Eastwood Field – Mahoning Valley Scrappers

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Baseball at the Mall

Eastwood Field is the home of the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, the Short Season A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians in the New York-Penn League.

It is a modern 6,000 seat facility with good  amenities located in the back parking lot of Eastwood Mall, the largest mall between Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

The franchise moved to Niles, OH, in the Mahoning River Valley in 1999 from Erie, PA when Erie was awarded a AA franchise.

There is one very unique feature to Eastwood Field that makes it unlike any other MiLB Park: its parking situation.

The free mall parking area is vast and contains a wide assortment of hotels. The team however, has fenced off part of the parking lot for themselves. They charge people $3 to park in their fenced area.  If you want to try to beat their system and walk from elsewhere, well, they have beaten you to the punch.

The Scrappers charge fans $3 if they decide to walk in to the facility, be it from a hotel or just outside their fenced area. So, in essence you get charged to use the ticket you have paid for see the game.

This left a sour taste in my mouth, as it felt like an unnecessary charge at a venue people are going to for a reasonably priced evening of fun.

Even with the uniqueness of the parking/walk in situation, it is still a nice place to go and catch a game of young Indians prospects.

Food & Beverage 5

The food and beverage situation at Eastwood Field is a pleasant surprise as they offer a wide variety of high quality options at fan friendly prices.

The lines are speedy and fans are provided with fast and friendly service whether they use cash or credit cards.

The food options include regular ballpark fare such as burgers, hot dogs and pizza as well as Chick-fil-A sandwiches, which is as fresh as any I have had from any other location.. Well known Quaker Stake and Lube wings from just across the border in Sharon, PA are a popular choice of many fans.

While carrying a nice variety of Pepsi products, foreign and domestic brews, and mixed drinks, they also include an ample selection of craft beers.

Compared to a casual dining restaurant or bar, the prices are similar and not outlandish. The Scrappers give all their fans a nice variety at a very fair price with good quality food and drinks.

Atmosphere 3

Eastwood Field is a pleasant stadium with very wide concourses for the fans to walk through.  On the night I was there, a college fair was taking place with a wide variety of institutions from the tri-state area

It is a modern facility with a main seating bowl of fold down seats with bleacher seats down the third base line. There is a picnic area along the first base line and a play area for children in the left field corner.

Right behind home plate is the all you can eat Diamond Club where fans are tended to by a server.  There are 12 private suites at Eastwood Field, of which 6 were occupied when I was there.

The grass surface and warning track are immaculately maintained.  The brand new and high quality video scoreboard in right center field is large and easy to see from behind home plate.  The unobtrusive pop music played is at just the right sound level to not distract from the fan experience.

Scrappy the bulldog  is the mascot of the team, symbolizing the Mahoning Valley’s past with the steel industry. Scrappy is all over the park interacting with fans.

Sitting anyplace in the seating bowl, which goes from first to third wrapped around the infield, will give you a close up seat with a good view of game action for between $10-$13, depending how close to the field you want to be. The Diamonds Club seats are $30. The bleachers on the third base line are only $8, however, they provide a partially obstructed view due to not being at the same angle as the the foul line. If you sit there you would not be able to view a portion of left field.

The Scrappers have silly contests between innings for fans to take part in, which all fans in attendance seem to enjoy.

On the downside, there are no covered seats.

The atmosphere at Eastwood Field is good, but it could be better. It has the typical minor league park intimacy of being close to the action, but the bleachers just look out of place. They look totally different from the seating bowl, as if they were just picked at random to be there with no regard to if the bleacher section looked like the rest of the park.

Neighborhood 4

The Eastwood Mall parking lot is a monstrosity. It is made of numerous hotels and a wide variety of restaurants to meet the tastes of everybody.

Within a mile of the park are well known chains such as Applebee’s and Olive Garden and numerous others.

Niles is a small suburb of Youngstown.  Besides the mall complex and outlying businesses such as movie theaters, numerous chain hotels in the parking lot and restaurants, there really isn’t much to speak of near by. Youngstown is 15-20 minutes away along Interstate 680.

Within the mall complex are 5 hotels which are within a 10-15 minute walk of the park.

The Eastwood Mall is a nice mall complex with numerous places to shop, eat and drink, as well as stay the night. Still, Eastwood Field is surrounded by a mall parking lot and not a unique or charismatIc area with added flavor to it.

Fans 2

Eastwood Field is home to a loyal and passionate group of fans. The night I was there, the attendance was 2,518. However, it seemed like about that many were there and not any more.

The fans were somewhat engaged and making slight noise for their Scrappers even when some of them were at the concession stands  or walking around.

There were no unique traditions that I observed at Eastwood Field,

The team had a 14% increase in attendance from 2016 to 2017, which was the highest increase in the New York-Penn League. That places the Scrappers in the middle of the 14 team league. Overall the fans in attendance had some interest in the game, but were not rowdy or overly enthusiastic.

Access 2

Overall Eastwood Field is very accessible in terms of getting to it and moving around it once inside.

There is no public transit to Eastwood Field.  The nearest  airport is the Youngstown-Warren Airport.

The unique park or walk in options are $3. Remember that even if you don’t park in the Scrappers lot and use the mall parking or walk  from a hotel through one of the two lot entrances that the Scrappers will charge you $3 to walk in and pay to use the ticket you have paid for. It Is one of the strangest things and silly things I have experienced.

There is one entrance to the field but it is not crowded and traffic flows through it nicely.  The concourse is very wide and people walk through it with ease. The only view of the field from the concourse is from the entrance to the seating bowl behind home plate.

The restrooms are extremely clean.  There are numerous handicapped parking spaces close to the park entrance.

Everything is good about the access to the stadium except for two things: the lack of public transportation and the parking/walk in set up.

Return on Investment 4

The ticket prices are quite reasonable and in the average range for the NY-Penn League.  To save on the already reasonable costs for tickets with the Scrappers would be to invest in a full or partial season ticket plan if you can afford it.

There are no programs available, however free information sheets about the teams are passed out.

Extras 3

There is a small team store, The Pet Store, near the main entrance, but it was fairly crowded when I was in it and difficult to maneuver in.

Through the concourse and in front of the stadium are tributes to former Scrappers who have made to the major leagues.

To assist fans with any questions a table near the entrance is staffed by a team employee.  The staff that I spoke with throughout the game were all very friendly and knowledgeable about the game based on my discussions with them.

Scrappers games are carried on 1240 WBBW am in Youngstown, OH.

The background for Eastwood Field is not exciting as it only has some trees and nothing the least bit breathtaking.


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Food and Drink Recommendations

Vernon’s Cafe

720 Youngstown Warren Rd

Niles, OH 44446

(330) 652-1381


StoneYard Grill & Tavern

41 S Main St

Niles, OH 44446

(330) 544-9273


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Entertainment Recommendations

McKinley Memorial and Museum

40 N Main St

Niles, OH 44446

(330) 652-4273


Eastwood Mall

5555 Youngstown Warren Rd

Niles, OH 44446

(330) 652-6980


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Lodging Recommendations


Residence Inn at Eastwood Mall

5555 Youngstown Warren Rd

Niles, OH 44446

(330) 652-6980



Fairfield Inn by Marriott Warren Niles

1860 Niles Cortland Rd SE

Warren, OH 44484

(330) 544-5774


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Despite its bland surroundings in the rear of an eastern-Ohio mall, Eastwood Field makes up for it with a surprisingly wide selection of food and drink at very affordable prices, serving up a good venue for a day out at the ballpark.

Stadium Info

Eastwood Field
111 Eastwood Mall Blvd
Niles, OH 44446

Mahoning Valley Scrappers website

Eastwood Field website

Year Opened: 1999

Capacity: 6,000