Cruising The OC: From the Diamond to the Ice

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Andrei Ojeda, MLB, News, NHL

Angel Stadium. The Honda Center. Two venues that stand across each other. Not quite the sports complex like the LA Coliseum and Banc of California Stadium but close enough in proximity that you could get from one to another. Both venues recently came out with a 3.71 Stadium Journey Fanfare Score. Given each venues age and all the newer venues that have opened after their inaugural seasons, the 3.71 score is pretty solid.

Angel Stadium is entering its 54th season of operation. It is the fourth oldest MLB venue behind only Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Dodger Stadium. It has hosted three All-Star games, been witness to ten playoff appearances with one World Champion flag. Players like Nolan Ryan, Reggie Jackson, Tim Salmon, Rod Carew and Vladimir Guerrero have donned the Halo at some point in their careers. In spite of all the history inside The Big A, the Angels have decided to opt out of their stadium lease with Anaheim. That does not necessarily mean the Halos will be leaving Anaheim anytime soon, the Anaheim City Council recently approved their Angel Stadium lease extension through 2020. That has not stopped the Angels from looking at other possibilities with recent talks of possibly moving to Long Beach:  local business leaders rally support for a possible Angels move.

Honda Center Exterior

Honda Center Exterior, Photo by Andrei Ojeda, Stadium Journey

The Honda Center. Like the Angels, the Honda Center is also celebrating 25 years of service. Opened in 1993 as the Arrowhead Pond and still referred to as The Pond by some of the longtime faithful, the Honda Center, believe it or not, at 25, is currently tied with the SAP Center in San Jose as the fourth oldest NHL venue. When speaking of sports venues, these days 25 years is a long lifespan.

Angel Stadium has gone through two major face lifts. The Honda Center, at 25, feels somewhat dated with an early 90’s feel. Dependent on your point of view, the Honda Center can be looked at as an early 90s throwback. Unlike their neighbors opposite the 57 freeway, the Ducks have no desire to vacate Anaheim anytime soon, recently committing to remain at the Honda Center for an additional 25 plus years. Looking very much as it did as it opened in 1993 with much of the original team colors of green and purple still evident inside, the Honda Center has made some recent enhancements to improve the fan experience, most recently a snazzy new food court located inside the arena’s south entrance.

There has been plenty of success between these two franchises. Combined, these two have made the post season 24 times, each bringing their fans a World Champion team. The Ducks are committed until 2048. The Angels, for the time being, are committed until at least 2020.

The area around these two venues has slowly developed over the years. The Platinum Triangle continues to develop, with housing, entertainment, dining and retail slowly on the rise. Only time will tell if these two storied franchises will remain neighbors.

Ducks Win!

Ducks Win!, Photo by Andrei Ojeda, Stadium Journey

Though wins have not been so frequent in 2019, Ducks fans throughout The O.C. have been treated to a high level of success throughout the years…

Honda Center - Ducks 25 Seasons of Dedication

Honda Center – Ducks 25 Seasons of Dedication, Photo by Andrei Ojeda, Stadium Journey

25 Years of Dedication…

Angel Stadium Marquee in the Dark

Angel Stadium Marquee in the Dark, Photo by Andrei Ojeda, Stadium Journey

”Light that baby up!” How much longer will the Halo light up The O.C ?



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