Better Wi-Fi Is Coming To Scott Stadium

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Joseph Oakes, NCAA Football, News |

Everyone who has been to a major sporting event knows the drill: you are trying to send a picture from the game to a friend, make a call, or check on scores to other games, and you get nothing. As a fan, there is nothing more frustrating than “being in the dark” while at games since these large gatherings often put a strain on wireless networks.

A new partnership between the University of Virginia athletics and high speed network provider Ting, fans at Scott Stadium should no longer have this issue with their smartphones starting this with this Saturday’s home game against Miami. Ting will roll out a 5-gigahertz service and will utilize 168 access points throughout the stadium.

“We are excited for the partnership with Ting and the opportunity this provides to improve the game-day experience for our fans,” UVA Director of Athletics Carla Williams said. “Based on survey data and fan feedback, we knew adding Wi-Fi was a priority. The team at Ting worked hard to make this project happen in a short period of time. We look forward to our fans enjoying Wi-Fi and sharing their experiences at Scott Stadium.” ( Similar upgrades are also coming to John Paul Jones Arena before the start of the season, according to the announcement.

In a day when it is increasingly easy to just stay home and watch the game on TV, it is good to see these measures put in play by UVA to increase the fan experience at Scott Stadium and John Paul Jones Arena.


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