. Studying it is hairology.

In no particular order, here are some fab freshman with hair that definitely stands out – and often stands up. They’re scoring with their style.

Romeo Langford

Romeo Langford. Photo courtesy of The Big Lead.

Romeo Langford – Indiana

How would have former IU coach Bobby Knight react to Romeo’s Marilyn look? Worth noting: Langford is not the only blonde Hoosier. Jake Forrester has a bounty of blonde curls.

Coby White

Coby White. Photo courtesy of USA Today.

Coby White – North Carolina

White’s early-season, enormous coif stood out in the colossal Dean Dome, no easy feat. Perhaps White’s hair was too big. Recently, White has reined it in with a very beatnik pony tail.

Mason Forbes

Mason Forbes. Photo courtesy of YouTube

Mason Forbes – Harvard

Forbes, the son of a Harlem Globetrotter, has been sporting a humongous afro since his elementary school days in California. Single handedly, this defensive stopper gives the usually staid Harvard a fun, exciting look.

Miles Latimer

Miles Latimer. Photo courtesy of Prep Hoops.

Miles Latimer – Stony Brook

Latimer’s blondish top is short in the back and runs long in the front. Stony Brook might be the second-best team on Long Island after Hofstra, but they have the player with the best hair.

Cedrick Alley Jr.

Cedrick Alley Jr. Photo courtesy of Houston Cronicle.

Cedrick Alley Jr. – Houston

Houston’s main color is red, so it’s fitting that frequent Cougar starter, redshirt freshman Alley Jr. would have red dreads, which were formerly blonde. Props to Alley Jr. wearing ‘em long.

Mac McClung

Mac McClung. Photo courtesy of USA Today.

Mac McClung – Georgetown

Gate City, Virginia legend McClung, has been breaking ankles and winning fans over for years with his dribbling and electrifying dunks. With his longish but clean cut look, McClung could be a boy bander.

Moses Brown

Moses Brown. Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

Moses Brown – UCLA

The Bruins are hoping that the 7-1 Brown, a native New Yorker, is their Moses. There’s a biblical quality to Brown’s presentation. He ties his dreadlocks up in a pony tail. During the course of the game, his dreads drape his face. Worth mentioning: The Bruins also have Tyger Campbell, who has a Marley thing going – with a streak of blonde. Campbell appears to be redshirting.

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson. Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

Zion Williamson – Duke

Williamson has an old-school thing going – with a flourish. On one side, he has an intricate pattern. It’s very possible that Williamson has inspired teammate Alex O’Connell, former owner of a man bun.

C.J. Elleby

C.J. Elleby. Photo courtesy of The Spokesman-Review.

CJ Elleby – Washington State

Elleby is listed at 6-6. With his mega, rectangularly-shaped hair, he’s considerably taller.

Jarvis Omersa

Jarvis Omersa. Photo courtesy of The Daily Gopher.

Jarvis Omersa – Minnesota

Even when Omersa is on the bench, you can’t miss this Golden Gopher because he’s, well, golden – or more specifically platinum blonde. In the tundra of Minnesota, he’s a taste of Malibu.

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