Clutche – Making Every Seat A Suite Seat!

by | Feb 9, 2019 | Eric Moreno, MiLB, News


If you’re reading this site, then it is safe to consider you a sports fan and one that has probably attended a game or two in your time.

With that assumption posited, let me put this hypothetical to you: You’re at a crucial game, you’re watching your favorite team, and you’ve shelled out a pretty penny to be there to attend in person.

You go in knowing that you want to take part in stadium concessions, be they a standard hot dog and soda (or a beer, no judgment here), or maybe you want to try something special like a two-pound hamburger or some garlic sriracha fries.

Whatever your pleasure, you know you want something. So, now comes the crucial decision. When do you go? Do you wait for an intermission and wait in line with everyone else?  Or do you dare and sneak away during the action and risk missing what could be a history-making/deciding moment in the game?

Gah, lousy decisions!

It is for decisions just like this one that Brett Davidoff and his partners Matthew Musfenden and Nicholas Ramos founded Clutche. Launched in 2017 – as a school project, if you can believe it – Clutche is an app that takes the agonizing choice that comes with stadium lines out of your hands.

“Once we explain what the problem is, it clicks right away for almost everybody,” Davidoff, who is the CEO of Clutche, said. “The elevator pitch is that [this platform] will allow your customers to order their food from their seats so they don’t have to wait in long lines anymore.”

Clutche is an app – available on both Android and Apple – that allows game watchers to order concessions from their phone and have said order delivered right to their seat. Since its inception, Clutche has gained traction in San Antonio (where the company was founded) with their first client, the San Antonio Missions; the ball club signed on almost immediately after Davidoff and his partners gave them the elevator pitch.

“The app is basically a turnkey solution for these venues,” explained Davidoff. “It is their own kitchen and concession staff preparing the orders and their own runners taking the orders to the seats. [The Missions] think it’s a really great concept and the fans enjoy using it. The feedback they have given us has been very positive and I think it will only get better going forward.”

The club’s management realized that they do have a tendency to get bottle-necked at their concessions stands, and welcomed the idea of how to alleviate that problem. As of last season, depending on the game itself and the time of the game, fans could expect the Clutche process – from ordering their food to actually chowing down on their order – to take between 5 and 7 minutes.

“It’s interesting what we have noticed that during busy games, when things do get somewhat backed up, the fans barely noticed that an increased wait went by,” Davidoff said. “They are sitting there in their seats enjoying the game that they paid for that they didn’t notice they’ve waited for their food for 15 to 20 minutes. Instead of waiting in a line, they’re watching the game.”

While they are right now solely focused on growing the platform in Texas – there is a potential new announcement for another San Antonio partner forthcoming – the partners at Clutche see no reason that the app (which is free to download) cannot be rolled out nationwide and even globally someday.

“My vision would be to have Clutche a household name,” Davidoff said. “I envision us like Uber. You can go to any major city in America, open up Uber and hail a ride. I want Clutche to be similar to where you can go to any venue in America and open the Clutche app and have food and beverages delivered straight to you.”


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